Guangzhou Sixty-Fifth Middle School

school history

The school was founded in 1946, named "Yong Bo private school."

In 1950, the beginning of Yu Yong Bo took office north middle school, high school Durkee and renamed Rhu North Junior High School; September, Panyu County People's Government formally took over the school, and was named the fourth Fanyu High school.

1951, the school will Jiangxia Ling as a school site.

1956, the school changed to complete secondary school.

1957, the school changed its name to Guangzhou City Village Middle School.

1969, the school included Guangzhou City Board of Education administration, given the school called Guangzhou sixty-fifth high school.

During the "Cultural Revolution", the school was severely disrupted and destroyed.

In 1994, the school was rated as an advanced unit in Guangzhou City, the education system.

In 1995, the school by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education formally approved the school in Guangdong province.

In 2000, the school hosted the sixty-fifth high school in Guangzhou City Experimental School - Baiyun District Zi Yuan Gang middle school.

In 2001, the school was one of the Guangzhou municipal government to establish a national model high school created the first batch of 24.

In 2002, the school was named the Guangzhou spiritual civilization advanced units.

In 2003, the school hosted the Fuli Taoyuan Woodcrest Hill Middle School and Elementary School.

In 2006, the school was founded as a national model high schools.

2009, the school was established as the Guangzhou Traditional Sports School (basketball).

teaching conditions

school size

As of May 2016, the school covers an area of ​​147 acres, up 41 classes, students have 3108 people.


As of May 2016, the school has a staff of 226 people, including 13 senior teachers, municipal backbone teachers, municipal discipline leader 1 person, Guangzhou outstanding 8 teachers, national outstanding teachers, Guangdong teaching excellent teachers 1.

Guangzhou outstanding teachers (8): Xiao Gan Ping, Wang Yaoshun, Suwan Yong, Luo new, Huangyan Fei, He Junde, He Yuhua, Jiangyong Xiong

municipal backbone teachers (2): Zhang Xiaoyu, Chi Tong

municipal academic leaders (1 person): Zhu Xing as

< p> outstanding teachers nationwide (1 person): Yang Yu


facilities As of May 2016, the school has a teaching building, art building, library, gymnasium, laboratory building, administration building complex, 400 meters standard runway, 400 meters culture and art gallery, swimming pool and so on; all classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching platform, and another computer classroom, voice classrooms, dance room, counseling room and other special classrooms.

outcome of the school

student achievement

  • SAT score Guangzhou Sixty-Fifth Middle School

2013 college entrance examination, which students won a total score of Baiyun District, liberal arts champion.

2014 college entrance, a school on line 25 (including sports 1, art 1), on the present line A 183 (including sports 4, Art 4), on this B line number 461 ( 1 including sports, art 2); A present on the line rate of 20.80%, the line rate of 52.39% B present.

2015 college entrance examination, the school focuses on the number of line 56, line 535 undergraduate, on-line rate of 66.13 percent, ranking the first place among the region's Arts Comprehensive school No. 3, the rationale for comprehensive ranking the first place in the whole zone 7.

2016 college entrance, the reference number 657, wherein focused on the line 91, the line rate of 13.7%; line 516 undergraduate, line rate of 78.5%, a dedicated line A 626, line rate of 95.3%; specialist B line 652, on-line rate of 99.2%.

  • academic competition

2015 In May, the fifth high school students in geography, Guangdong Province Olympiad, six people won the first prize, second prize eight people, seven people received the third prize.

  • Artistic Contest

2009 in October in Guangdong Province Youth Science Creation Competition middle school students won first prize in a national tomorrow little scientist honorary title, and represented the country in teen Intel competition to be held in the United States won the fourth prize.

2013 May, students in Baiyun District Environmental speech contest, the students are performing comic show "saying green", won the third prize.

2013 In June 2009, the Gatorade campus basketball game, Guangzhou Division 4 people received the high school group runner-up.

2013 In June 2009, the seventh in Guangzhou "Mayor's Cup" badminton tournament, seven people received the high school group men's team finished sixth.

2014 January in Guangzhou City, the first micro-film young student writing contest, five people won the first prize, five people won the third prize.

teacher performance

2011, the school teacher Yuan Cheng presided over the Guangdong Provincial Science Education Project of the Year 2011 problem, "the practice of reform of classroom area" "Twelfth Five-Year Plan".

2014 in October in the "Guangdong Education Press high school language textbook innovative educational resource" issues, the school Shen Guangdong Province Education and Research "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" research project approval in 2010 and even the teacher.

School award

As of May 2016, the school has been advanced unit in Guangzhou City, the education system, Guangzhou spiritual civilization advanced units, the Guangzhou Municipal Education technical management of advanced school, Guangzhou City, the first science and technology education characteristics of the project schools, educational research experimental school in Guangzhou City, Guangzhou City, green schools, garden-style units in Guangzhou, Guangzhou City Youth science and technology education characteristics of the project schools, Guangzhou of traditional sports schools, the focus of the national radio direction finding units, the National innovation Research experimental base for education, the National Education Science "fifteen" plan key project of Ministry of Education experimental school

cultural traditions


The school red, green and yellow flag badge playground consisting of "ten", the yellow green stripes also six also five joint performance of "six fifteen"; red and green two-color symbolizes the school student enthusiasm, lively, healthy, hope, life symbol; yellow brilliant, brilliant, with a sun-like brilliance, illuminating the dark symbol of the light of wisdom.


Morrison Oi Kan

Ceremony: urbane

< p> letter: a man talk about integrity

love: love

ground : hardworking


strong devotion to truth-seeking unity


"vibrant ambitious "

clouds around the green water, with Phoenix Cotton Tree, vibrant (ah) campus, everywhere read aloud. Full of confidence, full of hope, forever infinite campus spring. Honesty and polite, diligent self-love, we have common ideals. Talent for the country, winning glory for the school, for my survival-strong red heart. Let's wings off, create brilliant tomorrow.

Liu Xi Teng small waves, fragrant peaches and plums broadcast, the situation (it) will be the occasion of the era, teachers and students concentric break forward. People-oriented, to make progress, and create a bright future together. Unity and truth-seeking ,, strong commitment, we have lofty ideals. Talent for the country, winning glory for the school, for my survival-strong red heart. Let's wings off, create brilliant tomorrow. Let's wings off, create brilliant tomorrow.

The current leadership

< td width = "348">

Jiang Jinming




Yuan Cheng

Vice president

Vice president

Jiang play mirror

Vice president

Jiangyong Xiong

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