Hardware processing


metal processing flow is based on production needs to be a material, after a good start and some, such as small parts production can go punch and then gongs cut or CNC machining process, which in the glasses many accessories, auto parts production. The containers do: that is performed after welding is expected to open to the press, and then after their spray sand, then assembled what parts can be shipped. For small metal parts but also a lot of sanding surface treatment, electroplating or fuel injection. Then welding or hit the screw assembly for packaging and shipping


First, all employees before entering the workplace, check your clothing meets job requirements. Not allowed to wear slippers, high heels and affect safety clothing, long hair should wear a helmet. To maintain the correct posture work, there must be adequate to cope with the work of the spirit, if found unwell should immediately leave their jobs, and to reflect the leadership. Focus must be thinking when operating, non-chat, cooperate with each other, the operator not to operate in irritability, fatigue state, in order to avoid accidents, ensure safe operation.

Second, the mechanical work before moving to check whether the part filling the lubricating oil, and then check the start clutch, the brake is normal, and the machine run empty for 1-3 minutes, non-faulty mechanical operation.

Third, first turn off the power when changing the mold, punch the athletic department after shutdown before beginning installation, commissioning mold. After installation is adjusted, manually moving the flywheel again washed twice to check whether the upper and lower dies symmetrically, reasonable, whether solid screw, the blank holder is in a reasonable position.

Fourth, must wait for all other personnel leave the machine working area, and took debris bench before starting power start machinery.

Fifth, mechanically actuated, transported by one person operating materials and machinery, other people can not press foot pedal switch or the electrical construction plate, not a mechanical hand into the workspace or mechanical hand touch moving parts. Mechanical work, reach into the slider working area is prohibited, prohibited by hand to take, place workpieces. Taken in the die, the tool must be used during playback of the standard workpiece. Found abnormal sound or mechanical failure of the machine, immediately turn the power switch is checked.

Six, after get off work, you should turn off idle power, and fold the finished product, scrap and debris on the job, to ensure clean and safe working environment.

must abide by the above rules, not to illegal operations, failure, should be compatible with the maintenance staff maintenance, accident immediately cut off the power to keep waiting until the Factory scene reporting process, in violation of all the consequences caused by the rules , bear all the consequences by the parties.


metal surface processing can be divided into segments: metal paint processing, plating, surface polishing processing, metal processing, and so corrosion

Metal Part surface processing:

1, the paint processing: hardware factory in the production of large pieces of metal when they are finished using the paint processing, paint processing by hardware to avoid making rust, such as: daily necessities, electrical enclosures, handicrafts, etc.

2, plating: plating is the most common one machining metal processing, by plating the surface of modern technology hardware to ensure long products mildew rust does not occur using a common plating process are: screw, stamping parts, cells, car parts, trinkets and the like,

3, surface polishing: polishing surface typically commodities in comparison with long, metal product by surface treatment such as burr: we produce a comb, comb through the stamped metal parts, then punched out of the comb is very sharp corners, we will by polishing the edges throw a sharp corner portion into a smooth face, so as not to cause harm to the human body during use.

is the basic method of turning outer circumferential surface of an external circular face machining metal processing, and the equipment used lathe. In the general machinery factory, the lathe accounting for about 40% of the total number of machine units. Turning is the main method for roughing and semi-finishing cylindrical surfaces of various materials, it is not the final finishing method of grinding a variety of materials.

single small batch, typically in the outer circumferential surface turning lathe. Mass production, widespread use of multi-tool lathe semi-automatic or automatic lathes. Large disk parts should be processed in a vertical lathe. Large long shaft parts need to be processed in the heavy horizontal lathe.

Hardware processing

Turning metal member (5)

turning outer surface characteristics are: 1, the tool is simple, manufacture, sharpening and easy installation; 2, cutting process stable, small fluctuations in the cutting force, are favorable to high cutting speed, improved productivity; 3, universal machine, and can be machined cylindrical, face, bore, thread, and in one clamping chamfer. Mutual positional accuracy is easily secured between surfaces; 4, suitable for finishing non-ferrous metal parts.


