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Premier Afghan Prime Minister announced support Taliban regime 2021-09-11 20:47

local time September 10 , The Afghan Islamic leader, former Prime Minister Gurib Ding Hikmatia announced the support of the "Taliban government", he also called on Afghan people, especially his supporters did. ... Details

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Character experience

born in 1948 Danshi, Pushome, Carlot tribe. In 1968, he worked in political activities during the University of Kabul. He successively joined the banner of the Communist Youth League, Friends of Afghanistan, one of the founders of "Muslim Youth". During the King Charles, he was arrested and imprisoned for one and a half years. Later, he opposed the Ude government. Escape Pakistan in 1974. In 1977, he participated in the Pakistan Brothers. In December 1979, the Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan, he was the most striped Leaders of the most striped Islamic Party in Afghanistan against sports, and is currently the president of the party. In 1982, he served as Vice President of the Islamic Alliance of Afghanistan. From March 1988 - June, the Chairman of the Afghan Seven Party Alliance (all known as the Afghan Holy Battler Islamic Union). In March 1989, he served as the Division of the Temporary Government of the Joint Party Alliance. From May 1993 to July 1994, he served as the Minister of Interior. April 1989 visited China.

Local Time August 24, 2021, according to the "Kabul News" of Afghanistan, the Taliban of Afghanistan will form a 12-person committee to manage Afghanistan, Gurubin Hikmatia. .

Afghan Dawn News Net is specially known as the Afghan Islamic Party leader, former Prime Minister Gundate, Hikmartia, Native Time, Taliban Government, also announced on September 10, 2021, Calling upon Afghan people, especially his supporters do this.

Accepted an interview

July 16, 2021, report, Afghan Premier Prime Minister, "Islamic Party" leader Hikmartial said in an interview with Russian satellite news agency, There should be a third party to participate in the Afghan situation mediation negotiation, and the US participation will be destroyed in more than many talks. Hikmartia said: "The internal negotiations in Afghanistan must be carried out without third-party mediation. Participating in the war, is one of the reasons for the failure of the United States. The United States is the main one of the Afghan military action. Even after making the decision of the dismantled troops, negotiations are still under their mediation. "

Hik Martia believes whether the negotiation is not important in Doha or any other place, important It is to ensure that negotiations are carried out in the form of Afghanistan, there is no foreign participant. He explained: "I think that the current negotiation is invalid, because the one party is an influential Afghan political leader, the other is the leadership of the Taliban movement, that is, the leadership exchanges with the leadership. Only include current and predecessor Political Leaders, political leaders, will participate in negotiations and form a delegation representing the entire society. This negotiation can be achieved. But the Current delegation currently in Doha did not receive authorization and unable to reach the expected result. "

On August 18, 2021, Hikmartial was interviewed by China CCTV Asia, He said in an interview that the Afghan people are full of expectations, hoping to build new Afghanistan, no longer heavy The history of pulling blood, has independent, freedom and dignity, stay away from war.

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