Global future study


The world's future studies are characterized by research methods. It first regards globally as a large system, and in turn to study global problems by the country, region to global The order of sequential songs is small) and the usual practice of research on a single problem, from the world to the world, how the state should take mutual action. Secondly, it has established a global model of quantitative analysis for the most complex and highest level of global issues, and this model is based on systematic analysis (system dynamics), providing a relatively possible development of global issues. method.

Global future study

Research Objects

Global future learning is engaged in basic application research and practical application research in the field of global problems, and tries to complete the following mission: (1) Explore various scientific theories, methodology , Technical methods in global problems research; (2) Explore the special laws of global problems research, establish specific and effective global simulation models; (3) Analysis, organizing, summarizing, comprehensive global problems, future research and future forecasting activities And the global future view formed on these results, exploring the global future in higher levels, providing basic applications or practical applications for decisions on global issues; (4) Research on future research And future forecasting activities, development prospects, development trends, understand future global science and technology and economic social development, the impact of global future research and global problems in the future research and future forecasting activities, to meet the development needs of future circumstances, seek Ways to play the social function to make a base 打 基

research method

To complete the above mission, play a global alarm system and social function such as policy-related issues related to global issues, the world will focus on future The following four aspects are studied, guided and practical. (1) Explore the world's overall future, seek the goals and ways of the world, for the relevant international development strategies and development decision-making services; (2) Explore the future of global peace and development, provide relevant global peace and development issues, North and North Relations Decision consultation in the problem, East and wealth relationships; (3) Exploring the future of global human resources, seeking development of human resources, improving the quality of human resources, is the development of global education, comprehensive development of people, and satisfying people's basic Need to formulate the relevant policies of psychological, physiological natural and improvement; (4) Explore a global issue, providing solutions for global population, global resources, global education, global economy, etc., and coordination of these issues.

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