Haining Primary School, Lianyungang City

School Introduction

Haining Primary School was built in 1985, is completely small in the "four-track" city area, the school covers an area of ​​1.28 hectares, and the scope of teaching is the new South, Jiannan, Yannan. And Jiakang four communities. In 2005, in order to adapt to the demand for quality education, in order to play the demonstration and radiation effect of the school, in accordance with the implementation of the three schools, the municipal leadership, the implementation of the formation of the Putin Road No. 3 The original elevated sea road primary school was rebuilt, and the combined restructuring of the Elementary School Primary School and the Park Elementary School was completed. The merged Haining Primary School covers an area of ​​14666 square meters, which covers an area of ​​6.5 square meters; the construction area is 140,21 square meters. There is a teaching building, comprehensive building, office building, laying 200 meters north-south-north ring plastic sports field; configured the multimedia Academic Report Department, computer network-specific classroom, audio-visual reading room, etc. in line with the provincial experimental school standards Modern teaching facilities, and scientifically integrated into computer school schools, thereby truly implementing Internet10 trillion fiber to the podium.

Haining Primary School, Lianyungang City

Campus Environment

The school environment is beautiful, the green trees are shade, the cultural atmosphere is rich, full of harmonious modernity. Other auxiliary facilities are equipped with multiple instrument rooms, scientific laboratories, music rooms, dance rooms, art rooms, computer classrooms, libraries and electronic reading rooms. Among them, the instrument room is 127 square meters, which is equipped with 24 groups of experimental equipment in accordance with the provincial experimental primary school. The laboratory is 247 square meters, and the 24 groups of students can perform operational experiments at the same time; with 85 square meters of books, there are books 48832 books. 20 volumes; 35 species of the existing newspapers, 1,200 tool books and reference books; 271 square meters of computer classrooms, 249 student machines, the surcharge of 10: 1; music room, dance room, and art room area More than 100 square meters, wood flooring, practice mirror, multimedia and various professional equipment equipped with high-end; 49 square meters of sports equipment storage rooms, all kinds of equipment should be able to fully meet the exercise needs of students.


The school is mainly for Jiannan, Jiankang, Sunflower, Yandong, Yannan, and the Six communities of the river. There are 47 teaching classes in the school, more than 2,700 students, 60% of migrant workers, is the largest number of children in Haizhou District. 117 in-service teachers (5 of them have senior teachers in secondary schools, 94 people have qualifications in primary school teachers, and 18 people are qualified for primary school first-class teachers). The age structure of faculty and staff, the scientific level is scientifically, and the combined optimization is optimized. Teachers are 54 people under 35 years old, 23 people in 36-45, 40 or more than 45 years old; 98 academic qualifications or above (60 people), accounting for 84% of the total number of teachers. Among them, Teacher Tao Li won the title of "National Advanced Teacher". Chen Weiwei won the title of "Provincial Teaching Advanced Personal", and Song Ying won the title of "Provincial Excellent Communist Party". There is also the "Excellent Education Gardener" Wang Hongwen, Xu Xingcai, the city "teacher's morality" Jiang Lili, the district "teacher's morality" Zhang Chen, Chen Weiwei, Taoyuan teacher, district "model class" Wan Min, Wang Wei, Sun Teacher Hui, District "Excellent Education Gardener" Xie Changjuan, Chen Bingqian, Teacher Liu Yumei, "The wholeheartedly is the president of the faculty and staff" Wang Xin. Our school Liu Yongping was rated as "The First Batch of Excellent Principals of the City", Chen Yu, Zhang Chen, was rated as "333 backbone teachers", and Yan Yanpei was rated as "333 Excellent Class", and the overall quality of teachers is first-class in the city.

with "enhanced cultural heritage, improve students' overall literacy" as the core "Classic" comprehensive practice, "sound baton", "Vocal music" art education And "earthquake prevention and disaster reduction", "air model" and other popular science education is the highlight of our school, highlighting the achievements of school quality education. In the past 20 years, the school has been rated as "Provincial Experimental Primary School", "Provincial Quality Education Advanced School", "Provincial Modern Education Technology Demonstration School", "National Art Education Training Base", "National Red Flag Brigade", " City Routine Management Advanced School "," Municipal Civilization Unit "," Municipal Revitalization Reading Base Experimental School "and" New Pu District Famous School "and other honorary titles.

2006, the first prize of China Youth Creative Competition Group 2007, the provincial "Women's Civilization Post" 2007, the second primary and secondary school student Art Exhibition Activity Award 2007, the city "comprehensive education advanced School "In 2008, the provincial and municipal" Earthquake Reduction Science Demonstration School "in 2008, Lianyungang City" Red Scarf Demonstration School "in 2009, the city's first primary and secondary school teaching scientific research" four one "competition won the Group's second prize in 2009, City 2008 -20009 School annual teaching work "advanced collective" in 2009, the city's modern education technology application "advanced unit" in 2009, district "civilized unit", "Youth Civilization" in 2009, provincial, city "Ping An Campus", "Harmonious Campus" "In 2009, the provincial" Advanced School of Youth Science and Technology Education "2009, the provincial" Ten, Hundred, Qian, Wan "Teaching Advanced Collective 2009, the provincial third-primary and primary school artistic performance and the 5th Children's Art Festival Second Prize 2010 , City "Primary and Secondary School Advanced School" 2011 "2011" Modernization Creation Advanced Collective ". In 2012, the city "Ten Basic Education Innovation and Creating Projects" Citizen Education Practice Activity Base. In 2012, the provincial aerobics championship prize is the first prize of the Championships.

development plan

According to the professional development plan of Lianyungang City and the current situation of school teachers, to improve the overall quality of the teachers, the construction adaptation course reform needs to be the main line to cultivate The middle-aged key teachers and discipline leaders have key points, with the power of deepening teachers 'management system, strengthen school-based training, adhere to the principle of "optimizing structure, strengthening motivation, improving quality, development connotation", and striving to establish a platform for teachers' professional development , Student growing cradle.

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