Happy by me


sing O-Lali-Lali-Yeah- (all)

release - (Li Yuchun)

O-Lali -Lali-yeah- (all)

hug - (Zhang Jie)

o-lali-lali-yeah happiness by me by me - (all)

sing - (Luhu)

o-lali-lali-yeh- (all)

release - (He Jie + Yu Yuming)

O-Lali-Lali-Yeah- (all)

hug - (Wang Yuliang)

o-lali-lali-yeah happily by me by me - (all) < / p>

(Wei Chen) Hey Come on

open your eval en Your Mind

We gotta make it right

put a beautiful happiness All all open, you have you

Open fun open mad

Open life open - (Chen Chusheng)

Our youth has power

Your enthusiasm is sings by me - (Li Yuchun)

open young open sun

open time and dream - (Zhang Jie + Xu Fei)

Our song is quadruple The most shining - (until the upper inspiration)

sing O-Lali-Lali-Yeah- (all)

release - (Ai Mengmeng + Jijie)

< P> o-lali-lali-yeah- (all)

hug - (Guo Wei + Han Zhenzhen)

o-Lali-Lali-yeah happiness by me by me - (ALL)

sing - (Wang Yuliang)

o-lali-lali-yeah- (all)

release Bar - (Tang Xiao + Wang Yuliang

o-lali-lali-yeah- (all)

hug - (Amuron)

o-lali-lali-yeah happiness I am by me - (all)

open fun open mad - (He Jie)

open life open - (Wang Xinxin + He Jie)

Happy by me

Our youth Power (Wei Chen)

Your enthusiasm is singing by me - (Reborn Pisces + Wei Chen)

Open Young Open Sun- (Tan Weiwei

Open time and dream - (娜 + land tiger)

Our singing is the most shining - (wake)

sing O-Lali -LALI-YEAH release Bar

o-lali-lali-yeah hugs

o-Lali-Lali-yeah happiness by me by me - (all)

sing together - (Jijie)

o-lali-lali-yeah- (all)

release - (Han Zhenzhen + Tan Weiwei)

o-lali-lali-yeah- (all)

hug - (Yao Zheng + Wang Xin + Tang smile)

o-lali-lali-yeah happiness by me By me - (all)

(awake + until the up - up) Alright Our young speed fans no matter what

day and night beat Lets Get High

Hold Your MIC, this is the Time, Give Me Five

Dun Care What Say See who is following you with you

dreams are not tired, fearless

now Tell me you love it's get.

o-lali-lali-yeah- (Chen Chusheng + Li Yuchun)

release - (Amuron)

O-Lali-Lali-yeah- (Chen Chusheng + Li Yuchun)

hug - (Yu ​​Yuming)

O-Lali-Lali-Yeah Happy By I by Me - (All

sing - (Wei Chen)

o-lali-lali-yeah- (all)

release - (娜 + land tiger) < / p>

o-lali-lali-yeah- (all)

hug - (wake)

o-lali-lali-yeah happiness by me by me I - (all)

sing O-Lali-Lali-Yeah release

o-lali-lali-yeah hug

o-LALI- Lali-yeah is happy by me by me

release O-Lali-Lali-yeah release

o-lali-lali-yeah hug

O-Lali-Lali-Yeah is happy by me I - (all)

Song Background

Hunan Satellite TV, which has been "Happy China", "Happy" has become a significant feature of Hunan Satellite TV. Since 2004, Hunan Satellite TV clearly put forward the beginning of "Building the most vibrant Chinese TV entertainment brand", "Happy" slogan has already affected hundreds of millions of viewers with the growth of Hunan Satellite TV. While welcoming the 2009 channel upgrade, "Open09, happy by me" is still playing "happiness", inheriting Hunan Satellite TV.

In the determined music product, "Happy by me" is not only the theme music of the 2009 convergence, but this music also clips into different versions of the New Year revision plan for channels. middle.

"Happy by I" producer Chen Lei said that in many music works, the "Happy By I" in the song functional bearer is mostly in accordance with the overall creative requirements in the performance of the song function: simple ,hapiness. During the production process of songs, through the integration of the western techniques and retro rock, it is determined that "happiness" is reflected in the melody. "Happy by me" this song is in the production of the artist who sang, or the production team is very happy, so I hope all the audience that heard this new year can be sincere!

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