Guangxi Open University

School introduction

Guangxi Open University (formerly Guangxi Radio and Television University) founded in January 1979, in January 1979, a comrades of Deng Xiaoping, founded by Guangxi Zhuang The Autonomous Region People's Government is held, and the director of the Autonomous Region Education Department accepts the guidance of the National Open University (Central Radio and Television University). It uses modern media technology to use a variety of teaching media to carry out remote open education in the whole district. At present, Guangxi Radio and Television University is actively building the public, promoting the public, and promotes the lifelong universities under the guidance of the National Open University and the People's Government of the Autonomous Region.

Guangxi Radio and Television University has experienced the education of academic compensation education, specialist education, "specialization" education, and the three different development phases of opening education. In the past 34 years, Guangxi Radio and Television University has developed into a well-class, a high school, and has a strong running in school. The Guangxi Electricity School, 18 municipal TV, 2 industry workstations, and 81 county electricity battles, the largest modern remote open education system in Guangxi.

Guangxi Open University is a support for modern information technology, facing all kinds of social members, non-academic continuing education and academic continuing education, running a school network three-dimensional covering the district urban and rural areas, there is no wall-oriented university.

Guangxi Open University is a new university, which is different from ordinary colleges: to promote the development of learning society as a school, bear the promotion of Guangxi lifelong education system construction, promote Guangxi national learning, life Historical mission of learning learning society; with strong development of non-academic continuing education, steadily developing academic continuity education, promoting the deep integration of modern science and technology and education, and building a lifelong learning "overpass" as the main task; with network platform, learning resources, Credit banks, etc., emphasizes the facilities of all social members, emphasizing that there is no wall, transcending time and space restrictions, geographical restrictions, to provide time to learn, learning opportunities to learn, is the university around people. "

July 29, 2010, the Party Central Committee officially promulgated the "National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)" proposed to "do good university". On February 25, 2011, "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Middle School Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)" Proposed "" Exploring the construction of Guangxi Open universities based on Guangxi Radio and Television University. "According to Guangxi Education The deployment of planning, November 2010, Guangxi Radio and Television University launched the Guangxi Open University Construction Project, which was listed as a key project and system reform project of Guangxi Education Development.

Standing in a new historical starting point, Guangxi TV University's reform will usher in a new opportunity. Broadcasting and Television University will effectively strengthen system construction, promote the depth integration of education and modern information technology, and promote the development of high-quality education resources to create a sharing of Chinese characteristics. At present, Guangxi Electricity is in accordance with the requirements of the Party and the State, the National Open University's work, to improve the quality of education and teaching, to promote life learning and education equity as value orientation, to build Guangxi Open University as the main arrest Hand, actively explore, reform and innovation, and gradually realize the strategic transformation of radio and television universities to open universities.

School location

Guangxi Radio & TV University

School Leaders

President: Wang Xinghui

Vice President: Chen Jianxin, Deng Yanyi, Yang Xiong, Long Shujin

(as of July 2021)


Guangxi Open University


Guangxi open Universities have rich open education resources, providing learners with convenient, flexible, personalized learning conditions. Learners can find their own contents of learning in the online learning resource library, there are both professional learning, courses, and industry knowledge learning and life knowledge. There are both school, local learning resources, and a famous school teacher's learning resources, and even Harvard's courses.

Guangxi Open University is based on "credit bank", and establish a personal lifetime learning file for each registered learner, providing credits, access, and "exchange" service. The learner learned in other colleges and institutions and educational institutions, can "redeem" into a school, the relevant learning results obtained in the job, learning process can also "identify" for a certain credit, after the intensive, the students can basically Apply for obtaining a corresponding course completion certificate, training certificate vocational qualification certificate and a certificate certificate of the corresponding level.


Guangxi is a population province area, how to transform from the provincial regional area of ​​human resources to the western province? Developing lifelong education, improving the quality of population is the key. In the next 10 years, I am pushing the scientific development in our district, achieving the key period of rich people, and building a well-off society in an all-round way, facing the transformation of economic development, building a characteristic modern industrial system, promoting urbanization processes and new rural construction. Entress strategic tasks, complete these tasks inseparable from powerful human resources support.

The current number of people from the first industry will turn to the second, three industries, and the total amount of industry practitioners grow rapidly. A large number of workers urgently need to improve labor skills and adapt to changes in employment conditions in industrial restructuring. Rural transfer labor and migrant workers need to learn, training to obtain knowledge and skills of survival and development. A large number of age-age, in-service adults, laid-off workers, and the masses need to adopt continuous learning training, optimize knowledge structure, enhance professional capacity, enhance job competitiveness and strain force to achieve development, promote productivity.

For this reason, build Guangxi Open University to provide widespread vocational education and skills training for workers, providing convenience of accepting continuing education opportunities, which is beneficial to improve the quality of laborers and developing the development of Guangxi Source continuously provides qualified workers; build flexible open lifelong education systems to create people can learn, always learn, everywhere learning system, which is beneficial to improve the population quality of our district, promote the strong resources of our district to western human resources Zone transition.


