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Basic information

Name: Yuan Vali

Japanese fake name: Yuan Vali US (つぶら やあ み)

Roman sound: tsuburaya asami

Source: "Detective Conan"

Gender: < / b> Female

occupation: students, high school students

Icon: Satan (already arrested)

Family: Yuangu couple (parents and teachers), Yuan Gu Guangyan (younger brother)

friends: Jianghuchuan Conan, Island Yuan Tai, Yoshida, Gray, Dr. Alban

Classic Word: Ah ... Just like a series of series!

Character: Lively and cheerful, all don't worry (your brother is busy away from home), very careful about your brother's love.

Sound Excellent: Daolert Yujiang (Japanese Edition) Wei Jingqi (Taiwan Match)


Comic version

Yuan Vali Meiji image (2 photos)


file.8 (total file.358) disappeared 光彦 1 < /> (>> (> )vol.57

file.5 (total file.591) demon is coming ...

TV version

< P> 289 光彦 失 (Preview)

This specification: Guangyan summer vacation does not come to broadcast gymnastics. Vanguawa Conan visited Guang Yanjia, and learned that Guangyan went out to camping in an early morning. There is no reason to explain the individual actions of Guangyan. On all the way, Conan, I asked the Guangyan to take a bus and tram to a small station in Group Ma County. And it seems to have entered the forest. Connashah, they used to track the glasses, but Conan did they have encountered the police officers of the police officers and group of Maum County police station in Qunma County.

488 TV station Devil (1 hour special article)

This collection: Conan, gray original, juvenile detective group and A笠 to go to day Selling a TV station to visit the prostitute Superman's shooting. However, because the time of shooting is still delayed, the things that Conan have had to change have to change the TV station. In the TV station, they happened to meet the main singer of "III, III". After the ghosts left, the things that Guangyan thought that the sister is a beautiful asking himself to ask the ghosts to sign the name ... Conan and other people try to find the lounge of the ghost, finally, Guangyan successfully got signature. At this time, the AD San ​​Isle suddenly ran into the lounge, and brought the ghosts and a person to the guest room. It turns out that the President of the Artists in the Ghosts is harmed in the session of the session ...


Detective Conan OVA "11th" From London's Top Secret Directive "

This specification : In the period of Dr. and Conan to London, what happened to make Conan urgently called Guangyan? What is the little smell of the three masters? Go to the way to buy things, mysterious black people and little mourning What is the feeling of feelings? What is the little mourning and steps?

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