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Heroes' Square Hungary is famous 19th century neo-baroque school Gyorgy Zala sculptor and architect 斯奇凯丹兹 · Aoerbaite chair design and construction. Spacious solemn, majestic. The right of the square is the largest gallery on the left is the Art Gallery. Into the square, there can be seen two symmetrical blocking both sides of the arcuate wall pillars, the pillars between each block, each arranged seven statues heroic history. Cliff top each with two sets of control warrior statue chariot. Center of the square stands a 36-meter-high Millennium Monument capitals standing statue of the archangel Gabriel, the human sympathy "Bible", the consolation of human angels, wings high development, it seems that just fell from the sky. On the base of the pillars, the bronze historical hero riding horses seven, they are the seven leaders at the Hungarian nation in this settlement.

Heroes' Square facing the street straight People's Republic, behind the famous city park, both sides are Hungary and the Hungarian Museum of Art Museum. Plaza paved with plainer and white terrazzo, was open enough to be able to accommodate 20 million people. The main building is the Millennium Monument on the square for the sculptures of the main components. There's nothing high-rise buildings around the square, and thus the central square of the Millennium Monument and sculptures extremely prominent figures.

Heroes Square

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Millennium Monument

years monument is a new baroque cylindrical stone 36 meters high, is the top a female angel bronze sculpture, with long wings. She single-handedly hold high the cross, the crown in one hand and hold high two welded together, show that Hungarian people achieved the right to settle statehood. There are statues on Beizuo seven tribal leaders, their body armor, riding a tall horse, holding a weapon, power and grandeur. Because today Hungarians originated in ancient Asia a few pieces of nomadic tribes, starting from the middle of the 5th century, they gradually moved westward to find new sources of water and grass in chief Arpad led by seven tribes came today Danube and Tisza River area to settle and establish their own country. Hungarians which has 3000 years of history, only to European settlers 1,000 years time. Sculptures of warriors is the result of seven tribal leaders: Arpad, Aile De, Hu Bao, Tao Fish, Comte, Weng Germany, Tai Taini. In sculpture side engraved with the words "896 - 1896" in. In front of the monument, as well as one of the pivotal symbolic coffin is made of 47 tons of heavy white stone. It was after World War II, the Hungarian people to commemorate the national hero of ancient built, embossed characters on the coffin lid as follows: "In order to free our people and national interests at the expense of the immortal hero!."


behind the monument, there are two arcuate portico up to 16 meters, the distance between the arcuate ends is 85 m, 25 m deep arc, forming a huge the Arc de Triomphe. Portico stands a statue of Hungary 14 famous ancient rulers (the first king of Hungary respectively Eastbourne event of the world, Las Luo Yishi, King Kalman, Andre II, Bela IV, Anjou Charles I, Lajos I, Janos Hunyadi, Matthias Corvinus, hero Borg Cowie Istvan national liberation, Bai Telun Gabor, Teke Yi-Naim Ray, Ferenc La Qi Ershi, Lajos Kossuth) on the base of each statue are engraved with the names and years of reign, the following are a reflection of its major achievements of relief. They represent the Hungarian various important historical period. On the four corners of the end of these two curved colonnades, there are four groups of statues show the working people, respectively, reflecting war and peace, and labor of love, knowledge and glory and other topics. There chariot warriors drove the Mercedes-Benz, there is a woman holding an olive branch on the carriage, there is sow peasant woman, a man has to carry the sickle to harvest, there were a man and a woman holding art and branches. Statue all sparkle, vivid ..

plaza surrounding

heroes' Square Hungarian side is the famous art galleries and museums . In these classical-style building, displays of modern Hungarian sculpture and paintings of the 19th century; a complete collection in Hungary, bird Gore family and Eastern Europe in ancient museum collections; museum is housed in a striking application in the building's architectural style straight appearance display a large tapestry, metal products, watches and furniture, and so on exhibits with Hungary and India decorative ceramics museum. Museum of Fine Arts on the other side, a collection of famous European painters. There are a lot of famous Italian, Spanish, German and Frank masters, as well as Hungary's famous sculpture and paintings in the art galleries of the Renaissance.

northeast Heroes Square, Budapest Happy Park. Railway waves, big wheel, airplane spaceship, maze and other entertainment in the park, makes it a favorite tourist destination. Heroes' Square and the adjacent city park, an area of ​​1 square kilometer, was the hunting ground of King Matthias, the seat of parliament of the 18th century. 21 Hungarian representatives of different architectural styles of buildings in the park is very compelling. The park is Budapest's winter playground.

late 1980s and early 1990s, Eastern European countries, the political system has changed dramatically, Hungary adopted a more flexible policy in the economic field. In the Eastern European countries, with the exception of Hungary and China had concluded visa abolition agreement. So, there will be a group of good people to do business in Hungary. Budapest's Chinese restaurant, all of a sudden by the development of two dozens; the streets of Budapest came into being, such as the "Great Wall", "West Lake", "Temple of Heaven" and the Chinese name of the restaurant that specializes in Chinese goods markets. Heroes Square This must travel to places around it has also been a Chinese restaurant, the restaurant with its unique charm to attract a large number of foreign tourists, business is booming. In 1995 in Budapest, the "China City", built a traditional Chinese snack street, it has attracted many foreign tourists and Budapest residents, become a new attraction in the city, becoming the Food City.

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