Hankou Russian rental


set up

to open up in 1896. The area is 414 mu 6 points 5%. Located between the Hankou British Concession and the Hankou Rental.


from 1920 by China. In 1924, it was officially recovered and changed to Hankou City Special II.


National national immobin

Chinese residents



The Russian consulate is located in the railway river, built, 4 floors in 1904.

The US consulate in Hankou is also located in the Russian rental industry, close to the Russian resident consulate (No. 1 Station Road). In 1905, three layers, building with Baroque style, different curve walls.

Ministry of Education

Situn Street (Today, Shengli Street 193-197)

patrol room

is located in Yama Street Northeast corners, built in 1902, for the police department of the Ministry of Education, no public security, intelligence, justice, etc., there are foreign and Chinese criteria patrols. 19924 revoked.



River Street - Yide Street - Yuejiang Avenue

Ea Street - Two Vendon Street - - Dongting Street

Kaitai Street - Sanshi Street - Xiangyang Street

Ma Lin Street - Situn Street - Shengli Street Cooperation Account to Li Huangqi Road / p>

Alexander Street \ 王族 街 - 五族 街 - Zhongshan Avenue Cooperative intersection to Li Huangqi Road, L277, Zhongshan Avenue, L277, P

Limit Road - Cooperation Road

Le Lingbin Street - Lanling Road

Hankou Russian rental

Yama Street - Li Huangji Road, full length 604 meters, built in 1900. There are many European buildings on both sides, such as: Susheng Bank, Russian patrol room, US Navy youth, and Yogaki Road houses, etc. In 1997, it was a street museum of Li Huang.

Consular Street - Dongting Road



Financial Trade

Xintai Brick Tea Factory ( In 1866, in 1866, the River Bench of the Libin Street

Shunfeng Brick Tea Factory (Robini) was founded in 1863, and the Yima Street Jiangyan

Huazhou Road Sheng Bank: Built in 1896, it was suspended in September 1926. During the New Revolution, I was working and living in the Ministry of Finance of Wuhan National Government, Song Qingling. After the Central Bank Wuhan Branch.

Retail Business


Real Estate

Bagong House: Hankou's largest apartment, Russian tea shop Banov Industry He was completed in 1910

Yogga Milleng Road: 1919-1927, the senior residential area of ​​Yingyi Yi and the Ocean Investment, Squid Design, Three Floor, slightly Spanish architectural style.

Yihe House

Entertainment industry

Russian Baro (Night General)

Bang Kei Restaurant





Xinyi Gong

Hankou US Navy Youth Association, built 1915, four layers.


Li Viv: Shunti Brick Tea Factory Lord, resudient Hankou 58 years (1861-1919), Ejia Street behind the tea factory (now Dongting Street 60 Noukey George Bar)

Banov (J. K · Panoff): Zhu Chang brick tea factory owner, Russian aristocrat, the relatives of the Russian aristocrat, the tea plant, the tea factory is located in Yinghang Street, Yingchang Street (Nanjing Road), the residential is located in the Russian concession. Hankou 52 years (1869-1921).

Zhan Tianyou: 1912-1919 settleded Hankou Russia Ejia Street No. 9 (Today's Dongting Street 51).

Luo Zoofov's residence: Soviet agricultural consultant, No. 41, Sansang Street, Russia (No. 139, Suyang Street, Hankou), the Saturday Meeting of the Chinese Communist Party.


October 9, 1911, Baishi No. 14, revolutionary party assembled bombs, accidental explosion, Russian tour discovery uprising plan

On August 7, 1927, No. 41, Sansheng Street (Today, No. 139, Suyang Street, Hankou), the Eighth Group Meeting

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