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Nanjing Gaochun Street is a famous tourist destination, is located in the central business district of Nanjing Gaochun, Jiangsu Province, it is the best preserved ancient Ming and Qing buildings, for the provincial security unit, is located at Gaochun Chun Town district, therefore, also known as Chun Xi Street.

It is from the Song Dynasty formally established markets, has been 900 years of history. Gaochun Street was built in the Ming Dynasty, the main business street of Chun River town, after the Ming and Qing dynasties 500 years of continuous construction, the formation of more than 800 meters long (originally 1135 meters) of commercial street, not only Gaochun Street convenient sea transportation, rich and colorful folk culture, and around bridges, pleasant scenery.

Gaochun Street result was "a" shape, also known as street word, something more than 800 meters total length, width ranging from 4.5 to 5.5 meters, with a pink blush intermediate stone laid horizontally on both sides with green stone lengthwise along the whole street looking bright, neat appearance, after eight hundred years of wind and rain, people driving pressure is still strong and durable.

Gaochun Street (19)

314 existing Gaochun Street shops, are dual-layer brick building, store room of formula engagement surface, upper and lower layers, cornice, brackets, stack, wall, horizontal truss, Louchuang, rustic charm, unique style, mostly built in the Ming and Qing, Anhui Huizhou style is both style and a distinct local traditional style.

Gaochun Street, formerly known as street justice, after the Revolution of 1911, to commemorate the great revolutionary pioneer Sun Yat-sen, renamed "Zhongshan Street." Gaochun Japanese occupation, renamed "Peace Street." After the Japanese surrender, re-name "Zhongshan Street." During the "Cultural Revolution", in turn renamed "The East is Red Street." 1982 census geographical names, again re-name "Zhongshan Street."

To protect the historical and cultural heritage, in 1984, Gaochun Street District People's Government will be better preserved original 345 meters long piece published as cultural relics protection units, development control area, east from the east gate bridge, the West only through Yin Road, south to the official River Road, north and south Daxian Rd shrine. Through continuous repair and renovation, upholds the "repair the old" as the old principle, the streets still maintained the old style, still elegant with antique charm. The reason


Gaochun Street (6)

Gaochun Folk legend, in Goseong Lake Street, it is called "a word Street. " Since the building Yongfeng Wei Song, solid city lake has several built a dike around the size of ten, from east to west, even as a levee along the river channel north in a straight line, people inhabit both sides of the dike, water and land transportation more convenient , and from the constant stream of business travel, people use Qinghui Huashan stone mining, paved "a" zigzag streets, many shops, smoke around the wound, was known for the market. Inter-evident Hongwu years to build the East Dam, and especially since Masanori East Dam heightening thirty feet in the river, mountain torrents can not east. Therefore, Goseong water level soared, size 60 Wei sank in the lake, "the word Street" is also buried in the lake bottom sludge.

In ancient times, land transportation is not convenient, and water transport is very well developed, and is close to all terminals, port areas are more prosperous, Gaochun history is the famous "land of plenty", Chun Xi Street will close at that time the most Gaochun a busy water transport channels - the official River, the official River dock docked vessels up to number in the Song Dynasty, has always been one of Wuhu, Wuxi par rice market.

through Wuhu, Anqing Shangguan River, issued Suzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou Taihu Lake water system in the region leading to the Yangtze River in Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei and other places nearest, safest throat waterway. On the north and south pier range of goods, merchants gathered things become frequent of business places. Because Street commercial prosperity, other sectors providing services for business has developed rapidly in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has been improving streets become commerce, catering, customs as one of the commercial market with the Jiangnan characteristics.

The main attractions

Gaochun mainly related to Temple Street scenic Gaochun Folk, Young Hall, a detachment of the New Fourth Army Command, Gaochun folk performance hall, the former site of the New Fourth Army Office in Gaochun , the 900 spots Qianlong ancient, sites such as the Church of Jesus to demonstrate the ancient art of ancient architecture simple and contains rich folk culture during the main.

display in the "Gaochun Folk" more than 1600 exhibits, showing different sides Gaochun agriculture, fishery, textile production and sculpture, ceramics, stoneware, folk music, dance, drama and other places production and living conditions of local customs and many aspects of the reproduction of people Gaochun colorful, unique folk customs, called a microcosm of the Chinese folk culture.

