General debate in the United Nations General Assembly

Synonym League general debate generally refers to the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly

Order Arrangement

According to anonymous United Nations official, due to the participation of the heads of the participation, the number of government heads, therefore The general debate sequence arrangement is very technical. In accordance with an incumbent, the first country of the general debate is Brazil. This arrangement was in an episode of the establishment of the United Nations. Since the state's heads were willing to speaking the first statement, they agreed, who was the first speech, and the "first" qualifications of the company's speech were all owned by the country. President Brazil was self-discounted since then, and each UN General Assembly was the first statement in the Brazilian head of state.

The second statement is the country where the Universities hosted, so the United States is always on the second place. Since the United States has a lot of international enemies in the international, each time the US President has spoke, the audience is either a happiness, or the audio is protest, even retreats, and the scene is more embarrassing. The third statement is often influenced by this, and the representatives of countries under the stage have not been concentrated. Some people think that the fourth speech should be a "gold ranking" - "Everyone pays more attention, and there is no sense of tiredness."


General debate provides an opportunity to discuss international issues equally to United Nations Member States. Representatives of all countries can use this platform to show themselves, express their own concerns and concerns, clarify their positions and opinions, and issue calls and initiatives.

The general debate is also an important place for all countries, gathering consensus, thereby achieving the promotion of countries to strengthen solidarity, jointly responding difficulties and challenges, and build a better future.

In addition, the general debate has become an important stage for Member States to carry out diplomatic activities, and many leaders will take the opportunity to meet with the issues of joint concern to achieve positive results.

debate topic

The general debate general debate in the United Nations General Assembly usually has the subject. This theme is "Effective should have a global crisis: in order to strengthen multilateralism and civilization between international peace, security and development." Representatives of the countries will explain the position and opinion on this theme, and jointly discuss the recession of the economic recession and achieve economic recovery.

Previous debates


main topic

General debate in the United Nations General Assembly

September 23, 2009, 64 The general debate of the United Nations General Assembly began in New York United Nations Headquarters. China President Hu Jintao will publish an important speech at the meeting. This is the first time in China's heads of state to participate in the general debate.

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a speech at the opening ceremony, called on the world to maintain unity in front of multiple crisis, and maintain multilateralism in the United Nations as the core. He said that when the general debate this year, the world is facing a number of crises such as food, energy, economic recession and infectious diseases, requires the leaders to find solutions to this. The 64th President Ali Turiki said that the various crises facing the world can only be solved by strengthening international cooperation. Unilateral operations can only have conflicts, setting obstacles to a more durable solution. The United Nations is a multilateral incarnation, which ensures a legitimate place to take consistent action around the world.

Turki also said that the UN General Assembly pays attention to the climate change, the peace and development of Africa, the United Nations Development Goals, rebuilt peace, human rights, and the Middle East peace process.

has more than 20 national heads or government heads speak in the first day of the general debate in this session.

Focus on the reform of the Council

September 24th, the 64th University of General debate enters the next day, some national leaders are in the statement Call for promoting the Council reform process.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdoan said that the United Nations only has to be more effectively responding to many of the crises facing today. Without the reform of the Council, the United Nations reform is incomplete. He emphasized that Turkey supports the expansion of the very members of the Council.

Japanese Prime Minister Lou Mountain said that Japan will continue to actively participate in the intergovernmental negotiations between the Security Council reform, promote the expansion of permanence and very members of the country.

Sierra Leone President Erster Bay Corum said that it is not possible to enhance the efficiency and legality of the United Nations without truly reforms in the Security Council. He said that African countries insisted on demanding that the African countries caused by the African countries in the Council in the Council as soon as possible.

Tanzanian President Kikquit also said that there is no constructive reform to the Council, and the United Nations reform will not complete. He emphasized that Africa insisted on requesting two Council permanent members, but this is not asking for the retention, but to correct the unfair treatment suffered by the African continent and its people.

