Hengxi Reservoir


This watershed is a subtropical season wind climate area. The total climate characteristics are: winter and summer monsoon alternate, moderate temperatures, clear four seasons, abundant rainfall, sufficient sunlight. The average annual average rainfall is 1610.2mm, and the rainfall is uneven, the annual change is significant, and the year is significant. It is the most surprising rainfall of 2035.0mm (1987), the most up-year-old rainfall is 955.6mm (2003), and the rainfall rainfall The ratio is 2.13. Local, in September, the northwest quarter, the southeast monsoon began to enhance the period, the cold and air intersection, forming a spring rain, commonly known as "peach blossom"; mid-April to mid-July, the heat of the summer wind meets the cold air in the south, The local has a long-lasting sharp rain, the rain is continuous, the precipitation is concentrated, commonly known as Meiyu; summer autumn is often controlled by high pressure ridges, the precipitation is mainly typhoon heavy rain and local thunderstorms, if the typhoon and tropical storm in summer, it is easy to cause Drought, in February of November, in February, cold and high pressure control, the weather is mainly cold, and there is less rainfall.


Hengxi Reservoir Total Store 39.75 million cubic meters, according to national standard GB50201-94 standard, three-class water conservancy project, main buildings are 3 buildings, is a The medium-sized water conservancy project, which is mainly used by irrigation, water supply, combined with comprehensive utilization of flood control, power generation, fish, and works in April 1975, built in July 1978, and passed the completion acceptance in December 1979, 1997 to 2000 Dam safety appraisal, the appraisal conclusions were two-type dam, and the dam maintenance reinforcement project was started in October 2001, and the main project ended in December 2004, and in 2005, the reservoir water storage safety was identified. The reservoir hub project consists of four parts: dam, spill, water tunnel and power station. Dam Project is designed in 50 years, in 2000, in 2000, the flood school can be the most flood dam. The design flood is 33.92m (1985 national elevation, the same below), the examination of the test flood is 35.56m, the dam flood is 37.05m, and the normal water storage level is 31.42m.

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