to Gaochun folk cultural activities, for example, have jumped five wild, large lantern, playing Water Margin, swing Han Chuan, playing Lin Xiang, pick flowers, playing drums, mussels fairy dance and so on.

architectural layout

Gaochun Street street level, the middle is arranged laterally rouge color granite, limestone longitudinal sides cyan paved. Cold tones warm white, vertical and horizontal arrangement order, to people with a strong sense of beauty. In addition to the street it is very characteristic, the old street drains also very particular sewer ancient stone plate combines the idea of ​​Heaven, the cover frame is square, circular intermediate, which represents "day round place "in the middle of the waist-shaped handle in the shape of the Song Dynasty silver ingots, in ancient times, whenever clean up sewer workers in order not to stain passers-by, often call a" see the water making money, "and then, we know that we should avoid the.

Gaochun old street

Gaochun Street open front housing, upper accommodation parlor, backward as warehouses or workshops. Shop fronts, mostly three, deep into the count, there are connecting rooms, own courtyard between the two into the middle courtyard, courtyard in the ancient building is designed for the ventilation and lighting, but in folklore but there is a unique meaning in ancient times, people put metaphor of water wealth, so there see the water making money argument, rain having wealth is a godsend, the ancients designed the patio when it rains, rainwater flows down the roof courtyard, meaning " backwater owned by the Church, fertilizer and water does not drain. "

Gaochun Street building structure is more typical in the southern ancient buildings of "an Indian" architecture, houses are two layers of brick, Dan Yan hanging hill, a small brick wall head Vama, white walls, black roof, sides walls extending outdoors, the build drum a leading buccal, eats Huomo legend. Approximately every 5-15 houses to stay 2 meters in depth through Lane, the alley was built above the "Land House of God." It is said that this land is the Warring States House of God Wu Wu generals invention, the legendary king to exterminate Chu, Wu ordered to excavate a river transportation personnel carriers, Wu kicked four after site selection, the final decision in the present Goseong north of the lake dug, I did not expect the project very well, dug river the previous day, the next day to restore it, and the excavation of the river porters and soldiers had a strange illness, Wu was very angry, but also can do nothing one day he dreamed of a fairy said to him: "for open river, the first King land", the original Wu Chu people, but he now wants to help his country to exterminate Wu, land dissatisfied with his approach, deliberately difficult questions to him, Wu get fairy pointing to massive construction projects, creating a big Earth Temple, incense pray to God that the land God a sincere heart to see him, and secondly, that such a fate, but also had to give up, no longer embarrassed Wu, and later the canal finally opened, which is the world's first man-made canal - Xu River.



Gaochun Street (15)

Gaochun Street classical architecture known , Street shops are generally for the double-decker brick building, cornice, brackets, pile wall, cross Yan, Lou window complete, unique style, ancient Pu Huali.

Because of a large number of Ming and Qing Dynasties Huizhou merchants from southern Anhui region, it is an obvious Huizhou architectural style features, forms and styles. Full streets paved with bluestone and nopaline plaster on both sides with longitudinal gray limestone paving stone, stone rouge arranged laterally intermediate, neat appearance, color harmony.

distribution in the area of ​​"Qianlong ancient", "Guan Temple", "Land House of God," "Taoist gods", "Gaochun Folk", "Young Hall," "Jesus Church" as well as the surrounding the "St. Paul Temple", "multiple star Pavilion" and other attractions, all with their own characteristics, the content is extremely rich, with high ornamental value. For example in the picture shows the Taoist god "Gaochun Folk." Save has been 300 years of history, is still clearly intact, still colorful. Another example is on display at the "Gaochun Folk" brick stone (wood) carved, smooth lines, blade delicate, rational layout, an air of realism, vivid, wonderful workmanship.


Gaochun Street houses mostly shop in front of the house, building style double brick, peach eaves brackets, door raft, stenciling pane, horse firewall butterfly small tiles, typical of southern charm, and rub it into the Huizhou style, these buildings is profound, meaningful discreet.

Street stores mostly three, deep into the number, the connection between the two rooms there into the middle courtyard, a compound is formed, this structure is more typical southern ancient buildings of "a India "building, two houses are brick, Dan Yan hanging hill, a small brick wall Vama head, white walls, black roof, though somewhat less gorgeous, but steep add a lot of elegance and simplicity.

