Grora Mountain National Forest Park

Historical Level

Irritated to the National Forestry Park in 1989.

1992 Mountain is listed as a national forest park.

completed the planning and design in May 1993.

Geography Environment


Grora Mountain National Forest Park is located in the southeast of Xinping Yi, Dai Autonomous County. 20 kilometers from Xinping County. After the provincial road 218 line Kunyu, the Yuyuan Expressway can be straight, only 3 hours of approach.

Regional area

Grora Mountain National Forest Park, covers an area of ​​7232.1 hectares.

Topographic landform

is located at the edge of the southern Yunnan Plateau, Shaoliang Mountain, Yuanjiang Valley. 2.60 meters above sea level to 2614.4 meters. The grinding pan is a nearest nearest in Kunming, the original forest, the original forest area of ​​Ye Yelin.


Grinding Panhan is subtropical inland highlands climate, annual average temperature 15.5 ° C -23.7 ° C high paragraph high, climate change is obvious, South Asia tropical climate transition to the northern subtropical climate summit, the summit in the middle of alpine meadows, then it is in the subtropical climate. The average annual temperature is 14 ° C to 16 ° C, the annual average rainfall is 1000-1100 mm.

Scenic Resources


Grinding Pagill Mountain National Forest Park (3)

The plant resources are relatively rich, Higher plants 98 sects, 137 genus, 324 kinds. Its live wood accumulation is 443059.2 cubic meters, the forest coverage is 64.2%, and the mounting wood is 83.4%, the area is 242 square kilometers.

The grinding pan will increase the altitude, and the plant vertical distribution belt has a high value of scientific research, teaching and ecotourism development. Climate vertical zoning, forest coverage rate reached 86%, is a Zhongshan Semi - humid evergreen broad-leaved forest of primary and secondary virgin forest. There are 324 species of 98 subjects such as higher plants and fern, Saloto trees, wild tea trees, Nanmu and other 98. Rich animal and plant resources and special terrain landforms constitute an ecological natural landscape intel to grinding the mountains, water, forests, clouds, springs, waterfalls, and alpine meadows.

In a wide variety of wild plants, there is a national primary protective plant with tree, second-level protection has a wild tea tree, a hosted tree, a red god tree, and a three-level protection. Red flower mulldine, etc. Make up a vertical original forest landscape. Autumn, red, yellow, green leaves are in the mountains, and the land is dyed.


The rich forest resources of the grinding Pagam are derived from the wide wild animals, and there are nearly 100 kinds of birds and beasts, of which the national first-level protected animals are: peak monkey, money leopard, , Green peacock, etc. The second-level protector is: wearing a mountain armor, a dog, a black bear, a musk, antelope, a huge pine rat, a white honety, a brocade, a wild cat, and more, these animals often have no time, so that the grinding Mountain is full of mountains. The Siyami, flowers and trees, and the birds and beasts of the grinding pan and the beasts are common. It makes an ecological natural landscape that makes all kinds of fun, wind rhyme, Jishan, water, forest, spring, cloud, meadow, wildlife.

Tourist attractions

The main landscape has forest lake, moon lake, cliff, glen, observation deck, enemy mountain, Herbal rent king footprint, laugh, stone felt hat, rhododendron More than 50 attractions such as flower sea, mountain tea flower forest, and sheep drums.

Grinding Pipe Mountain National Forest Park, the south of the tropical primitive forest natural landscape is main, Rhododendron, red beaten forest belt, love cliff, forest lake, 滇中 草, 回 地, 白 大 王 footprint, Natural landscape tourist area such as enemy mountains.

Cultural customs

During the flowering period, the grinding Mountain will also hold the Yi traditional national song activities, the girl who is unmarried by the family, the young man is replaced, the flower field Collection, people in all directions bounce with trumper, four strings, blow up the reed, play the cigarette case to meet in the grinding Mountain.

Yi folk songs have "Book", "Guess", "Disc", "Miscellaneous". The music is the "trumper tune", "four strings", "reed". The Yi people have a variety of people, in which the cigarette dances are circulated in Lukuishan and the Mountain, with the moon, trumper, horn, and erhu equivalence. Experimentally known as the "manda-proof drum", spread in the Yiping Town of Pingyun Township, a ritual performance dance, mainly showing the process of ancient battle.

Remixback Events

In April 2018, the research and decision of the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee of Yunnan Provincial Tourism Scenic Area, giving a Warning of the Grinding Pagill Mountain National Forest Park, a limited period of 3 months.

Travel Information

Transportation Line

Bus: Xinping County Bus Station has tourist passenger cars can be

self-driving: from the starting point Departure in the south, driving 250 meters, right front turn 2. 2.7 km, arrive at the end of the grinding disk, the best travel time: July, August, September

address: Located in the southeastern part of Xinping County.

free policy

In February 2020, to thank the medical staff to adhere to the national dedication to the country and expiring December 31, 2021 the date of scenic resume operations within two years of Medical staff, public security police (auxiliary police) and their 2 families and to fight the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, they are directly open. Such persons with valid documents, my ID card, a practicing certificate, certificate, work permit or proof units can swim free of charge Yuxi area.

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