Grand science engineering


Grass Science Engineering, or Major Technology Engineering , it is not only a technical and means support for innovative research in many disciplines, and also science The integrated expression of technical high development and important logos in highlighting national science and technology power. It is based on the national major strategic needs, often as a major scientific and technological project, constitutes an important part of the research and development plan of the National Science and Technology, is a theoretical issue of the scientific level, the development of technical level, and the product problems of engineering level. The chain is a class of comprehensive major scientific and technological projects integrating basic research, application research, technology development. It is also an interdisciplinary, cross-domain, cross-level and requires a large number of scientific and technological resource integration and multi-unit collaboration complex huge systems.

Grand science engineering

Important meaning

The large scientific project has a very important status in national modernization, and has a huge strategic role in political, economic, social, science and technology, and defense, and true Reflecting a comprehensive strength of a country. For this reason, its planning and project decisions tend to implement national development strategies, need to be implemented and promoted from the highness, centralized strength and advantage of the national development strategy.

It can be said that the proposal and implementation of the major scientific projects, it not only reflects the scientific judgment of the scientist on scientists, but also a state's strategic choice for its own technology development layout. Political decision .

(Source: Technology Daily)

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