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Lake Havasu City, is Arizona, USA A city under Mohawi County. The area is approximately 43.1 square miles (about 111.6 square kilometers). According to the 2010 US census, there are 52,527 population, 735 feet ft (224 meters m) at sea level.

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Havasu is a Parker Dam A large-scale reservoir, located in the junction of the two states of California and Arizona, located in the east side of the lake. The water storage capacity of Habasu is 619,400 acre Feet (764,000,000 m3). The average depth is 35 ft (11m), the maximum depth is 90ft (27m), the area of ​​the lake is 19,300 acres (7,800 hectare HA). The concrete arch dam is built from the US farmland bureau from 1934 to 1938.

London Bridge

London Bridge is located in the southeast of Arizona, Arizona, Arizona, is adjacent to Habasu City, California. It turned out to be on the Thames, a traffic in London, built in 1820 By the 1960s, the London Bridge no longer adapted to busy traffic status, and the municipal authorities decided to demolish the new construction. In the face of the bridge with 150 years of history, the savvy British did not rashly dismantle discarding, but not to take auction. The news spread, the Atlantic Ocean, McLonte Real Estate Company, McLockton. He waved, bought this 120,000-ton antique with 2460,000 US dollars, and the design moved to summer hot, other three seasons sunny Havas Suzhou, used to open a tourist point. In 1968, he hired people on the 10276 stone strip of the London Bridge, a piece of demolition, full-numbered Shanghai ring, transported to the Gabo, California, moved to Havas Susu, next to a peninsula to dig out A artificial river and then reappears the bridge in this canal. The project lasted for 3 years, which took $ 1 million and finally warned. Since then, the London bridge floats over the sea, settled in this oasis in the abstore. After that, the bridge has built a British village, covered with a thick British, and has built a facility such as swimming, fishing, waterproof and barbecue, forming a pleasant leisure resort, usher in 15.00,000 tourists.

The total length of the London Bridge: 930 Feet (280m), started construction in 1968, built in 1971. John Rennie (1761 - 1821) is a Scottish civil engineer, and he has designed some bridges, terminals, etc.

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Due to drastically, Arizona has a large climate change. Some regions in the Colorado Plateau in the Winter, some areas are cold. Flagstavf located in the middle of the central part, the average temperature in January is -3 ° C, and the average temperature in July is 19 ° C. In the south, the capital of Phoenix, Phoenix, 1 month, at 11 ° C, and the average temperature in July 33 ° C. The cloud is rare, there are more sunny days, the annual precipitation in the state is around 330 mm, the annual precipitation in the peak area is more, between 500 ~ 1000 mm, the peak of winter is 1.5 meters deep. The 40-500 mm in the southwest desert area is only 50 ~ 150 mm.

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Havas Suri Treasury Tropical Desert Climate, in winter, the average temperature is generally at 60 ° F (16 ° C) to 70 ° F (21 ° C), which is also within 40 ° F to 50 ° F (4 ° C-10 ° C), and the annual rainfall is 4.23 inches (107.4mm), day Average temperature (Daily Mean): Jan: 12.2 ° C February: 14.6 ° C March: 18.1 ° C April: 22.4 ° C May: 27.9 ° C June: 32.7 ° C July: 36.1 ° C August: 35.5 ° C September: 31.3 ° C October: 24.1 ° C November: 17 ° C December: 11.7 ° C
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