Henan Mongolian Autonomous County

System evolution

Qin and Han ago, is Qiang pasture. East Emperor Xian of Han Jian nineteen years (214 years) allegiance to the Han Dynasty.

is Tuguhun jurisdiction, Northern Zhou Dynasty Jiande five years (576 years) belong to the jurisdiction of the Northern Zhou Dynasty profile state house Western Jin Dynasty.

Sui is a pre-Tuguhun jurisdiction, the latter is a West County Chishui county (this rule Xinghai County) ground.

Tubo Gaozong beginning jurisdiction. Emperor Tianbao 12 years (753 years) is a Tang Tao Yang County. Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period Tubo, Tuguhun, party items, Qiang and other forces of rogue one, no to subordination.

the case when the Central Plains Song. Southern Song Dynasty when the country is gold. Yuan Tubo Xuanwei Si jurisdiction, etc., is a river in the state will break million.

Ming Gan line command for the duo Division jurisdiction, the state will Wanli is a river in one thousand character.

Qing is Xunhua hall for the first flag and the former special master (commonly known as Henan Prince) pasture.

In the beginning of the "Qinghai work Executive" and "Meng Fan Tournament" under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China 24 years (1935), and Master Putnam County Palit draw left the flag, and the rest "in Henan Province flag "command by the Prince of Henan Province, Li Territory.

1954 established in October in Henan Mongolian Autonomous Region (county), in June 1955 was renamed Henan Mongolian Autonomous County, the provincial Crown.

1959 Nian Huang hosted by the South Prefecture. In 1964, it changed its name to Henan Mongolian Autonomous County.

2017 October, Henan Mongolian Autonomous County of Qinghai provincial government agreed to withdraw from the province's poverty-stricken counties.

administrative division

In 2000, the Henan Mongolian Autonomous County jurisdiction over 6 townships, county government in excellent Gan Ning (after Mao Chi township jurisdiction). One of the towns: Chi after Mao Township, debak special Township, stipules Ma Township, Purcell Xiang, born Ke village, township and more loose, rather dry area without approval gifted town.

March 19, 2001 Qinghai Provincial People's Government approval: revocation of wisdom after Mao Township, established and named superior Gan Ning town (the town government resident unchanged).

the end of 2001, Henan Mongolian Autonomous County jurisdiction over 1 towns, 5 townships, 38 villages (animal husbandry) committees: Excellent Gan Ning town, debak special Township, stipules Ma village, Long Purcell Township, pine Township and more, Ke village life. The end of the county's total population of 3.1 million, of which 2.85 million ethnic minorities, accounting for 92.06 percent of the county's total population.

In 2005, the Henan Mongolian Autonomous County jurisdiction over 1 towns, 5 townships: Excellent Gan Ning town, debak special Township, stipules Ma Township, Purcell Xiang, born Ke Township, Pine Township and more .

In August 2006, the revocation stipules Ma Township, into excellent Gan Ning town.

As of 2012, the Henan Mongolian Autonomous County town of jurisdiction Jurisdiction over 4 townships, two communities, 39 animal husbandry.


position Realm

Henan Mongolia Autonomous located in Eastern, southeast Qinghai, nine of the first right-handed curved portion Yellow the southern end of the string section. East Tibetan Autonomous County of Gansu Xiahe, Luqu, Maqu County, south of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, northwest of Machen County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan Prefecture Tongde County and adjacent to the north and south yellow Tibetan Autonomous County Zeku adjacent. 127.67 kilometers county from east to west, north-south width of 94.36 kilometers, the total land area of ​​6997.45 square kilometers, equivalent to 1049.62 hectares, accounting for 0.89% of the total area of ​​Qinghai Province. Excellent dry county Ning County is located in the northern town of Gan Ning excellent beach, south of the state capital of southern yellow Longwu town 137 kilometers, 328 kilometers from the provincial capital Xining. West Hill location Qinghai-Tibet, East lapel Long Gan, north, Ninghai, South Wang Chuan Kang, is where Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan provinces Jin Yao's.

geological features

The general trend is the high-lying county in Henan northeast, southwest low, most of the altitude of 3600 meters, the highest elevation of 4539 meters, the minimum altitude of 3168 meters, elevation 1317 Meter. Landform is a typical southern Qinghai shallow cut high mountains. Wherein mountainous area of ​​about 806.11 acres, 76.80% of the total area; beach area of ​​about 160.59 mu, accounting for 15.30% of the total area of ​​the county; hilly area of ​​about 73.20 hectares, 7% of the total area of ​​the county, valley area 4.20 million mu, accounting for 0.4% of the county's total area.


