Guangzhou Yuexiu District Chaotian Primary School

Synonym Chaotian primary school generally refers to the Guangzhou Yuexiu District Chaotian Primary School

School History

In 1864, the leader of the Yangfa's leader Jiangsu Governor Li Hongzhang once in Shanghai, and also opened the same Wall in Shanghai and Guangzhou. . Please ask the Cookgi Torto and the Banquet of the Governor's part of the army of the fire, the age of 14-20, the age of 14-20, full of Wen Hanwen, hire the national sub-supervision of the western and high-spirited countries to learn. After more than a year, Guangzhou Tongjing Pavilion was finally on June 23, 1864 (Tongzhi three years on May 30)

Chaotian primary school playground (before remember) (2 Zhang)

built a opening. At that time, the town of Guangzhou is at the time of Guangzhou, today's primary school, the curator is talking about Guang Nan, Tenton. There are only 20 regular students in Guangzhou, and there are 5 attached students, students aged 14-20, and 3 years of school, and the subjects have mainly English, Chinese and algorithm. Later, with the expansion of China and foreign relations, I have increased French and German. 10 students in each house, 10 of which have been "second foreign language" because they have been in English in the English Wall. The academic system also closer to the Jingshi Tonglian Wall, the first year of learning, writing, spelling, the second year of learning reading method, session and translation sentence, the third year learning world history, practice telegram Translation, etc., the fourth year of learning arithmetic, algebra, translational documents. The fifth grade to the 8th grade increases many physical and chemical courses, such as physical, chemical, geometric, triangular, calculus, as well as mechanical, navigation calculations, general public law, astronomy, geography, and elective courses such as physiology, anatomy. Later, I opened a Japanese Wall and the Russian. Since the same Word Museum is the actual needs to run school, it is quite focused on the combination of learning. Students often participate in foreign language telegrams, documents and books, and reward, priority. Guangzhou Tongwen Museum is one of the earliest foreign language schools in China. It is the first new school in Guangzhou. It is the first more major widespread cause of Qing Dynasty. Up to 1905, the same artery is changed to the translation hall, and it is also renovated to become a Hanqi Hao Hao Hao.

In 1911, the name is called Yuecheng Higher Primary School. In 1924, it was renamed for the third higher elementary elementary elementary school in Guangzhou. In 1928, the National Primary School is four years. In 1926, it was renamed for the fifth thirteenth primary elementary school in Guangzhou. It was changed to six years; in 1945, the name is renamed Guangzhou City, the first primary school; in October 1949, Guangzhou is liberated, the original city is a small government to take over, renamed Huifu District Central Primary School; in July 1954, the name is the North District Central Primary School; in September 1957, the name is renamed The first primary school in the street; in September 1959, it was renamed as Chao Tian Road primary school; in September 1978, it was renamed as Chaoyang Road Primary School; in September 1983, it was renamed as Chao Tian Road primary school; in September 1993, it was renamed as Chaotian Primary School.

