Gothic Revival


If the rejuvenation of Greek architectural style is based on the British political factor, then the Gothic rejuvenation that occurs in the UK is the needs of religion. Since the 17th century, Protestant has risen in the UK, which has gradually replaced the status of the Catholicism and became the mainstream of faith. In the 18th century, in order to avoid the Catholic death, the new teach is deliberate to create another religious image with the Vatican, and the Chinese ancient Gothic architectural style is considered to be more in line with the spirit of the new educational, and the religious buildings are mostly multiplexed.

Gothic Revival

This period, the Greek Greek Côte d'Ivoire architecture style is developed in religion and political development. After the 19th century, Goths were considered to represent the spirit of monarch constitutionalism, so in addition to some parts of the Scottish, replaced the location of the Greek Revival style. This kind of thing that absorbs foreign things, does not have to create a new creation, in line with the spirit of British into the conservative culture. However, the impact of the industrial revolution, design and architecture are integrated into new technologies and new materials, and they have different buildings. Gothic is more developed to art decoration in the future, and the style is also a form. Therefore, Gothic Revival is also known as the neo-gothic style.


Gothic Revival For architects, it is not only the footsteps of the religious enthusiasm. It symbolizes freedom forces. This kind of power makes the young generation of designers get rid of the new classical bar frame. Although this point of view has been widely accepted, it is still just a speech. For,, Leads, built in 1853 to 1859), trying to prove that the classical tradition is far from time to time.

17th Century Newton Movement Third Law Proof: The role is opposite to the direction of the reaction force. Gothic rejuvenation begins to the British, or it is also the first choice to counter France and Italian products for their own history and artistic value.

UK entered its heyday, ruled the most vast empire of the avenue, and was replaced by the United States at the end of the 19th century. British Geely's history, and then we have become precious in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. For a young architect in the 1945, the Church of Surrisbury has won all Parati's church and villa.

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