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Ming Wanli thirty-one years (1603), Nurhaci castle was built here. Two years later, and upgrading outside the city. Inner City Week 2 km Nurhaci and families lived. Outside the city Zhou 4.5 kilometers, the Ministry of lean living death. Outside the north gate, blacksmiths, bow maker residential zoning. Forty-four years (1616), namely Nurhaci Khan, the founding of the number of gold (known as the Later Jin), Jianyuan destiny, its capital here. Destiny six years (1621), moved the capital to start Liaoyang. Tiancong eight years (1634), revered as Xing Jing. Today only and, outside the city walls there are some remnants of the gates of the ruins still clearly visible, the rest of the building was gone.

Hector Allah

May 25, 2006, as the ancient ruins of the Old City Early Qing Ming Dynasty, the State Council approved the list of the sixth national key cultural relics protection units.


Address (Address): Fushun City, Liaoning Province Yongling Town Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County of Old Town Village

Yongling Town

ZIP (Postal Code ): 113206

telephone area code (Area Code): 024 (008624, + 86-24)

The main building

Early Qing Old City, the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units announced. Old City location is announced Hetuala Liaoning Province, announced the type of ancient ruins, announced the lot number 6-0050-1-050 announce located in Fushun City, Liaoning Province Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County.

Early Qing Old City is located in Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County Yongling Town Old Town Village. City was built during the Wanli thirty-one years (1603). The city is divided into inner and outer double walls, the inner city area of ​​250,000 square meters. The main building has a white flag Yamen ancient, temple, houses, Han Wang wells, ruins Khan Palace hall, and the Eight Banners Yamen, co-lead government offices, Confucian Temple, Zhao Zhongci, Liugong Ci, shipment College, Temple and so on. Outside the city area of ​​about 1.56 million square meters. The main sites have consort House, armor manufacturing a field, sagittal manufacturing a field, Ao warehouse area. Outside outside the city, there was a woo East Palace, the Temple, southeast brothel, a little northwest of the station and the military school field sites. Early Qing Old City fortification method pioneered cloth rafters, creating a Qing capital of the system, of great significance to research the history of the early Qing Dynasty.

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