General Iron and Steel Research Institute of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry

Institutional introduction

China's largest comprehensive scientific research unit of the iron and steel industry, focusing on applied research and development research. The site is in Beijing. Founded in November 1952, it was called the Iron and Steel Industry Testing Institute at that time. In 1958, it expanded its research field and was renamed the Iron and Steel Research Institute. In 1978, it was renamed the Iron and Steel Research Institute. The school has a relatively complete set of disciplines, basic equipment, and a total of 21 research laboratories and three affiliated factories. The areas of research work include iron and steel metallurgy, plastic processing, metal materials, testing and equipment development, as well as computer applications and technical information. There is a graduate department in the college, and the National Academic Degrees Committee has approved the college to grant doctoral and master's degrees in several majors.

Main Achievements

During the first five-year plan from 1953 to 1957, the institute conducted analysis and inspection of various resources and raw materials for the construction of several steel bases in China And process test. After 1958, the institute vigorously developed the research of new materials, added alloy steel, superalloys, precision alloys, powder metallurgy, refractory alloys and supporting professional technical institutions, developed a large number of steel grades and alloys, and established China Made important contributions to the alloy steel and alloy system. In the 1970s, while continuing to vigorously carry out research on new materials, the research on steel production technology was strengthened. A number of important scientific research results have also been made in the application theories of steel testing technology and fracture mechanics. Over the years, more than 300 scientific research achievements have been rewarded by ministries and commissions. At the 1978 China Science Conference, 89 major scientific research achievements were awarded. By the first half of 1983, 24 inventions and innovations have been awarded, which is the largest number of inventions in China. Scientific research unit. The institute also produces small quantities of new materials with special properties, and undertakes technical services such as quality arbitration and failure analysis of steel materials. The institute is the technical unit responsible for the information and standards of chemical analysis and mechanical inspection of steel throughout the country. The editorial office of the "Iron and Steel" magazine sponsored by the Chinese Society of Metals is located in the institute. The institute also edits the "Journal of the Central Iron and Steel Research Institute", "Metallurgical Testing", "Foreign Metal Materials" and "Metallurgical Abstracts" metal materials. (See color picture)

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