He Qinghai


Sony words: Taiping Shengshi, Guotai Min'an, Haishu River Cheng

Antonym: Sea Water Group Flying, War and Horse Chao, Chicken Needle

Idiom Interpretation

River: Yellow River;: Calm. The Yellow River is clear, and there is no wave of the sea. Medium the world peace.


Tang Zheng Xi "There is a prince in the day": "He Qinghai Yu, when he is rich."

idiom usage

Joint; as an object, attributive; metaphor of the world's peace


Ming · Wu Chengne "Journey to the West": Sincerely the so-called Hai Wei, the world of Taiping is also.

Song Dynasty Songyuan "Jingde": "" Once the opening, the vibration, the vibration of the mountain, the sea, the sea, the sea, "

< H2> idiom story

Tianzhu County's white rice four money and one stone, sesame oil eight cents, but the three princes borrowed Sun Wukong's three weapons to build it. Eight Rings: "It is this group of blacksmiths to sneak! It's a little later, you will die!" The blacksmith said: "We have worked hard in the day, sleeping at night, I got it." And we are mortal, how can we get it? I hope my grandfather! "The king said:" This city has a military and civilian craftsman, and it is also very understandable that the law will not dare to bully. I hope that God is thinking about it. "Will Waiter:" Don't use it again Thinking, I don't have to pay back the trip. I only ask the temple: Your city, can there be a mountain monster? "Wang Zidao:" There is an outside world, there is a leopard mountain, there is a tiger hole in the mountain. Some people say that there is fairy in the cave Some people say that there is a demon. We don't know what it is. "

The king of the big level feast, thank you, and pay attention to the lion meat and the people. Prince said: "Thank God to Shi Shi, sweeping the demon evil, except for the post, now the sea, the sea is too flat!"

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