Boach President of the President Zelco Komhech said that the Reform Council should improve the Working Mode of the Council and increase its transparency. He said that the reform process cannot be dragged, otherwise it will impair the credibility of this institution.

Slovenian President Dan Nilk Turk said that the intergovernmental negotiation between the Council reform initiated during the 63rd University of China has created a "active momentum", "Obviously, expand the permanence of the Council and Very citizenship has been widely supported by United Nations Member States. "


The 65th United Nations General Assembly opened in the New York United Nations Headquarters in the afternoon of September 14, the chairman of the new year, President of the Swiss Federal Chairman Joseph Daylou hosted a meeting, The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, other senior officials of the United Nations and representatives of Member States attended the day. The 65th Capital Dafa - For countries to explain their foreign policy and international affairs perspective will be held from September 23 to 25, 2010 and September 27 to 30. In its case, the heads of 139 countries and the heads of the government decided to meet, including the Chinese Temple of Wen Jiabao.

The United Nations issued the World Economic and Social Survey Report in June 2010, refers to the defects in the existing world financial market mechanism and economic decision-making mechanism, especially emphasizes that the economic supervision mechanism will conduct major reforms and Set new ideas for the global economic development. Therefore, sustainability economic growth and development will undoubtedly become the most important topics for the general debate of this year. In addition, the United Nations deploy peacekeeping operations in Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and therefore, the United Nations peacekeeping operations will also become one of the topics of various countries, and the results of the debate will also directly related to the direction of future peacekeeping operations. And trend. In addition, how to improve the problem of the United Nations work efficiency, Iran refuses to stop uranium concentration actions and Israel on May 31, the Gaza Rescue fleet event is also possible to become a hot topic during the joint debate. The two high-level meetings of the Sudan issues and the disarmament issues will also be held at the same time during the general debate. Prior to a general debate, the heads of state and government in various countries will first participate in the "Millennium Development Goals" summit from the Secretary-General of the United Nations Secretary-General. Summit is one of the focus of the focus of Member States due to the last deadline realized from the 2015 Millennium Development Goals. Ban Kiin announced on September 13 that the countries that have identified participants have reached a consensus on the soon, the "outcome document" will convey a message, that is, the Millennium Development Goals have all kinds of difficulties, but this goal is achievable.


The general debate of the 66th United Nations General Assembly is held in the United Nations Headquarters of New York from September 21 to 30, 2011. The theme of the general debate is "the role of mediation in the resolution of the dispute", and the 193 Member States of the United Nations representatives attended and spoke, including more than 120 national heads or government heads. In addition, the representatives participated in the prevention and control of non-infectious diseases, desertification, land degradation and drought problems, nuclear safety, Libya situation.


The general debate of the 67th United Nations General Assembly was held on September 25, 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters of New York. The theme of the general debate is "adjustment or resolving international disputes or situations in peace." General debate involves a wide range of topics, among which areas of regional security, territorial territory disputes, and Palestine will remember the issue of "Intrava" again and sustainable development topics will become the main point of view of the current assessment. In addition, during a general debate, the United Nations also held a series of small summits and special sessions to discuss issues such as Sahel region, Somali, Myanmar, Yemen, Congo (Jin), Sudan and South Sudan, and combating nuclear terrorism.

70 session

China President Xi Jinping attended the general debate of the seventieth United Nations General Assembly in New York United Nations Headquarters on September 28, 2015, and issued a win-win situation The new partner is an important speech that consists of human fate community. China decided to establish a period of 10 years, a total of US $ 1 billion - UN Peace and Development Fund, support the work of the United Nations, promoting multilateral cooperation, and made new contributions to world peace and development. He announced that China will join the new United Nations peacekeeping ability to stand up, and decide to take the lead in asserting the establishment of a standard and peacekeeper, and build 8,000 national dimensional and standby troops. China decided to provide Africa's unpaid military assistance to Africa in the next five years to support the African Standing Army and crisis responding to rapid response forces.

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