George Washington, Carto


Diamond Grove in Missouri, Diamond Grove, is a black slave; when he is a baby, his father is killed. Carver's mother and children were kidnapped by gangs. Moses Carver exchanged 300 yuan of Moset Golden Horse back George Washington Carto. After declaring the liberation of black slaves, he stayed in the owner for several years and inherited the owner's surname.


Caffee Silver is thinking about the intuitive knowledge of plants. He left the owner Caff home, a government of NEOSHO, is a school study of "Lincoln" in the junior school of NEOSHO. Due to diligence, plus the support of Empoity, continue to receive education. At the age of 13, he transferred to Scotburg, Arkansas, read high primary schools. In 1885, he graduated from the high school of Mingnia Polloli, KC, and Caffle had to go to college, but there was no black to university in the era. His academic qualifications were in line with the requirements of the University of Highland University, and the Highland University accepted his Advocation request, but because Georg is black, the school refuses him to enroll, which makes him feel painful, but he is determined to read. I have encountered Dr. Yu Ji in a church in Wintest City, Iowa. When he knew Kaff's difficulties, he also recommended that Kaff was entered to Xuarin University. At this time he was 30 years old. Kaff greeted the opportunity to study hard, and in 1890, he entered the Simpson College, Indianol, Iowa, in 1890. Artism teaches its talents in plants, encouraging him to go to the State Agricultural College. He got a bachelor's degree in 1894. Have employed in the Asians Experimental Station, served as the famous botanists and bacteriologists. Louis Panmere. After 1896, he won the master's degree in 1896, it should be invited by Bake Washington, and head to the Alabama Tasiji College, hosting newly established agriculture.

inventions and contributions

He engaged in agricultural research, effectiveness, contributing to society. He extracted more than 300 kinds of by-products from the pram with peanuts, including plastic, dyes, pharmaceuticals, flour, milk powder, wood painting and fertilizer. He has promoted economic innovation in the United States in the southern economic innovation of soil use and plant pests. His laboratory research is known worldwide. He has first arranged a day to let the small farmer to learn to make the soil fertile method; if some people can't go to the school, Caver is headed to create a "car school". This college is going to the countryside, and later is widely used by the US Department of Agriculture and other countries.


1898 Carfford's first publication, is a picture called [feeding asthostatic, orange] ( Feeding acorns to livestock ) The monopolis, and then published a total of 44 monoliths.


Springs Medal;

was awarded the Roosevelt Medal in 1939;

1942 awarded the Thomas Edison Foundation Award;

was selected as the British Royal Society of Arts;

< P> I was selected in 1973 (The Hall of Fame for Great Americans).

In 1940, Carfford donated his life, and established the Carvel Research Foundation.

George Washington Kaff National Memorial is located in the farm of Moses Carfford.

In 1943, Cartoa couldn't understand from the stairs, and was discovered by the maid, and the hospital was delivered, but she died on January 5th.

US Congress is a special day on January 5, the Memorial Day.


1947 and 1998, the Carto Buddha Memorial Stamp was issued in the United States. In 1953, the release of Cael portraits 50 points commemorative coins. The USS George Washington, the Benjamin Franklin submarine (USS George Washington Carver, SSBN-656), commemorating the Carto Buddha.

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