Henan Mongolian Autonomous County climate is continental plateau climate, is a plateau subtropical humid climate zone. Due to the high altitude, the terrain is complex and affected by the monsoon, plateau continental climate features more obvious. Every year in May to October warm, rainy, November to next April cold, dry, windy weather. Spring time is short, the four seasons are not distinct, no absolute frost-free period. Average annual temperature at 9.2 ℃ -14.6 ℃, annual precipitation is -615.5 mm 597.1 mm, the total amount of precipitation 41.8761 m3 per mu precipitation 398.96 m3. Average annual evaporation is 1349.700 mm. Perennial wind northwest wind, maximum wind speed reached 23.7 meters / second, the annual average wind speed of 2.6 m sec. Snow average 55.3 days, a maximum thickness of 31 cm of snow. Sunshine rate is 57.58% -58.15%, slightly lower than the province's western region. 671.8 mPa.s average pressure, air density of 812.0 g / m, average 67.6 times thunderstorm. 1.25 times the average annual sandstorm. 36.1 times the average annual fog barrier.


Henan County, many rivers, there are 27 rivers and streams, 14 major rivers, the larger rivers Tao He, Ze Qu River, Gama, r, these rivers water quality is good, wide distribution, long process, a large basin, hydro-geological stability, a large gap, is very rich in water reserves, the total average annual runoff of 1.387 billion cubic meters, water resources reserves is 1,296,400 kilowatts.

Natural Resources

water resources

Henan Mongolian Autonomous County there are 27 rivers and streams, good water quality of these rivers, wide distribution, long process, a large basin, hydrological geological stability, a large gap, is very rich in water reserves, the total annual amount of 1.387 billion cubic meters diameter, water theory reserves of 129.64 kilowatts.

Henan Mongolian Autonomous County (2)

Ze Qu county in Henan fall within the reach of 253 meters, an average gradient of 1.70%, total annual runoff 710 million cubic meters, the water reserves of 9.3 kilowatts, to be built at 6 cascade hydropower stations with a total installed capacity of 700 kilowatts, the annual generating capacity of 2 million kwh. Tao River County in Henan province drop of 400 meters, an average gradient of 4.79%, the average runoff volume 40533.20 m3, water resources reserves of 3.44 million kwh.

biological resources

Henan Mongolian Autonomous County only terrestrial vertebrates there are more than 100 species of rare animals have fur otter, lynx, red fox, snow leopard, fox and so on. Medicinal mammals have red deer, white-lipped deer, musk deer, brown bear and so on. Meat of mammals have Mongolian gazelle, blue sheep, antelope grass, badger pigs. The main wildfowl swans, frozen chickens, chicken, partridge, ducks, eagles, Braun and so on. Qinghai naked carp fish, thick lips and heavy lip fish loach fish Qinghai. Wild plants and rare herbs are more than 320 species, mainly Cordyceps sinensis, snow lotus, Codonopsis, palm ginseng, rhubarb, radio Qian, Gentiana, mother of pearl, astragalus, rugosa, Notopterygium, mushrooms, etc. Juema.

mineral resources

As of 2007, the Henan Mongolian Autonomous County of mineral resources have been found more than 10 species of mineralization, mineral resources have been proven there are three main .

1, 59 kilometers from the county of Purcell Xiang Heeg fern stibnite has proven reserves of 01,790 tons of metal, there are three main ore zone, the Central Laboratory of Geology and Mineral Bureau laboratory: antimony 38.05 %, 0.011% mercury, arsenic, 0.106%, 0.25 tons of gold, after the election of ore, antimony grade can reach 20%.

2, Lee County, Henan card as a mountain north of peat, the Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources approved in April 1987, the peat D-class reserves of 7.87 million tons. Organic matter content of 48.9 peatland average, the amount of fiber 30.3%, 60.5% moisture, 47.1% ash, calorific 8.9 × 100 J / kg humic acid content of 22.5%.

3, 28 kilometers from the county stipules Ma rural music sea mineral water, the flow rate of 10000 tons identification survey, 10 Trace Elements containing strontium, lithium metasilicate, free carbon dioxide and the like, mineralization of 867.5mg / L, wherein the strontium component and two free carbon dioxide exceeds G138537-87 boundary indicators, strontium content of 296mg / L, free carbon dioxide 547.2mg / L, still rare in the country.

Population and Ethnic Groups

As of 2011, the Henan Mongolian Autonomous County of the total population of 4 million people, 93.21% of the total population of Mongolia, China Mongolian population is the highest county. There are Mongolian, Tibetan, Han, Hui, Tu and other ethnic groups.



2017 years, the county's GDP (GDP) was 1.489 billion yuan, 16.492 million yuan in 1978 of 90.28 times, industry rose from 81 in 1978: 7 for the 2017 adjustment of 44.02: 1: 30.04: 25.94 in 2017, the county's per capita GDP was 35,474.48 yuan (calculated according to the average resident population), an increase of 84.46 times in 1978 420 yuan. average annual growth of 12.05%. 2017, the county's local fiscal revenue 38.65 million yuan, an increase of 55.69 times in 1978 69.4 million, an average annual increase of 10.86 percent.

