Great Britain and Ireland United Kingdom


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is composed of the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of England in the 19707 Joint Act. On December 6th, the signing of the British Love Treaty was established with Irish Free Bang. Nonetheless, the UK officially named her country in 1927 as "Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom".

Great Britain and Ireland United Kingdom


In 1801, the official name of Ireland, the United Kingdom became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

June 18, 1812, the United States declared war in the UK. 1812 to 1813, the United States attacked the British North American colonies in Canada. From October 1814 to March 1814, the UK defeated Napoleon in Europe, and more forceps will reinforce the North American battlefield. British Maine, the United States, and once captured the US capital Washington. However, the British Army in the southern United States, the Battle of Shangpulan, Battle, Baltimo, and many times in the Battle of New Orleans, and the Navy is also suffering. In 1815, both parties stopped, and the boundary was restored.

continues to expand the aggression of Asia. In the middle of the 19th century, launched two opium wars that invaded China and participated in the investigation of China's Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolution; suppressing 1857-1859 Indian national uprising, strengthening the rule of India. In 1876, the Conservative Party B. Distensili Cabinet is crowned for Victoria Queen to make it a Queen India. Since then, the Britain is also known as the British Empire (or the British Empire). In addition, in Iran, Myanmar, South Africa, Egypt, East Africa and New Zealand, Australia, etc., also expanded aggression, and gradually infiltrating South America, becoming the largest investor there. In 1867, Canada became the first autonomous collar of the UK.

The focus of the British colonial expansion in the end of the 19th century. It won the control of the Suez Canal in his hands, which in turn occupied Egypt (1882) and Sudan (1899), actively participating in the competition of the colonial rumor, East Africa, and Central African battle, participated in the 1884-1885 "Berlin Conference (1884 ~ 1885). In order to achieve the construction of imperialist molecules CJ Rhodes, a so-called "two C plan" from Cape Town to Cairo, in Cape Town (Cape Town and Cairo's English Writing First Letter is "C "), Stepping up the invasion of South Africa, burst British War in 1899, England and swallowing Oranzhi and Drava. At the end of the 19th century, in Asia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, participated in the suppression of Chinese righteousness and group sports in 1900, and refers to China Tibet. As of 1914, the UK's colonial has widely distributed all continents in the world, and the colonial area totaled 33.5 million square kilometers. The colonial population reached 394 million, which is the world's largest colonial empire. At the end of the 19th century, the United Kingdom transitioned to imperialism. In 1902, 57 las and other monopoly organizations have emerged. Some departments have also joined the International Monopoly Alliance; bank capital and industrial capital dissolve, financial oligarchs and big banks control all The capital output has increased significantly. In 1899, the revenue of the finisher be more than 4 times that of foreign trade revenue.

To deal with Germany, the United Kingdom gave up the "Glorious Isolated" foreign policy pursued in the 19th century. After 1907, the British, Law, and Russia "three countries" actually formed. In August 1914, the First World War I broke out. In 1917, the United Kingdom finally defeated the "unrestricted submarine war" in Germany and safeguarding its sea power. The total number of deaths in the British Empire participants is more than 500,000. The failure of the Fair-based allied in Germany is also a great victory in the United States.

The United Kingdom ended with the signing of the British Love Treaty on December 6, 1921.

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