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Born on February 3, 1878, born in Tokyo, his father is a family doctor, his brother is the botanologist Jiji, graduated from Japan, Tokyo Imperial University in 1901 Department of Geology. Study in Germany, Austria and the United States. After returning to the country in 1908, the Department of Geographical Sciences, Northeast University. From 1911 to 1939, he served as Professor, Northeastern University, Northeastern University (1925), the Japanese Geological Society, and the president of the Japanese Ancient Biology Society.

Shavi Kee studses the geological construction of the Japanese Islands and the ancient creatures, and it is believed that Japanese Island has been separated from the mainland as early as one million years. It is studied from the ancient generation to the new generation of plants. On the basis of fossil, in 1920, the fossil sequence of the chalk and new life of the northern Seaway is first established. He has repeatedly discussed the climate change between the Cretaceous and Third Series, and the climate change of the New World and the Update and the Equity of Ice River, as well as the change of seabed terrain.

In 1918, he found almost a large-scale section of the north-south to the middle of the Japanese, named the fish-Shichuan-Shizuoka construct line, and the nature and formation mechanism of this constructed line became in-depth studies. I published "Southwest Japan Central Construction Line" (1960). In 1925, Japanese new generation was divided into Qiujin, Gao Qian Sui, Rui Si, and the Island Four Series. After 1930, he was engaged in corals, lessers, and phosphorite fossils. In his later years, he added amendment to the study conclusions of the Demoni Dynasties and the Due Basin.


The main work has "Hokkaido Cretaceous Ski Foot Fossil" (1903), "Summary of the History of Jiuzhou Since the Third Jiuzhou" (1925) and "About Southwest Japan The inferior of the wings position of the gigma "(1963), etc. In 1953, he won the Japanese Cultural Medal. In 1969, he was awarded a Rui Baoli. June 23, 1969, died in Tokyo. Its son is a librarian of Northeastern University.

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