In July 1951, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education held a national juvenile children's team outstanding general counselor in the National Children's Team. Comrade our school is one of the representatives of Guangzhou. In 1952, the School Executive Department issued the "Draft Primary Procedure for Primary School". In the autumn of the same year, it began to implement five years and tried the "five-level branch". In 1954, the school implemented the "Primary School Code". In 1960, the school was set as a key elementary school in Guangzhou. In 1964, the school was studying, implemented forty "Primary School", "The Temporary Provisional Work Bill of All-Japanese Primary School", organized the climax of the mass practice activities of teaching reform. In March 1983, Comrade Hu Jintao, secretary of the Central Committee of the Group, accompanied by Comrade Lu Shu, secretary of the group, and visited the school. In 1984, our school was listed as a national primary school computer teaching pilot school. In 1990, he was selected as "China Education Dictionary". In 1991, he was recommended from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education (primary school volume). In 1992, Yuexiu District Government decided to rebuild Chao Tianlu Primary School, and received the enthusiasm for the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Mr. Zhao Zhendong, Hong Kong Yuanxun University, and Yuan Xuan College donated Hong Kong dollar nearly nine million to help school reconstruction of school buildings and updated teaching equipment. On November 28, the same year, the new school building was held and the grant ceremony of Hong Kong Yuanxuan College. In September 1993, the name is Chaotian Primary School, and the school training is: Mingde returns. In December 1994, he was rated as a second-class school school in Guangdong Province. In 1995, the school undertakes two research topics of the National Education Commission: "Urban Primary School Science and Technology Activities and Teachers Training" and "Primary School Chinese Quadly Combined Computer Aided Teaching". In May 1995, I was approved by the National Primary and Secondary School Reform Professional Committee as an experimental base for overall reform. In December 1995, Li Qingyuan, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, Huang Yuxi, Huang Yuxi, Changshu Yulin, and Municipal Electronics Museum, Guangdong Province. On August 13, 1998, Huang Huahua, deputy secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, came to the school. In 1999, it was identified as the National Education Commission and the National Science and Technology Commission "Ninth Five-Year" Experimental School. In 2002, Chaotian Primary School and CITIC South China Group cooperated to establish Dongguan Chao Tian Experimental Primary School; in the same year, the school was identified as the Tao Xingzhi Education Experimental Base of Tao Xingzhi Education in Guangzhou. In 2004, he founded with the Guangzhou Times Development Group to create a modern experimental elementary school.

School Introduction

School builds a teaching activity building (Chaoyang Building), a stylish and artistic tower (Manchu Building) and a ball, track and field, swimming and other sports venues. In addition to the teaching class with provincial standards, there are 45 dedicated rooms, classrooms and teaching rooms than the provincial level school standards, providing more space to students' personal development. There are 26 teaching classes, more than 1,000 students, more than 80 school teachers, more than 30 senior teachers.

Chaotian primary school has always adhered to the comprehensive implementation of education policy, adhere to the education reform and education science experiment, adhere to all students, and focus on cultivating students' comprehensive quality and good personality quality, and prompting students to vivid and healthy growth. The school has established the school motto of "Mingde Guilong", forming the school spirit of "Chongzhen, good, to the United States, innovation, and" "Being good at teaching, be happy to teach, and the teach people", " Cooperation, creating "learning style, promoting" Today, I am a young, tomorrow, I will be a long-term ", and the school leadership team establishes" the color, innovation, care, service "work style, teachers collective quality to achieve the whole Optimization, a large number of backbone teachers with a large number of teachers' de devices, and cultivated a group of students who have a batch of "product excellent, intelligent, physical and mental health, and personal activities" have won high reputation. Since 2009, Chaotian Primary School established a friendly exchange relationship with schools in many countries. Building a modern education model, realizing the innovation of quality personalized education; with a famous professional principal, a scholar-type teacher, a high-quality student, is a goal of struggling to struggle in Chaotian Primary School.

Guangzhou Yuexiu District Chaotian Primary School covers an area of ​​4896m2, building area 10080 m2, there are 28 teaching classes, 74 faculty and staff, 1340 students.

The school has served as the principal for the Liang Han, Wang Mei, Deng Yingyang, Huang Baozhen, Qihong Heng, Li Mingren, Rong Mingqin, Li Hua, Cheng Gongyun, Li Yinghuan, Li Shunong.

The current principal is Kong Hong.

Chaotian Primary School

School Campus

Schoolges is "The Song of Chaoyang"

School Administration

President: Konghong

< P> Party branch: Zhang Shaoquan

Vice President: Deng Danzhen, Zou Sen Huayi

Teaching Office: Xiao Lihua

Deputy Director of the Teaching Department: Su Aimei, Cai Ban Hua Lin Danna

Office deputy director: Guan Zhong Ting

from left to: Guan Zhong Ting, Cai Ban, Xiao Lihua, Su Aimei, Lin Danna

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