Gao Zong Yu


Gao Zong sacrifice into soup, there is a flying porn, and the princes are trained, and "Gao Zong Yu", "Gao Zong's Training".

Gao Zong Yu

Gao Zong's day, the more you have. The ancestors of the ancestors: "Only the first king, Zhengzi." Is in the king. : "Only the day of the people, Criticism. There is always no longer, not the sky, the people, the people are dead. The people are not ruthless, do not listen to the sin. Heaven Fu Zhengzi, is 乃 曰: "It's a stage?" Hey! Wang Sister Jingmin, 罔 罔 天 天, 无 无 无. "


Dazhang's day, there is one Only pheasant is called in Dingyou. The ancestors said: "To first solve the heart of the king, then correct his sacrifice." So I opened Wugsing.

The ancestors said: "God surveillance the people, praise they are suitable. The birthday of God gave people is short, not the angels die, but some people think about their own life. Some people have a bad morality, there is a sin of uncomfortably. God has issued a command to correct their bad morality, you said: "How is it? '"

"! First king inherited The emperor was respectful by the people, nothing more than God's future generations, when sacrificed, the sacrifices in the close relatives were too rich!

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