Guangxi and the national synchronization basically form a learning society, and the University of Open is needed as a powerful hand. The establishment of Guangxi Open University can provide powerful learning resources and flexible learning methods to meet the needs of different people in our district.

Guangxi proposes "to 2020 higher education hair enrollment rate reached 40%, the continuing education of employees reached 13 million, and the average of the new labor force is 13.5 years", and the establishment of Guangxi Open University is achieved. The goal is of great significance.

On the one hand, Guangxi Open University has actively developed academic education, strengthened cooperation with internal and foreign universities inside and outside the district, domestic and foreign, and the ASEAN countries, and fully utilize its quality education resources, and continuously improves running ability and level, constantly Meet the people 's demand for high quality and higher education. On the other hand, Guangxi Open University has vigorously develops non-academic continuing education, working with depth of government departments, industries, enterprises, communities, and makes full use of all-in-town running school network to jointly carry out various types of non-academic continuing education, training, etc. Work, meet the diversity learning needs of the majority of social members, promote learning community learning organizations, learning social construction.

Modern information technology is the guarantee conditions for promoting learning society. Open University is a modern remote open university supported by modern information technology. The deep integration of modern information technology and education is both an important task for opening up universities. It is also an important advantage of opening up universities.

Guangxi Open University will make full use of the latest achievements of modern information technology, construction of remote education public service platforms such as satellite, television, Internet and mobile terminals, serving the needs of all life learning in our district, Be the leaders and leaders of education in our district and the leaders of education and first trial pioneers; integrate development of social quality education resources, transporting these high-quality resources to all parts of the region, providing better people with different levels, different ages, and different occupations. Educational services and opportunities, contributing to the construction of lifelong education systems in our district and promoting learning social construction.

Talent Cultivation

Cultivated more than 300,000 degree graduates. Existing students are 69428 people. Among them, 11,455 undergraduate students; 37,853 open education special students; 1962 specialists in the Ministry of Education "a college students plan"; adult higher education, 973 specialists; network education, specialist students 17,185

Honor Award

has received 207 awards in various discipline competitions in the country and the entire district in recent years, including 3 second prizes, three prizes; 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 1 third prize, 4 excellent prizes, 6 excellent prizes; 38 first prizes in the district, 52 second prizes, 70 third prizes , 30 excellent prizes.

The school has received outstanding schools in the universities of the district, Guangxi universities, the safety and civilized campus, autonomous region-level health outstanding school, Nanning Ping An Unit, Nanning Social Security Comprehensive Management Advanced Unit, Police and People Construction Unit, etc. honor. For five consecutive years, China-ASEAN Expo, China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival volunteer service advanced collective title.

scientific research

Guangxi Open University has 1182 teachers, including 623 professional teachers, 17 people with high-level title, 194 deputy senior titles; "1000 new century Thousand Talent Projects "The second level of people selected, Guangxi University Excellent Talent Support Program funded three people, and one of Guangxi College backbone teachers will be selected. A total of 192 projects were obtained at all levels, including 92 projects in the teaching and research projects of the hall: 40 scientific research projects in Guangxi; 17 Guangxi Higher Education Teaching Reform Projects; 14 projects in Guangxi Education Science; 10 projects; 2 projects of Guangxi Philosophy and Social Science Plan; 2 scientific research and technology development planning projects in Guangxi Science and Technology; 1 item in the Natural Science Foundation of Guangxi Science and Technology; 6 Central Surfaces. The whole school teachers publicly published 473 papers, including 68 cores; 26 specializations, teaching materials, etc.

has won 125 scientific research results at all levels in recent years, including 16 scientific research results in the provincial and ministerial level: 6 teaching results prizes in Guangxi Autonomous Region, one of the first prizes, 3 second prizes 2 third prize; 8 excellent results prizes in Guangxi, one of the first prizes, 2 second prizes, 5 third prizes; 1 first prize of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Government Decision Advisory, Guangxi Nature 1 third prize of the science award. All school faculty and staff participated in 8 awards in all kinds of computer competitions in the country, of which 1 national excellent prize; 2 first prizes in the district, 1 second prize, 4 third prizes. National Radio and Television University Boutique Course 1.

Guangxi Open University has established good cooperative relations with many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the remote educational institutions in my country, and Australia. It is a member of the Asian Open University Association (AAOU) and the International Remote Open Education Council (ICDE).

Service Society

Guangxi Open University actively implements the Ministry of Education "a college student" program, expands the "Youth Peasant Workers' Dream University" action, established Central Electric Power Education Institute The Guangxi Branch opened "Sunshine Class" to carry out remote higher education education for persons with disabilities. Building a lifetime education platform, established a modern remote education study support service specializing in November - Ao Peng Distance Education Regional Management Center; 2006, adopted the Education Department's "Radio and Television University Talents Training Reform and Open Education Pilot" project assessment; In October 2007, the Ministry of Autonomous Region established Guangxi Distance Education Service Center in Guangxi Radio and Television University. Actively promote the demonstration construction of community education, in Nanning, Guilin, Beihai, carry out community digital learning centers.

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