Handheld microscope


First, small size, easy to carry, especially suitable for mobile inspection, on-site inspection, the size and weight are only 1/10 of the ordinary optical microscope, breaking the limitations of the traditional microscope use space .

Secondly, the observation object can directly display the microscopically enlarged image on the screen, which is convenient for observation, and can take pictures, video, and record the detection data in real time, which greatly improves the detection efficiency.

Thirdly, in the microscopic image software processing, the screen can be adjusted according to the needs of use, such as screen inversion, black and white, inversion, and contrast. At the same time, it can also perform data measurement on the microscopic image (length, Angle, diameter, etc.), the highest accuracy is 0.001mm.

Fourth, the handheld microscope can be connected to a variety of display devices (TV, computer, projection), which is convenient for multiple people to share, discuss, digital teaching, etc. at the same time.

Fifth, provide a variety of power supply options, computer USB power supply, dry battery power supply, lithium battery power supply, truly realize anytime, anywhere, on-site testing!

Sixth, according to the different observation objects and use environment, a variety of light sources (fluorescence, infrared, etc.) can be provided to meet the needs of use to the greatest extent!


Handheld Polarizing Microscope

Handheld polarizing microscope (Polarizingmicroscope) is used to study the so-called transparent and opaque anisotropic materials One of the microscopes has important applications in science and engineering majors such as geology. Any substance with birefringence can be clearly distinguished under a polarized light microscope. Of course, these substances can also be observed by dyeing method, but some are not available, and a polarized light microscope must be used. Reflected polarized light microscope is a necessary instrument for the research and identification of birefringent substances by using the polarization characteristics of light. It can be used for single-polarized observation, cross-polarized observation, and conoscopic observation.

Handheld wireless microscope

To be an elite optical microscope Technology, advanced photoelectric conversion technology, wireless data transmission technology, and LCD screen technology are perfectly combined to develop a handheld wireless microscope. It is a perfect combination of all functions of a USB handheld microscope and a handheld digital integrated microscope, simple operation and a wider range of use! The industry's largest magnification is 600 times, and it is widely used in many scientific research and education institutions!

Scope of application

1. R&D manufacturing and quality control inspection: electronics manufacturing, integrated circuits, semiconductors, optoelectronics, SMT, PCB, TFT-LCD, connector manufacturing, cables, Optical fiber, micro-motor industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, steel profile industry, abrasive tool industry, precision machinery industry, liquid crystal inspection, electroplating industry, military industry, pipeline crack detection, metal materials, composite materials, Plastic industry, glass ceramic materials, printing and imaging, paper industry, LED manufacturing, watch gear inspection, textile fiber clothing industry, leather resin inspection, welding and cutting inspection, dust inspection.

2. Scientific identification: criminal identification and evidence collection, document identification, pest control, counterfeit banknote identification, jewelry identification, calligraphy and painting identification, cultural relic restoration.

Three. Medical use: laser beauty, skin examination, hair examination, dentist examination, ear examination.

4. Academic research: scientific research institutions, agricultural and forestry research, digital teaching.

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