Han white jade


Color white fine grain marble, hard, is a hard work, and it is the first building and engraving material. Hao Ran "Shi Shanbo": "Two stone pieces composition of stone pier, paved the stone plate, the slate, put the lime, white, bright, cold eyes, like the Han Bai jade of the Fangshan." Biye "Lugou Bridge love ":" Not only the stone lion is from Hui Xin's artistic creation, but the stone bar of Longqiao is also a colorful man, but also a colorful man. "" Poems "1977 No. 8:" The monument of Han Baiyu, The morning Hui, standing in the northwest of Longhua. "

Han white jade

Material parameters

Material reference parameters are: whiteness, gloss, compressive strength, anti-compensation, Shore Hardness, water absorption, density, etc. It is generally believed that it is a deposition deterioration deposition of thermos liquid deterioration and dynamic deterioration in the condition of different degrees of carbonate formation under the effects of magazine thermosetting. Because from the ancient China in ancient China, this stone is used to make the stone steps and guardrails in the palace. The so-called "jade Zhu Ya", gorgeous as jade, so I call Many jade. The gangquan, Jinshui Bridge, and Palace, the palace base, stone steps, and guardrails in the front of Tiananmenmen are all made in Han Baiyu.


Chinese white jade, is produced in Gaozhuang and Nancha Lok Township, Dashiwo Town, Fangshan District, Beijing. The stone is deposited to magazine, the texture is delicate, and the white is warm, including the flash crystal, shining, is a ornamental building and engraving material. Gaozhuang, Shixi Hanbai Yuling, the exploitation has a long history, and it has been six or so since the end of the year.

Dolomite marble, is the Chinese, the quality, shallow color, pure color, harmony of tones. There are also two varieties of "Ai Yeqing" and the "screw" of the gray-containing fossil gray dolomite, the quality of the "screw", and the quality of the lamb, such as the ornamental characteristics such as the flow of lamb.

The use of

Han Xiaoyong, is also used to engrave Buddha statues, the West uses white marble from the ancient Greek era as a human image engraving material.

In daily life, we can often see the tones, clear texture, beautiful marble. People usually use marble to decorate walls, making desktops and various stationery and crafts. The railings around the main halls of the Beijing Forbidden City, are made of pure white marble. This pure white marble is called Han Baiyu.

Many people may have seen burning ash raw materials - limestone, marble is turned from this ordinary gray stone. Turn limestone into marble, "heroes", is the underground hemata. When the magma flooded into the limestone layer of the slice, under the squeezing of the magma, the calcium carbonate particles of limestone were formed into the calcium carbonate particles, which became crystalline, and the limestone, which turned into light, beautiful, clear marble. . Marble has a variety of tones and textures, and white and innocent marbles are Han Baiyu, whose crystal is white, including flash crystals, shining, is a very precious building material.

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