Great Medium


Northern Song Damadam, the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty (26 years, 1008) Zhengyue, Wang Quanru, etc. Changed to the large capital of Xiangfang, and it is said to Fengchan. In the first year of Tianyi (Liao Kai Thai, 1017), the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty.

In the primary monarch profile

Song Zhenzong

Song Zhenzong (968 - 1022), Zhao Heng. Song Taizong third child. Chief Han King, Xiang Wang, Shouwang. In the first year of the road, it is a crucial prince. Three years, too zone, in place. In the early stage, they diligently in political affairs, transferred to all kinds of people, and put the tax. In the first year of Jingde, Liao Jun, from the prime minister, the prime minister, and also booked in the Yuanyuan. The later credit Wang Qinrui, Dongfeng Taishan, Xiji Yin, Guangjian Palace, Labor injured. In the twenty-six year.

Gaoli Xianzong

Gaoli Xianzong (992-1031), the eighth monarch of Wang Qi, Word An Shi, Gao Li, 1010 - 1031 Bit. The temple is Xianzong, and the number of Da Xiaoded Weisi Yuanwen King is buried in Xuanling.

Year of the year

Great Zhongxiang Great Medium

yuan Year

three years

four years < / p>

five years

six years

seven years

eight years

nine years







< P> 1013




dry branch

酉 酉

Geng Waiyi

19 / P>



Big Medium Cheng Xiang Yu Yue Year (1008)

The true month, Zhenzong scam today, the sky, the change of the large series.

Li Diming invites to leave the tribute and invaded back.

July, the king of the Three Buddha sent a tribute.

November, the ancestral Confucius.

Great Medium Second Years (1009)

February, the leader of the Six Valley of Xilu House is a tribute.

March, Yu Guo, the Black Korean Wang, sent back to Mr. Rongwen.

May, the earthquake in the production.

August, the Southwest Food Dragon Han faction makes tribute things.

November, Xiangfu is a tribute to the tribute.

Da Zhongxiang three years (1010)

the first month, Shaanxi people hunger.

In February, the King of the Turtle tribute to the tribute.

in April, Zhancheng Guojun is a tribute.

Da Zhongxiang four years (1011)

October, Xiangfu Liu Vali is the leader of the governor of the monk .

November, Zhancheng Guo Zonggong lion.

Great Medium Sixth Years (1013)

December, with the military department Shangshu's right to stay in Tokyo.

Dazhong Xiangchai seven years (1014)

February, Chau Lid Ming sent a tribute.

November, the Six Valley of Xiangfu.

Da Zhongxiang eight years (1015)

February, Zhancheng sent a tribute.

November, Gao Li and Dongwu Trumpet tribute.


Dazhong Xiang Yu Yuanyuan (1008) - Di Qing, the Northern Song Dynasty military figures (died in 1057)

Dazhong Xiang Yu Yuan (1008 years) - Su Shiqin, the Northern Song Dynasty poet (died in 1049)

Great Medium 2 years (1009 years) - Su Yu, Northern Songerist (1066 died)

< P> Greater Medium-Tiangui three years (1010) - Zhao Yu, Song Renzong (1063 died)

Da Zhongxiang four years (1011) - Shao Yong, Northern Songeristore ( Drash of 1077)

Daxia Xiangfu five years (1012) - Cai Wei, the Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, calligraphy home (died in 1067)

Da Zhongxiang eight years ( 1016) - Liu Wei, the Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, astronomers (1060)


Great Medium 4 years (1011) - Lu Meng, Northern Song Dynasty Minister (born in 1994)

Daxia Xiang Yu seven years (1014) - Yang Yanzhao, Northern Song Dynasty General (born in 958)

The same period

Union (983 to 1012): Qi Dan - Liao Shengzong Yelu Longxu's Year

Kaotai (1012-1021): Qi Dan - Liao Shengzong Yelu Longxu / p>

Meiji (1008-1009): Dali-Duan Su Ying's Year

Mingqi (1010-1022): Dali - Duan Sin's Year No.

弘 (1004 to 1013): Japan - a Ten Emperor and Three Emperor Years

(1013-1017): Japan - Three Emperor and the next Ten Dynasty Years

Jingrui (1008 to 1009): Forehead Li Dynasty - Li Dynasty Year No.

Shuntian (1010-1028): Li Dynasty - Li Gong Yun No.

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