On the streets woodwork has a beautiful wood carvings, or people, or animals, lifelike, exquisite workmanship, reflects the ancient craftsmen superb Gaochun technology. East Street, close to Gucheng Lake, overlooking the lake: the distant mountain wandering, meandering mountains, vast gray; solid near Lake City, Huse green, prettily glittering Yan. Street south along the River according to the official. Existing 314 stores, are dual-layer brick building, here since ancient times as the business district are all original shop in front Square-style, its architecture, sculpture and folk art style and characteristics of religion and culture, has important research value.


Gaochun Street street construction, unique style, using wooden bracing structure and the amount of Fang Shi carved parts "Rd God of Wealth", "more than year after year", "Magu Xian Shou "" Tamagawa products Wing, "" one hundred too drunk, "" Eight Immortals "," Liu plays toad "," Wei River "," Guo Ziyi birthday party ", and other historical allusions Jixiang Wen decorated with flowers.

Yanzhu outer facade walls on both sides extend at the upper side of the wall at the gables, the Chi head, middle and lower parts outrigger, the bead-containing part LONGKOU brick, the lower two-part carved flower pad, recessed round wire protruding, changing, Jiangsu province is the best-preserved ancient buildings, known as "Jinling second Confucius Temple."

gaochun specialty

Gaochun Street features the famous commodity. Street specialty products is very rich, which most local characteristics of wine products Chun River, Gucheng Lake crabs, slow city of the painting, Street shoes, feather fan tribute, pearl jewelry, stoneware Yuquan, Xianggan tofu, pastries cloud Creek goose like, in which Chun Creek wine, solid crab Lake City and feather fans most prestigious tribute.

Jiajingnianjian, lupine Gaochun pass into the palace, won the favor of the royal family, the royal tribute. In 1951, Gaochun system fan artists to thank the Party and the People's Government of the lupine industry concern and support, pick the best feather eagle feathers, elaborate large lupine four sword-style ivory handle, it was presented to Chairman Mao Zedong, Zhu De and other state leaders. In addition, the old cloth shoes is one of the famous specialty Gaochun Street, and even the World Piano Masters Mr. Richard also come here to buy Gaochun shoes.

snacks : tofu, pastries, garlic dishes, Gaochun flavor of food.

Anecdotal stories

Gaochun Street is a revolutionary sites. Anti-Japanese War, Chen Yi commander in June 1938 when the New Fourth Army led a crusade passing Gaochun, has set up a detachment of the New Fourth Army headquarters in the "Wu hall" is located in the middle of a detachment Street. During their stay in Gaochun commander Chen Yi, a lot of anti-Japanese united front work, and left a "Crusade arrived in Gaochun" a magnificent poem.

Gaochun Street has become the focus of film base, the movie "Huangqiao decisive battle", "General choice", "Zhang Wenxiang Blood Brothers", "Silver House" and "half adventurer," CCTV series "River wind and thunder," "Red 2000", "wind and rain Chinese heart", and hit "impeccable's Gaoshourulin", "Yan old female mentality" are on the viewfinder shooting.

preferential treatment information

In February 2020, as a tribute doctor benevolence, praise human love, culture and tourism bureau in Nanjing Zhongshan Mausoleum Joint Authority, the Tourism Group in Nanjing, Nanjing Wen investment Group to the initiative of the city's tourist attractions, museums and other text brigade units, the implementation of free admission to all medical workers nationwide tour policy, provides a series of free personalized service.

First, preferential treatment target

China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) of all medical workers with valid documents (physician license, nursing qualification certificate or other documents related to the medical work), to the city's attractions, museums handle ticket free tickets for admission procedures. Community health workers can be reserved in advance and sightseeing attractions, museums.

Second, preferential treatment content

1, the national grade scenic spots and museums (see list) government investment;

2, during Nanjing, with valid documents free sightseeing bus ride;

3, the tourist season opened the window and the green channel preferential treatment for the medical workers.

Third, the preferential treatment time

Since scenic, museum restoration day operations of the (then unified release) within one year.

Traffic Information

main city of Nanjing take metro, Nanjing Metro S9 transfer line to the next station Gaochun, to Gaochun station, take the path 101, path 105, 801, travel path 802 or a bus, at Panchi Park station, i.e. to.

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