A few years ago, my country's hardware industry, the overall level is not too high, more small and medium enterprises, low start, for a number of small business workshops; relatively large changes in recent years, one person improve quality, such as the current Beijing will build the country's largest hardware market, "China Hardware City," the person in charge, have a Ph.D, postdoctoral people; second is to improve technology and management level.

At present domestic production technology level is uneven, many large foreign companies to China as their products processing base, there are many international companies have entered the mainland market in the past. Chinese hardware products in the replacement stage, from low-end to high-end product transition period. This is very favorable for the development of China's hardware industry, in the production of foreign products to the domestic transfer process, is bound to come together with some foreign advanced production technology and management models including raw materials, including.

From the traditional hardware point of view, this one is a tool, like hand tools, hydraulic tools, power tools developed rapidly. Second, architectural hardware, decorative hardware aspects, the replacement rate is faster. Metal parts market in great demand. Handan, a small processing plant, the production process is very backward, its sales force across the country reached more than 10 million.

my country's hardware industry after ten years of accumulation and steady improvement, it is now the world's largest production country, steady growth in exports each year. Among them, the largest export value of the product is a tool, to $ 5.34 billion; followed by construction hardware, to $ 4.34 billion. Faucet exports of $ 2.23 billion, locks exports of $ 680 million. Most exports are the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea. Exports my country's hardware industry is growing at a rate of about 8%. Due to the improvement and expansion of production capacity of China's hardware manufacturing level is expected over the next five years, China's hardware products will remain more than 10% per year of steady growth. The first 10 months of import and export of mechanical and electrical hardware products for more than $ 500 billion. Surplus has widened further, totaled 7.06 billion US dollars, accounting for 64% of the country's trade surplus over the same period. Changes in the international metal market offers good opportunities for exports of hardware. Asian mainland China, China Taiwan, production of metal products Hong Kong China second only to the developed countries in the world.


First, the metal processing industry continued price increases of raw materials.

class bathroom hardware, following a wave of price increases in the fourth quarter of 2007, then, was up slightly again in early March 2008. Beginning in 2007, the international price of copper rose 66%; starting prices on the London Futures Exchange copper rose from the initial round of $ 1,800 / ton to US $ 7300 / ton, has risen beyond 300%; production of stainless steel nickel-metal processing needed and other metal materials prices have increased substantially; May 2008 children start, ceramics enterprises have to raise prices, the average increase was 8.6% tiles, metal processing aspects of the domestic market. Local out of stock; Baosteel, one of the world's major iron ore producers Rio Tinto of Australia on 2008 iron ore benchmark prices reached an unanimous, Rio Tinto PB powder ore, Yang Di powder ore, PB lump ore will in the year 2007 on the basis of price rose 79.88% and 79.88%, respectively, 96.5%, a result no doubt of the domestic iron and steel enterprises to the emergency critical juncture ... these numbers can be said to be shocking, metal processing industry, raw material prices increase from time to time, high-priced running metal processing products is not surprising

always have low manufacturing tools metal processing of raw materials and labor cost advantages, as the most populous of the world's largest steel producer and the world our country for many years s country. In recent years, exports have maintained steady growth trend, the suffering our country has become one of the world's major importer of tools metal processing products. But along with the national macro-control policy, a substantial increase in the main raw material in steel prices, the country to reduce import tax rate, as well as by the international situation, RMB appreciation from time to time, coupled with the 2008 "Labor Contract Law" brought the labor force increased interest, the case suffered from the gradual deterioration of the domestic manufacturing sector, the impact on the labor dense metal processing industry is particularly significant. The development trend of the domestic hardware industry is not optimistic, and even can be said to be more severe.

Second, the hardware industry market nearly seven years running state

State fabricated metal products industry sales growth year after year earnings growth rate of more than 14% adhere to, from time to time to expand the size of the market. The industry sales revenue in 2006 to reach 812.352 billion yuan, a growth rate of 29.39 percent, nearly seven years. Compared to 2000, the market has grown 2.62 times. Under domestic economic and industrial leaps forward, a lot of metal parts demand, expand market size. National Metal Products industry sales rates were maintained in the industry-standard value of 96%, nearly seven years. Market sales ratio is reasonable.

