Harar Bluetooth King

synonymous Harald (King of Denmark Bluetooth) generally refers to King Harald Bluetooth


Although it has been nearly a thousand years in the past, but contemporary Europeans mention of "terrorist Vikings people age "still will inevitably make a chill, like the day, Norman (other countries call for the Vikings, namely Scandinavians) Viking wind and waves, went lord, how awe-inspiring. There emperors Norman pirate career onto the peak, but also the rest of his pirate drums played a major role, he is proud of the Danish king Harald Bluetooth.

He was called Harald Bluetooth King because Blatand translated into English is Bluetooth. However, historians believe, Blatand word meaning in the Viking Age multi-fingered Black so a more accurate translation the way it should be Blacktooth. The so-called eat more blueberries and blue stars with teeth statement should be said that will be attached.

He is a high-Harald Farm old king's son. Belgaum old king and the king Harald Bluetooth of Denmark era is the era of state formation. In the middle of Jutland peninsula in Denmark man named small city of Jelling, Jelling city church door has two stones, one large and one small. Large stone engraved with a halo around his head like Christ and the ancient Nordic culture, which is Harald over the graves of his parents' tombstone legislation, Denmark claimed this two stones as "Jelling Stone", and the monument It is seen as proof of the birth of the Kingdom of Denmark. Belgaum old king of the times, to resist the southern Wende and the Saxon invasion, under the leadership of the queen pull Tsui, the Danes in the southern Jutland build a "丹纳维奥克 line of defense." After the Bluetooth succeeded to the throne, Schleswig and surrounding islands Jutland are Narudanmai territory, unification of the Kingdom of Denmark was officially formed. In 961, he took the Norwegian civil strife, troops invaded Norway, beat and kill the King of Norway Haakon, forcing the surrender of Norway, Denmark and Norway laid the foundation for the future of the two countries in recent years combined. During his reign, had interference throne of France Duchy of Normandy inheritance, carry forward the cause of the pirates were.

In the early centuries AD 4,5, Norman had already started in various parts of Europe activities they engage in trade, and sometimes also to settle locally. However, beginning in the late eighth century, Norman's activities gradually become a large-scale piracy of strong destructive, probably partly because of population pressure, on the other hand it is due to the late primitive society, class divisions, deepening social conflicts. Their wooden boat speed, shallow draft, easy river upstream from the sea, inland. Danes major invasion of France and England, Norway attacked Scotland, Ireland and other places, the Swedes to the development of Eastern Europe, and later the establishment of Rurik Dynasty in Ross. They went, burning and looting, sometimes for ransom, wealthy monastery is the main target of their attack.

King Harald Bluetooth in his later years saw go out every summer pirate attack, the Danish domestic almost empty, and neighboring Germany is strong and prosperous, took the opportunity to attack the pirates their base. Bluetooth Wang worried, advocate slow down the pace of expansion of foreign invasion, attention to their own safety. But his idea was strongly opposed to the school of his son who, led by Adams. They also conflict between father and son and Sri Lanka where the adoptive father Pal that Trafigura, Bluetooth jealous king may be due to the reason, many times that persecution Pal Rostock, home of almost to death, has aroused strong dissatisfaction of Sri Lanka where. The contradiction between father and son has finally grown to the point where incompatible, finally, father and son duel each boat at sea (indeed the pirate kingdom, even the duel also unique agreement), advanced age Bluetooth Wang beat Sri Lanka where his son had fled into the forest, finally Pal was shot that Trafigura in the forest.

historical influence

Odin faith in God

King Harald Bluetooth slow down the expansion of the idea, although not realized, but the Danish during his reign occurred another major change, but indeed led to the end of the era of pirates. That is, the introduction of Christianity. This is also from the original religion of Denmark - Speaking of Odin faith.

supreme god Odin in Nordic legend, a god of war, his house is called "Val Hall", where the legend in the war fought bravely soldier killed after ascension can become a god Odin guests to Val hall and Odin living together, always enjoy the good life. Therefore, Norman Yong Han unparalleled combat, not afraid of death is closely related to their worship Odin (of course, also related to the harsh Nordic living environment). Later, suffering from the Norman invasion of Western Europeans realized that for the Vikings down the convergence, the fundamental way is to change their faith god Odin, the spread of Christianity to them.

Christian beliefs

at the beginning of the 9th century, teaching Shi-Alaska actively spread Christianity to Denmark, known as the "founder of the Nordic missionary," but until the Bluetooth succeeded to the throne, Christians are still a minority in Denmark. One is called the wave of Bluetooth bishop tried to persuade the king to Christianity. He reportedly told Bluetooth king, he can prove the power of God with a piece of red-hot iron, Bluetooth Wang Ming will a red-hot iron in his hand, after a period of time, Gregg Bishop's actually not injured hand . Bluetooth king into submission to God's power, since converted to Christianity, baptized Christian. A large number of his subjects follow him to Christianity, the Christian faith from God Odin replaced in Denmark has achieved mainstream status.

far-reaching implications

Since Bong advocated patience, obedient Christian, Norman pirate expansion activities across Europe gradually stopped (of course, perhaps caused by this process other reasons, but to Christianity undoubtedly a crucial turning point). As a result, Western Europe becoming more and more peaceful, the population gradually increased, from defensive to offensive mentality, so, with the later Crusades and other Western Europeans vision gradually open until the later Renaissance ......

< p> the Nordic people in the future to Christianity, national character has undergone profound changes, gradually pirates off the smell of the fish, to the contemporary, has become the world's highest average crowd literacy.

unified Denmark, Norway surrender, more important is the introduction of Christianity, the gradual end of the Viking era, King Harald Bluetooth ranks of the king should be no doubt have a significant impact in the world in place.

contemporary influence

For the Vikings, the lifestyle siege prey, although very enjoyable, but the long-term development of their useless, but because of the huge loss of labor Jingzhuang itself in crisis. King Harald Bluetooth of this knowledge has informed, through the introduction of Christianity, etc., towards the end of the Viking era. At the end of the Viking era, that is, when the Nordic people really share the fruits of the overall stable development of Europe.

Speaking of King Harald, few people will know who he is. But the mention of the famous Bluetooth technology can be described as well known, but the source of the name of the Bluetooth technology, because King Harald: he was articulate, sociable and will live long enough to Norway, Sweden and Denmark unite, and they were created Like Bluetooth in mind.

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