Grand View Park

Historical Level

Grand Building is located in the southwest of Kunming City, is on the verge of Dianchi grass sea, the Taihuanshan water is expected to be "near Hualu".

Ming, Qianning Wang Muying built "West Park" here. In the early years of Qing Kangxi, Wu Sanui ruled Yunnan, excaving the grain river of Xiaoshen Tang to the grass sea, ready to be the river.

Kangxi 21st (1682), dry print monk is near Hualu St. Guanyin Temple.

Kangxi 29 Years (1690) Yunnan Governor Wang Jiwen Daxing Civil, successively in the near Huapu Jianhua Yange, chartered pill hall, Jiazhao, Mu Dynasty, Yang Yueting, Chengbi Tang and Grand View, Open a bathroom, call the gates, evoate the bay, ask Jingang, send guest islands, appropriate functions, recall the stream, Hezhou Pavilion, Jufu Village and other attractions, near Wuhu is "Yuanpu is far away, sail Tobacco tree, the wins of Huashan, "

Grand Park (3)

Kunming Great View Building is built in the Qing Dynasty, is a short-term Chinese famous building, has not been known by the majority of tourists. Qing Kangxi years build a big view, Qianlong years, Sun Yunng, Texas, "Five hundred rumors rushed to the bottom", "Thousands of years, the past is coming to the heart", the majestic, the momentum is scattered, and the light color is coming.

The late Qing Dynasty was evaluated by Yunlong: "With Yueyang Yellow Crane, the same is magnificent, each has a big name, and there is a big name." Mao Zedong believes that the long association "from the ancient, don't create a piece", Dong Biwu, Chen Yi, Guo Moruo Question poetry praises the big watchwood and the long link.

Main Attractions

The large-scale building is completely preserved with many historical and cultural celebrities since the Qing Dynasty, plaque, inscription, inscription, including Xianfeng's inscription, Song Xiang, Yan Yuan, Ma Rong , Zhao Wei, Chen Rongchang, written by Yunlong, Wang Can, etc., Tang Jiyu's plaque, Guo Moruo's question poem ... rich historical and cultural relics, constitute an excellent traditional culture of the large view.

Carrying forward the historical and culture of the top floor scenic spot, which is our purpose of "cultural building".

Grand View Park

Grand Park (3 photos)

The large-scale building near Hualu has completed the classical garden architectural group built since the 29th year of Qing Kangxi (1690). There are rough Hualu four square angles to wear the heart of the door building, the cuisine of the singularity of the mountain carved doors and windows, the ancient buildings such as Jiajia Tang, Chengbi Tang and other ancient buildings, and the chic Mudo Tower, the Yue Moon Pavilion and along the Lake League.

These traditional ancient buildings reflect both the style of the Qing Dynasty ancient architecture in the Qing Dynasty, and have the characteristics of the local national building in Yunnan. It is the Expo Court of the Qing Dynasty in Yunnan.

Park characteristics

Grand Park (6 photos)

Due to Changlian Middle and foreign, it became the Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower, Tengwang Court The four famous famous buildings.

Mao Zedong, Dong Biwu, Guo Moruo, etc. have given high evaluation. In the garden, the garden employee is closely surrounded by Sun Weng's long-term appraisal layout, continuously improving the garden level, fully demonstrating the characteristics of "Nine Summer Furong, Sanchun Yangliu" and "Ocean Grand View".

The garden is flooded, rockery, pavilion, small bridge, and flowing water create an elegant and eternal atmosphere.

Practical information

Ticket information

20 yuan

open time

9: 00-17: 00

Transportation Information

Grand Park is located on the 12 km of Kunming City, the West Poor Lake, the West Lakes, 12 kilometers

Scenic Area Transportation: You can take 4, 22, 54, 52, 100 Bus to the terminal, or take a taxi, about 15 yuan.

History accreditation

Grand Park (3 photos)

The large-scale building in the garden has more than 300 years of history, is the most important in the park. landscape.

Grand View is built into the Kangxi years, because it faces Dianchi, Yuanwang Xishan, will be named after the lake. After entering the park, you can visit the Yangue Moon Pavilion, Jingchi Tang, Range Rover, Tangjia Tang and other places of tour.

The large-scale building of the garden is built, the building is three layers, and the topic is quite a lot.

In the Qing Dynasty, the 180-word long-term joint written by Minsham Sun Hao, the momentum is far-reaching, and it has been known as "the first year of the world", and Mao Zedong gave it "from ancient Not, don't create a high evaluation.

The large picture is also "Chinese famous building" because of "peerless".

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