Guadalet Battle

Battle Background

AD 376, under the military pressure of the North Hungow, about 15,000 Civic people pass through the Alba, The Balkan Peninsula is migrated, settled in Rome, as the alliance as the Roman Empire. 418 Casto built in Toulouse Kingdom. From 418 to 507, its territory includes most of Spain and Gaul's territory. They were defeated by Frank in 511 in Wuye, and retired to Spain. In addition, AD 476, Gothic's leader Di Augo Yak scrapped Luouus Augus, transferring the national emblem of the West Roman Empire to the East Roman Empire, the West Roman Empire perish. Since then, long-term, repetitive, stretched slaves, Songnan uprising and foreign invasion, overthrowing the Slavery rule of West Rome, since then, the foundation of Western Europe has begun to feudal society.

With the collapse of the Slim Empire, each German country began a feudalization process. The so-called feudalization is the general implementation of the mining. The mining is sealing, and the king seizes the land to the chief in the war, and the chief will seal the land to the people who follow him. These chiefs have formed a secular aristocratic group. By layered, it is partitioned to form a relationship from small to large lords and the attachment. In the Caiyi, the Lord has political rights, economic rights, judicial power and its own armed. According to the feudal law, the king has the right to request the aristocrats to provide services, swearing, but the king is also obliged to ensure the legal rights of the aristocrats, thus forming two-way rights, the "quasi-contractual relationship", which is very different from China's feudal system. Therefore, feudalization actually means that the king's ultimate ownership of the national land is the actual share of countless aristocrats, and the state is decomposed into countless independent local political entities. The feudal system has made the aristocratic group with the strength of the king, and the feudal regulations have made them have the right to fight the king. They also admire or oppose attitudes for the king of time, weakness. During the feudalization process, the church has also been sealed, and the church has also become an independent force.

During this period, Muslim power is in a strong Miami (Wu Mai Ye) Dynasty, Muslims have been in Tripoli (now Libya Capital) in North Africa. The Mu Avi Leafis is a expedition army commanded by Oksbin Nafi (Orebai Iben Nafi), and has been deep into Tunisia. In 670, Mu Avir appointed Okba as the Governor of North Africa and gave him 10,000 cavaliers. In the same year, Okba began building Keluwan City. This city later became the Camp and Islamic Cultural Center for conquering Magley. In 698, the Muslim's land of the two armies took the Byzantine from Carthage and other cities, and they ended their rule in North Africa. Local residents Berber people compensate under a legendary woman Kasina leadership, but finally failed. Since then, the Berber is also converted to Islam and has become a strong pillar of Muslims, and some have become the advanced generals of the military. In 708, Musa Iben Nubesil was appointed as the Governor of North Africa. Moussa is the grandson of Iben 易 司 哈 作者 作者 作者 作者 作者. He consolidated from Egypt to the Atlantic, and he was prepared from the large number of Berr people, expanding the army, enhancing military power, and preparing for the Spanish who was expelled from the sea.

Guadalet Battle

At the end of the 8th century, when the vibrant Arab arrived in North Africa, the sizza kingdom in the feudalization process has entered the era of conspiracy and chaos. The kings of Socht did not take the hereditary system but was produced by the aristocrats, which led to extremely fierce competitions, and 10 of the total of 32 kings killed. In a few cases, the father's throne is inherited by his son, but this often causes civil war. The rich church also can't afford the temptation of power, sometimes with the aristocrats to oppose the king, and the farmers are dissatisfied with the status quo because of the status of the slave. The last King Rodrick and the big aristocratic contradiction is heavy. Musa, the Arabwood Mai Ye Dynasty, in Northern Arabia, saw the chaos in the Kingdom of Western Goths. In the 711, he dispatched Tarry's 12,000 Mold (descendants of the North Aboriginal Berber, the 7th century Muslims who have become North Africa after being conquered by the Arabs, crossing the Gibraltar Strait, offensive Cities.

Battle Process

Muslim's first reconnaissance team, in July 710, landing on a small peninsula in Europe in the European continent, four hundred One hundred cavalry, all of the Berman, the captain Tilife is the waiter of Musa Iben Nubesil. This peninsula, contemporary called Tarifa, is named by Tiri, originally called Jazīrat Tarif. In the 711, Musa dispatched his freedom Berber Tarigue Iben Qiaod (Tarik Iben Zyad), which is affected by seven thousand (mostly Berman) The army, attacked Spain.

The vessel of the sea is supplied by a half-legendary figure, the count of Huda, is supplied in Zhada, and the strait is only 13 miles wide. Later, Tarik received 5,000 people, and the force rose to 12,000.

Sikotte King Rodrick meets 25,000 people, July 19th meets the Barbonte estuary of Jelda on the shore of Jelda, but the king's political enemy joined the King of Arab. Most of the army is serfs, a large number of escapes on the battlefield, hitting it, the king is also missing.

Musa will launch further offensive, because seeing Tiri succeeded, seeing disputes inside the Kingdom of Sikotte, and because of the lure of the trophy, rather than conquer the conquest. Tagger landed in front of a cliff, and the cliff was later called Jabal Tāriq (Tower Mountain), which is the origin of Gibraltar, Tagger is therefore famous.

Battle Influence

After this battle, the Arab conquer the conquerous conquest in Southern Tourism, only half a year of work, most of the Iberian peninsula is included. The layout of the Arab Empire, only a few places have been stubbornly resistant. Up to 732, the Palace Charlie Matt in the end of the Morllin dynasty hit the Arab's attack on Frank in the battle, and then the power of the Arab Empire stopped in the Pyrenees Mountains. Some Siki's residual forces retired into the poorly desolate northern Asturias mountains continue to resist, resulting in a receipt of lost land movement for 800 years.

Overall the Arab rule is still moderate, but they not only bring the Eastern advanced production technology, but also do not force the reformance of religion, although believe in Islam-free benefits. During this time, many Jews have also come to the Iberian peninsula because there are more freedoms and shelters than most places. During the rule of Spain, the Arabs began to pass the classical culture of Western Europe to Europe, which is not simply transmitted but found in the absorption and inheritance, and Spain is in the two important channels that are sent back, and Become a cultural center of Europe, Muslims in Spain are considered to be the main source of European new learning. In terms of astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and many arts, glorious Islamic culture has made phases in other parts of Europe.

But the gentle rule and prosperous culture cannot cover the fact that Muslim is the fact that the mutual conqueror is more extravagant, and the exploitation of farmers is getting more and heavier. Original conquerors only account for a few residents, the occupation force is relatively weak, but there is a lack of innerness between Arabs, and even the resistance of Christianity will not take it. In 1031, the ministers of the Mai Ye, who had held a public meeting, decided to abolish the Harry issue system, and was imprisoned in the last Harry Chihimsha III to give birth to the daughter who gave a lamp and a branch to hungry daughter to meet this epoch. Announcement. On the ruins of the Dynasty, Wu Mei Ye Harry, there were approximately 23 small countries, and the founders were some leaders and Xiao Wang. They kill each other, and they were exhausted. Some small countries also resisted the Resistance of the country. Afango, the Kingdom of Leon, even self-sealing as "the king of two teaching beliefs", which later was unified from the Mulbert Dynasty from Morocco, but the two Dynasties were very short.

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