Golden soup


as predicate, attribute, complement; refers to very strong.


Taku fort, such as to allow him to give protection, ~. ◎ Gaoyang "rouge well"


Han Ban Han Ban "Han Kuai Tong Biography": "Border Town of the land, the city will stick to infants, are all Jinchengtangchi, not attack too. "


one story

late Qin peasant uprising leader Chen Sheng Wu Chen faction to attack Zhao. Since Wu Chen Zhao army to attack the north, all the way through the clutter, wherever he went, hero have to respond, the rebels occupied most parts of Zhao. Wu Chen himself was sealed for Wuxin Jun. At this time, Wu Chen led his army to attack the Yangcheng Fan, Fan Yang Xu is also prepared to fight to the death to make Paul the city, the construction of fortifications around, ready to resist in the end.

At the time, Van Yangcheng (now Hebei Baoding Dingxingxian solid town) there is a good eloquence debate Shiming Jiao Kuai Tong, Wu Chen has learned under siege, and went Meet Xu. He opened his mouth to Xu mourning, then congratulate him again, which makes Xu somehow, quickly asked why he did so.

Kuai Tong said: "Fan Yang when adults make more than a decade, killing snatch, forcing people separated from their families, which makes people complaining to you, because previously there are strict Qin law in your gear disaster disaster resistance, the people fishes you do nothing. chaos, Qin law does not work, and people do not take you to report peeling Eviscerate old enmity. but if adults listen to bad people would not have died, but also wealth. "that makes a Fan Yang, so he hurried to his ideas.

Kuai to go through to ask to see Wu Chen. Wu Chen at this time is to attract the Quartet hero, is willing to receive him. Wu Chen Kuai Tong said: "You come here, certainly beat the first Fan Yang Fan Yangcheng made before the occupation, it would be too much trouble I have a plan, do not cost a single soldier to let you get Van Yangcheng, and. call to arms as long as a piece of paper, we can let you get thousands of miles of land I do not know whether you want to hear, "Wu Chen a hurry asked:".. have such good ideas, how could you not want to hear it, "Kuai Tong said:." Fan Yang order to listen say you go to the siege, is to rectify the military forces, to secure the defenders, but he is very afraid of death, lust official position of the people. he also has refused to surrender to the reason why, it is because you previously lay ten rear County , officials gave the defenders killed. he felt that surrender is dead, it is dead defenders, and Van Yangcheng impregnable, and sometimes it is difficult to feed your storm down. step back and think, even if people hate Fan Yang Fan Yang's orders, uprising kill him, but also a bit that you would be willing to join their Wuxin Jun, maybe desperate defenders will not drop. you conceive, the best way is to make pardon Fan Yang, give him a Hou and India, he was blessed with wealth, will naturally be willing Kaesong surrender, but the people Yangcheng Fan also hesitant to kill him, which Van Yangcheng you are not on the fingertips. You can also pick up Fan Yang make a luxury vehicle, let him take the car to a nearby defenders to parade Fan nearby County officials will know after the surrender of adults not only will not be beheaded, as well as wealth and status can enjoy, they will soon surrender to you so that you do not need to spend any effort you can get the world without after the war the Quartet surrender. that's what I call a piece of paper with a call to arms can be fixed coup world. "

after listening to Wu Chen Kuai Tong's plan, that makes sense, to act in accordance with his plan . Sure enough, shortly after the surrender order Fan Yang, near hundreds of miles defenders officials also have surrendered to Wu Chen.

story of the two

Jintang County of Henan Province Village is located 10 km east territory of the ancient village Township, north of the ancient post road, off the foot in the river and made a collection of high Zhuanghe the "crescent" unexpected zone, surrounded by water, land line side, 450 meters long, 400 meters wide, with a total area of ​​80,000 square meters, Walled five villagers group of about 780 people.

Gin Village has a long history, is a primitive society neolithic sites. Yangshao unearthed in the late high-necked terracotta pot-shaped bowl, and slightly square cylindrical clip duckbill terracotta sand and ceramic cups tripod; Ding Qujialing opening period, Dingzu; Dingzu Yongsan period, a mortar , eggshell pottery cup, Lou, beans handle aperture pupil, terracotta, rim, retort bottom pieces, perforated clam knife; and each period is bone hairpin, ceramic rings, ceramic beat, perforated grinding knives, stone axes, stone chisel, shovel, etc., according to research, the Department of Yangshao, Qujialing, Longshan three cultural sites.

impregnable walled village formerly known as Oscars, the Shang Dynasty, the northern border to the military camp. Stationed generals called impregnable because of strong city defense, easily defensible, and therefore the long-term stability and economic prosperity. Shang kings to table its work, named "impregnable stronghold" in accordance with formerly known as "golden" word is surrounded by water and potential, and praised say: The gradual evolution after. "Big business frontier were bolstered by the general defend the village, will be remembered worry" "impregnable" to be used to describe the city defense firm, unbreakable, saying "impregnable" story that comes from this.

According to the inscription reads: To prevent banditry, Bo Yingcun scholar Liu Ye Jun, 53 villages in the vicinity of the call to raise funds to donate labor re-built camp. And imitation year impregnable stronghold, still in the west gate inscribed with couplets and streamer when the Northern Song Dynasty, an area of ​​180,000 square meters, a north-south rectangular, 7 meters high wall, top width of 5 meters, two meters left a pheasant stack every four weeks, set up Liao Wang Taiwan 5, the peripheral wall has a 2-meter-high dam wall, something one each door, a small door in the southeast corner, was completed in the first year of Tongzhi.

Zhaiqiang according to the existing terrain along the steep river bank built, majestic strong. In the West Village gate inscribed with a couplet, the Alliance is "Everlasting Jincheng straight with three thousand Chinese Village", the second line is "surrounded by no less Tangchi hundred and Qin Guan", scroll reads as "impregnable." There impregnable walled ancient city walls, moat, "impregnable stronghold" stone plaque and other sites. Walled preservation of the construction of the early Qing Yan Courtyard, Lord Guan Temple of the Northern Song Dynasty.

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