Hengdong County Rongzhen Library

In April 1958, the provincial cultural hall allocated 5,000 yuan to open the Hengshan County Library, 1 person, opened a reading room, with an area of ​​75 square meters, which was officially opened on August 1, 19. In 1959, I moved into the second floor of the county garden, and one additional personnel were added. In 1962, he was consistent with the national commissions and the county cultural museum in 1962, and became its subordinate library. In the spring of 1966, there was a new Hengdong County in the East of Hengshan County, and the library Sungxin County, in September 1970, stopped opening up this time. Open on July 1, 1971. The library subscribes to 19 newspapers, 27 journals, 49690 collection books. According to the "Small and Medium Method" class, the book has a simple record, set the reader, and the official classification directory, in order to facilitate the use of journals, the "Collection Journal Category" is copied.

Hengdong County Rongzhen Library

In the spring of 1975, Hengdong County Library resumed construction and name, equipped with four staff members, moved into the second floor of the county cultural museum, set up the reading room, exparation, and book library. Affected by the "Cultural Revolution", the original 4969 book book, only 34,782 albums left.

in the spring of 1980, the county government decided to build another new hall. The library officially precipitated from the county cultural museum, independent portal. In 1984, the autumn researcher, October 1, 1984, officially opened. On November 2, 1984, Comrade Deng Xiaoping 's "Rong Yong Library".

The museum covers an area of ​​4.9 acres, and the land area is 3138.26 square meters, which is a classical four-nepographic building. By 1998, 11 cadres in the museum, including 1 senior title, 2 intermediate titles, 2 primary titles. The total length of the bookshelf is 4269. 8 meters, 74138 species of the collection book, and 131667 volumes. Tibetan book settings are divided into libraries, newspapers and magazines, local literature libraries, seasonal book banks. Collection of precious books have "Book", "Hengshan County", "Hengdong County", "Wan Dongwen", "Book Integration,", "Top Ten Marshal Guanghui Performance" CD, Tape, "Yue 4 Repair species "... forming a Tibetan book system with local characteristics. After 1976, the "Middle Trigation" class is used, and the book catalog is recorded in 1989, according to the "Normal Book Record", set the classification, the book name catalog, the book name directory is arranged in the book name.

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