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"Guide General Yi" is a nautical book. According to 1683 (Qing Emperor Kangxi 22 years), Wang Wei and Putian people Lin Lin Xiangqing seal seal, the Chinese rudder, the Chinese rudder on the book, sent a circulating navigation rudder, after the book Go to the hand of Ryukyu Scholars (1663-1734). On this basis, Cheng Shun is based on the nautical needle, combined with the sealing boat, the first volume of the boat, the tribute, and the actual operation experience of the rudder, and then refer to various astronomical weather, geographic and other literature. "Guide General".

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"shape is said to be said, and the subject is said to be 噐." The guidelines of the Gonggong, although it is a floating sea, However, the four sides of the Kyushu, the five elements of gossip, and the twelve sorrows, and it will not enclose, and the road is infinite, but not only for the manager. However, the Sheng Tianzi is fell in the name, and there are a few blood, do not respect the pro. The exotic king is long, and the sacred is coming, all from the 溟 溟. The law of the guide, it can be 畧 and the farten. I doomes Snow Hall, I am working on ancient times, and I am in the book; I don't have a pen in the book. Before the "temple joining", Zun San Road and Heavy Surreal Confucianism, a moment. Nowadays, the doctor will be aimed at the urgent workers, and the sea is also the sea. The sea is also the boat, the people of the boat are also. The needle of the needle, the old book of the non-test, the time of the 叅, 彚 彚 书, makes the driver to play, geometric, no. The "Guide General" of Snow Titang, It means that it is in situ. Integrated, the rest is the first. Although I don't know the wonderful needles, the West South China people also taste the Jiujiang, floating the Yangling, the lake, the glow is a leaf; renew Qiongan, Wang Ya Wan Wanzhou, hanging the Henghai, Locally, Magovo, the words of the fog. The waves fly, fortunately, the heart of the boat is not for the reason. It is then aware that the needle is set, and the needle is set, and it is already in the past. Taste the righteousness, not being surprised, it is too big, and the husband is coming, it is very arrogant, you can be quiet, no terror. This only salad can be with a speaker, so it is in order to preface. Fujian Chen Yuancheng wrote.


The former weekly public guidelines, the more you are returned; the use of the use of the world. The remote place in Zhongshan, a seal, a rare tribute, and there is no peace, and the Heaven is far away from Fuze, so the sea is not wave, so as scheduled. Benemonic is the road to the foreign countries, and the insurance is full. Yu four arrived in Fujian, the three people, the north and south, the boat is laborious, but the bride, Zun Tianzi is a punch, although the wind cream is blowing, the heart is not moving. When the sea is sea, the fog is in the fog, and there are thousands of miles. There is a wind, the waves are high and in the mountains, and there is no wind, and the boat is bumpy. The sound of collapse cracks, frotted in the ear, no disappearance. Due to the rules of thinking, shooting. The ancient people have not been ruined, not to mention the guidelines, the saints make, and the change is endless. It is the legacy of the people of the boover, and the 畵 畵 本 畵 畵 畵 畵 索 畵 畵 畵 索 畵 畵 畵 畵 索Under the sky, above, it is obvious, difficult to know, one by one, not a rhinoceros. But the text is full, the word is more poor, and it is known as the test correction, and the performance of the world. Although, this is also. After Yu Hao, after the doctor, the job was in the convulsion, and the commandment of his life; the district, the wooden festival, it seems to be duty. I don't know the tribute, and I will return to the book. I am a boat is a hull; if the division lost people, I used God, and the ceremonies are also responsible. The husband's book became a group, and he said: "Guide General".旹 Kangxi forty-seventh year (1708), 歳 歳, 秋 旣, 球 中山 王府 道 正 大夫 顺顺, the book of the ancient Qionghe.

4 of the Diaoyu Islands recorded 4 related to the Diaoyu Islands in 4 "人 三十" recorded by the Diaoyu Islands

"Guide General":

"Raiqi to Fuzhou ... again in March, the ancient rice mountain boat, use Xinzi, fifteen, and use single 酉, twenty, see the Diaoyutai, single-handed needle, seven more take Peng Jiashan, but also used Xin Weiji takes the official Pang (Macu Line). "

" Fuzhou Routess, Meihua and Dongsha boat, if you are in the south wind, use the Et. Yichen, Ten more, take the small ball head, The chicken cage is round, and it is used in Eth, five more, vases and Peng Jiashan, and uses single B, seven, taking a fishing Taiwan, leaving the water is very tight, north to use 卯 单 卯, 四 屿, Front yellow Maoyu, north through the single-knock needle, ten more, take Natus, north through the needle, fifteen, take the ancient rice mountain, north through the single needle, three more, take the horse tooth mountain, With Jiajia and Jia, three more, and the income of the big port. "

" Dong Yongshan boat, the North wind, the needle, take Peng Jiashan, if the South Wind is used by Jia and B , Taking the fishing platform, the north wind is used by Jiajia and Eti Chen, take Taiping Mountain, kill Palace Ancient Island. "

" also boat in the Diaoyutai, North Shu Chenji, Take the North Tail Ryukyu head, use the Eti-Chenqin, take the sandbar door, and use the needle, take the Taiping Mountain. Open the boat in Taiping, use the needle, directly, "

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"Tian Ling Ying Yingji", "Please Tianzhi to enjoy the wish", "Please Tianshi Dengzhou Zhu Wen", "Please enter the temple", "Tianzhu Birthday And the sequencing Zhu Wen "," Sacrifice ", Appendix" Reconstruction Tianzhu Tower "and more than 30 pages.

Editor's Description

Guide General Yi "Taiwan State (Ryu Kingdom) About 1,708, Article 38, Appendix 5 chapter.

Cheng Shunzhi (1663-1734), Zhongshan Guo (Ryu King Kingdom) people, word pet, Nianxun, regular self-service "" or "Snow Hall", 1663 (Kangxi Two years) was born in Naji Mi Village, which is a "thirty-six surname" descendants of the Ming Dynasty. It is a famous politician, literary, poet and Confucian masters, and his father, Thai, is a famous pass. The thing (translation). Ryuanese said that he is "famous care", "famous care" is the place name, "the friend" is the meaning of "master", the descendants even respect him "Ryuo Saints".

Historical value

Record Mazu culture to spread Ryukyu

"Guide General" after the Fuzhou published back to Ryukyu. Not only the book is detailed in the middle of the road, but also detailed in detail about the geography, astronomy, meteorological information of navigation, and has become a must guide to Huaqi Naval Group. It is worth noting that there are still a lot of historical materials about Mazu belief in the book, and become a witnesses of Mazu belief to spread Ryukyu.

Confirm that the Diaoyu Island is clearly recorded in the Diaoyutai, Huangdi, Chekwy, and called Guntie (Jiimi Island) as "Ryukyu" in China Territory

"Guide General". The southwestern part of the town of Zhenshan is equal to recognizing the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands belong to China.

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