Hathaza captain adventures

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A ship called "Quanjin" in a port of the UK, convened a number of single and strong crew members at a high price, and to the Arctic. Counting the unknown people in the regional adventure. When I started sailing, everyone fought, but I didn't get rid of it. Several sailors drown the dog captain, but the dog did not die. The Hathazi captain appeared in this case, he has been hidden on the boat and makes a sailor called Gary. He called the name of the dog - Dack. At this time, they continue to go forward, to the island where the replacement station is located, seeing there is nothing left there, and the coal on board is getting less and less. Winter is coming, people began to fight against Hattras's commanders, but he is getting stronger, and the sailors are unable to force. Later, the forward sign hit the ice, the ship was shallow, the coal was burned, and the alcohol was not replaced with alcohol. However, the sailors have more and more bloody diseases, and the doctors on board know that there is a coal mine near the pole, so they are looking for with the captain. On the way, Simpson was frozen, and a US captain of the ship was saved when he buried his body. A series of strikes made them abandoned, when they came back, they found that "Quanjin" was destroyed by the rebel ...

"Forward" was destroyed, only four crew members were left. The leader of the insurgents escape. The doctor cleaned up the quasi-number of fragments, and the US captain Alta Mund gradually recovered, and he said the "Pelbovo" position. The victims began to walk, they used the doctor to uniform a few prey with the ammunition transformed by the mercy, found the "Pelbovo". They made a house called "Doctor's house", which is temporarily settled, and they launched naming discussions on the land they found, Hartlas is more disgusted by this Americans. In the winter, it is still fun, one thing breaks the harmony, five people have been hit by a few polar bear. They defeated the Arctic bears with the land, and finally escaped. Spring is coming, because Altamond rescues the "before the number" captain, two and good. Finally, after some preparation, start to go to the extreme, they mourned for footprints. It turned out that it was the last arrival of the pole. The results found that the pole is a volcano. They will name Hartlas Peak, very good In the peak, Hartlas is crazy because of excitingness! On the way back, the doctor's group discovered the insurgents of the frozen bodies.


The first British people in the Arctic

Chapter 2 "Forward" No.

Chapter 2, I can't think Letter

Chapter 3 Clare Booney Doctor

Chapter 4 Dog Ship Changle

Chapter 5 Full-tide Seawater

Chapter 6 Polar Trends

Seventh Chapter Davis Channel

Chapter 8 Boats Planning

Chapter 9 A message

Chapter 10 Dangerous Sailing

Chapter 11 Devil's Thumb

Chapter 12 Hatlas House General

Chapter 13 Hattras' planned

Chapter 14 Looking for the expedition of Franklin

Chapter 15 is thrown in the "forward" number

tenth Chapter 6 Magnetic Bath

Chapter 17 John Franklin Jazz Disaster

Chapter 18 Town to Beibei

Chapter 19 I saw a whale

Chapter 20 Bisten Island

21 chapter Belo's death

22 chapter rebel start

Twenty-three chapters of the ice attack

Chapter 24 Winter preparation

Chapter 25 James Roth's old fox

Twenty-six chapter last piece of coal

27th chapter of Christmas's cold

on the twenty-eighth chapter preparation

Chapter 29 Cross the ice field

Chapter 30 with the road sign piled with ice cubes

Chapter 31 Simpson's death

Chapter 32 returns "Progress" number

The second ice ceiling

Chapter 1 Doctor's inventory

Chapter 2 Alta Mont initially said

Chapter 3 Walking 17 days

Chapter 4 First pipe gunpowder

Chapter 5 Seal and Bear

Chapter 6 "Pelbruz "No.

Chapter 7 discussing maps

Chapter 8 Victoria Bay North Vision

Chapter 9 Cold and Hot

< P> Chapter 10 Fun in the winter

Chapter 11 Anxiety footprint

Chapter 12 Ice Snow Prisoner

Chapter 13 Minger

Chapter 14 Arctic Spring

Chapter 15 Northwest Road

Chapter 16 Arctic Small Hill

Chapter 17 Altamont Revenge

Chapter 18 Final Preparation

Chapter 19 North

Chapter 20 Snow Footprint

Chapter 21 Free Ocean

Chapter 22 close to Arctic

Chapter 23 British flag

Chapter 24 Universe Knowledge Class

Chapter 25 Hartzel

Chapter 26 Back to Southern

Chapter 27 Operation


Confucian Gabriel Verne, 1828.2.8-1905.3.24) It is a famous French writer in the 19th century, known as the "father of modern science fantasy novel". VEREFIC is born in 1828 in France, the 1863-long novel "5 weeks on the balloon" officially released, since this is famous, and then start writing careers, until the death of Amia on March 24, 1905.

Confucian Verna wrote five or sixty novels and short novels, dozens of drama and other short stories, poetry, and various works. Its representative as "the two thousand miles of the sea", "eighty days around the earth", "five weeks on the balloon". Most of Versailner is included in the topic of "Singular Trip in Known and Unknown World" ( Voyages Extraordinaires Dans Les Mondes Connus et Innus ) series works. Among them, "Children of Grant,", "The Badshe 2 Million" and "Mysterious Island" are called the Versailan trio.

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