Third, the 2006 hardware industry sub-sector comparative analysis of state

fabricated metal products mainly include nine major industry segments. In 2006, the number of enterprises State fabricated metal products reach 14,828. Among them, the number of structural metal products industries and enterprises to reach 4199, occupying 28.31% of the entire metal products industry, according to the "National plain near the economic sector" standard. Ranked first in all segments of the industry; followed by construction, safe metal products manufacturing, accounting for 13.33% of the entire industrial metal products, stainless steel household and similar metal products manufacturing and metal manufacturing tools differ by only 32 , accounting for 12.44% and 12.22% of the entire metal products industry. minimum number of ceramic products manufacturing enterprises, to 198, accounting for only 1.34% of the entire industry. State market size metal products industry reach 812.352 billion yuan, of which the structure metal products accounted for 29% of the market share in 2006. Slightly higher than the proportion of the number of enterprises, enamel products industry accounted for only 1.09% of the entire metal products industry.

Fourth, domestic and international competition the next few years will be the development trend of my country's metal processing industry.

1, China metal manufacturing as an intermediate position in the world will further settle

China has become the world's most dynamic economic region. China economic initiative measures more perfect, along with China to accelerate the integration and the rapid rise of economic power in the world economy process. Property development has been relatively naive and lower labor costs, have created the middle of the comparative advantages for the world's metal processing, metal processing manufacturing export-oriented development features significantly. Higher growth rates in the domestic market sales; major hardware appliances full bloom, strengthen the middle position of the first said imports in recent years, overall growth in metal products: metal products, major import growth is higher than output growth. Not only power tools, hand tools, architectural hardware products of these categories of products imported conservative growth rate is high, and the proportion of previously imported teenagers kitchen electric products and sanitary products in 2004, import growth is also very obvious. Great market and middle of gravity will further attract multinational hardware manufacturing middle of the transfer to China.

2, cooperation between enterprises will significantly strengthen

In order to help the suffering competitive position and enhance competitiveness, in the case of competition around the world. Property capital is another theme running industry. 2004 Supor, Vantage has listed Hongbao also active efforts for the listing, the million and capital markets will not lose out because of reorganization with the Guangdong Meiya stop. From the capital perspective, the current main feature is the expansion of capital on the rise. From the competition point of view, resource sharing cooperation among enterprises is increasing.

3, the enterprise will further exacerbate the north and south polar decomposition

Such high-speed shock the direct consequence of this is metal processing camp kitchen brand decomposition tendency to expand the North Pole and South Africa.

4, the competition among sales channels every day fierce

quality, pressure, due to the oversupply of the domestic metal processing kitchen products. Sales channels to become one of the key competitive factors, the parties seek to channel one day at a fierce strike. On the one hand, kitchen electrical manufacturers strengthened the control on the retail end, try to reduce sales cycles, saving the cost of sales, the sales channels to professional development, enterprise sales model can simultaneously accommodate development in the direction of diverse markets. On the other hand, sales of the industry trend towards the development of large home appliance chain stores rising position from time to time, enhance the ability to control the industry, participate and were mainly caused by the leading manufacturers of price competition. Large retailers rely on its broad market coverage, market scale and cost advantages, product pricing, payment delivery ability to control production enterprises will enhance every day.

5, the market competition will shift to high-quality, high-tech product

metal processing industry chain profit margins are in various stages of compression, the space of one day at a strike price reduction . More and more companies recognize that price competition alone can not establish the direction of core competence, not long-term development of an effort to explore a new path of development. Many hardware companies increased investment in technology, research and development of new products with high technology content, product differentiation will be prolonged as a business development measure, to seek new market demands, the establishment of a new economic growth point (such as small appliances and to other similar industries), followed by in-depth competition. In order to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.

6, integration of domestic and foreign enterprises will further accelerate

more quickly expand the international market, domestic metal processing enterprises in order to improve their strength. Through various means to accelerate the integration and foreign enterprises to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness. Continue to expand the United States, Japan and other traditional national market, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europa Island, Africa will fully blossom.

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