2017 October poverty-stricken counties according to exit the program, the Qinghai provincial government study, approved by the Henan Mongolian Autonomous County withdraw from the province's poverty-stricken counties.


industry in 2017, the county animal husbandry output value of 836 million yuan, an increase of 87.24 times more than in 1978 9.5828 million yuan, an average annual increase of 12.14 percent. 2017 county population all kinds of livestock 633,800 (only), more than 1978 775 500 (only), reduced livestock 141700 (only), Ma: Cattle: Sheep ratio of 2.85: 23.41: 73.74 was adjusted to 2.08 : 42.44: 55.47, slaughter rates, commodity rate from 78 years of 13.47%, 8.17% to 56.91% in 2017 and 51.54%.

secondary industry

Before the liberation, Henan Mongolian flag only a handful of craftsmen can make small simple animal husbandry production tools, there is no handicraft workshops, but there is no local industry. Industrial economy from scratch, from the original investment to high-tech production process, share in the national economy increased year by year, has become the county's economic development to support industries. 2017, industrial output value reached 588 million yuan, industrial added value of 169 million yuan. Annual power generation 152,590,000 degrees, producing 2839 tons of beef and mutton. Industrial production and marketing rate of 79.61%. The proportion of


Henan Mongolian Autonomous County of tertiary industry output value of 1.1544 million yuan from 1978 to 2017 reached 387 million yuan industry, tertiary industry in GDP reached 25.94% 18.94 percentage points increase over 1978.

social undertakings


2017, the county's major cultural and sports institutions: a public library, a cultural centers, township cultural stations 6, professional performing arts group 2, a movie station.


2017 years, the county has 11 types of schools, students in 4943, his primary and secondary 9, 244 people full-time primary school teachers, students 4943 people school-age children enrollment rate of 99.64%; junior high school 2, 1523 students in person.


2017, the county has 11 medical and health institutions at all levels, in which the two hospitals, disease prevention and control, health surveillance, maternity and child care each one township six hospitals; there are real number of beds in 324; health professional and technical personnel 262 people; maternity hospital delivery rate of 96.45%, the mortality rate of children under 5 years of age 14.92%.

History and Culture

Henan Mongolian Autonomous County is located in surrounded by Tibetan, Mongolian ancestors after entering the meander region, due to the history, geography, religion, marriage and other factors, and long-term local Tibetans live in harmony and friendly exchanges, work together to create a unique national culture and art and trade, is the most typical Mongolian and Tibetan cultural integration of the region. Meng Yuan Cultural Fusion and Tibetan culture, the Henan county formed a unique ethnic customs, Henan county in the Tibetan plateau surround you enjoy the beautiful grassland, feel the Yuan culture and unique ethnic customs of god.

Henan Henan Mongolian ancestors before entering the area, already converted to Buddhism, Henan Province after entering with the same religious beliefs of the local Tibetan people occurred many communication and integration of politics, economy and culture, under vigorous advocacy Henan ancient Mongolian leader, Buddhist monasteries have been greatly developed. County territory now belong to Gepp school La, troglitazone, incense tie, four monasteries of reference, by the Church permitted a total of four rooms, four under-60 capsule, shag hospital 94 480, the monks living in monasteries 257 people, each unique style of temple architecture, preservation of ancient Tibetan Buddhist rarities.


La Temple

La Temple name "拉卡嘎丹夏 Buda Jilin Chi" means "pull all happy talk repair prosperous continent ", created by the fifth world live Foluo Sang La Sonam Gyatso in 1924, it is located in Henan county east about 2 km, located beside the excellent dry Ningshan Yang Ke slope generation gap, existing great Hall 1 Block 25, 102 shag 29 homes, there are 50 monks living in monasteries. Temple faces south, backed by excellent dry hill, facing Ze Qu River, surrounded by vast grasslands, lush, is excellent pasture seasons, with typical grassland scenery.

troglitazone Temple

troglitazone Temple, formerly known as "song Gesang Ang Sonam song", later renamed "Qu Ge Zhaxi Qulang", meaning "Song Ge Ji Xiang Act Village ", located 31 kilometers west of the county, Henan, debak special Longines mountain, the Prince of Henan in 1937, Tashi was only the mother Lanman measures presided over the construction, existing regular one nine, shag hospital 25 105, there is 58 monks. Temple faces south, Ze Qu River flows through the Temple, flat grassland rivers, lush plants, scenery and pleasant.

Hong Temple bar

incense the original Ming Delong Temple bar Temple, after the switch to its present name, the full name of "Hong 扎贡扎西勒 odd", meaning "fragrant Zha Ji Xiang Else collection Island ", located 75 kilometers south of the county, township government resident now living Ke Su Han times Mizoguchi west-dipping Hong Chi tie card, but ancient Yukari Zhaluo Sang hi measures built before

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