Hannis Alvin

Character is born in Snow, Sweden in 1908, in 1926, entered Uppsara University, and he won a doctoral degree in the school in 1934. After Alquin University in the University of Uppsara and the Nobel Physics, the Nobel Physics, the University of Physics, and served as professors of the Royal University of Science and Technology in the University of Royal University of Technology in 1940. In 1967, Alqui moved to the United States and coached the University of California and the University of South California. In 1991, the retirement was a plasma physicity of the Motor Engineering of Sheng Tiego, California, and the plasma physicity of the Royal Institute of Technology. After retirement, there are travels between California and Sweden. Due to death in 1995, I was 87 years old.

Alvin's personality is humorous, interested in many social activities including international disarmament. He is still studying in scientific history, oriental philosophy, and religion, and is well dawn, English, German, French, Russian, and some Spanish and Chinese. Alquin and his wife Kirston (Kirsten) gave birth to 4 daughters, son became a doctor, a daughter became a writer, a daughter became a lawyer. To commemorate him, the asteroids 1778 were named "Alvin".

The main contribution

Alvin has contributed to the important field of cosmic physics in the 30th to 40 years. His most main contribution is to discover Al Wolbo in the magnetic fluid. In 1942, Alquin found that in the theoretical study of sunbez, the conductive fluid in the magnetic field can move the magnetic line like vibrating chords under certain conditions, and there is a magnetic fluid wave. This wave is later referred to as Alvolk. However, people didn't pay attention to this discovery, because in accordance with the traditional electromagnetic theory, it is impossible to present electromagnetic waves in the conductive medium. After 7 years, until 1949, Alquel was first observed in liquid metals. In 1959, it was confirmed in plasma, and finally received attention. This finding is an important application in plasma physics, celestial physics and controlled thermal nuclear reactions. In addition, he also proposed a "guide center" approximation method that treated moving with electric particles in the magnetic field, which can be more simple to obtain the motion law of charged particles in the magnetic field.

Since 1943, Always published the paper on the astronomical evolution of the solar system. For the origin of the universe magnetic field, the quality distribution and structure of the solar system, the origin and evolution of the earth and the moon system, comet In terms of the evolution of the origin and the evolution of the origin, the evolution of the asteroid, it is proposed that the early evolution of the universe with the origin of the big explosion. He proposed a cosmic electric mechanical research method (usually laboratory electric power student with a main object), which effectively combines the heavens in plasma theoretical research, and has achieved excellence in plasma theory research. Achievement. Due to the significant contribution to magnetic fluid dynamics and plasma physics, he won the 1970 Nobel Physics Award.

Al Wancai

Almu said is a solar system origin that emphasizes electromagnetic effect. Since 1942, Swedish scholar Alquin has published a series of papers related to the origin of the solar system. In 1976, he summed up the main research results in the book with the "Evolution of the Solar System" in Aenny.

Al Wen believes that the celestial body in the solar system is formed by a highly ionized gas cloud. The sun has a strong magnetic field, and the high temperature ionized gas cloud around it is reduced to a neutral state due to cooling, and the sun is attracted. When the kinetic energy of the drops exceeds the electric separation, it is again ionization due to the collision, and the fall is stopped at a distance from the sun. According to the ionization potential of each element, Always calculates four substances that are not equal to the size of the size from the sun. Planets in the solar system, satellites are condensed by substances in the four clouds. Alwen believes that the formation of rules satellites is similar to the planet, that is, several clouds are formed around the planet, and finally condense into rule satellites.

Always propose magnetic coupling mechanism in 1942 and used to explain the special distribution of solar character angle. He also launched a weekly law of the planetary cycle. In 1969, a new concept of "jet" was proposed. The so-called jet refers to the almost the same math of a group of sports orbits. He pointed out that the plasma to the center celestial body is always condensed into dust or star, then forms jet, and the jet can capture all solid particles and stations that meet it, and the aggregation in the jet The celestial body is until it is finally formed by rotating around the center (planet, satellite, comet) to leave the jet. Alquin finds three jets in the asteroid. In the future, some people discovered more jet.


Al Warao, also known as shearing Alvinoba, is a wave propagating in the direction of the plasma, which is far from the wave. The cyclode frequency of the plasma is a low frequency horizontal wave of a linear polarization. When the conductive fluid in the magnetic field is partially disturbed in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field, the magnetic tension in the magnetic line direction provides recovery force, which will excite Al Wales. Alquelo is predicted by the Swedish physicist Hannis Alvin, so known. LUNDQUIST (Lundquist) was used to observe Al Wolbo in mercury in mercury, and LEHNERT (LEHNERT) confirmed the existence of Alvolbo.

This is called oblique Alvolk. When θ = 0 is propagated in the direction of the magnetic induction, it is called Alvinovo.

is called Always, where μ0 is the magnetic permeability of the plasma, ρ0 is the density of ions. Al Wolbo cannot spread in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic line.


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