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Helsingig (Danish: Helsingør, pronunciation: [hɛlseŋŋɐ̯ˀ]) is a city in East Hel Singer, Denmark. Also known as "Ernsino". "HALS" originally refers to the "neck" and refers to "Narrow Strait" (ie U. 即 海). City and harbor in the Northeast Bank of Denmark. Ramination of Ole Caure, 39 km from Copenhagen. The population is 44,000 (1982). Business and Shipping Center. There is a textile manufacturing and a wine industry. Leader lead to Helsingborg, Sweden. It is the old site of Klonburg. The Shakespeare's drama "Hamlet" Ernsino Castle is background. It is a tourist center.

Historical Environment

According to "RERM DANICARUM HISTORICA", Helsingig's history dates back to 70 years ago, this argument is not confirmed. In 1231, the work of the King Waldma II of Denmark refers to Helsinge.

Before the medieval, Helsingig is just a market collection of a businessman selling gold. Until the 13th century, the first church SCT OLAI church was established. There have been many monastery for a while, but only the church itself stays, the Today's Helsingiga Cathedral.

Helsingig is established in the Danish King Eric VII in the 1420. He established Oslash in 1429; ResundStolden and built Krogen Palace (Krogen), and later the Klen Palace expanded in 1580, and Yikin Krenco. The most ancient part of the Helsingig Cathedral originated from the 13th century, and when the city is still a fishing village, it has been important, at which time there is already a ferry to Helsingg and Helsingborg.

The Klenburg Palace is a famous tourist attraction, "Prince Rem Revenge" has played many times around them.

Swedish city Helsingborg and Helsingg are in the Ole Channel, which is connected by the European Road E55 and has a boat.

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