Ganzi tap


Tibetan area is called "Ocean and Dance of the Ocean", and Ganzi County is located in Kangba, and various Tibetan culture has developed to Tibet to a certain period of time. . In the long years, through several generations of folk artists, cultural art with local characteristics. Kangzi's Ganzi tap is a rough and excellent dance performance art in Tibet.

Ganzi tap


Ganzi tap according to the "Stupid Program" of the Callus Path, the "Callow", and the Tibetan Drama is approximately in the BC. Incoming in Ganzi. Ganzi taps different from Tibet tapping, more different from Ireland tap, Ganzi taps, not only emphasizing the skills of the feet, more emphasizes the movements in the hands, forming a more unrestrained, rough dance. In the early stage of the tap dance, there are many steps, swing before and after the arm, monotonous, and the performance skills of dance are restricted. At the beginning of the Republic of China, tap the dance became the harmony of Ganzi Temple (Zab Dance), with a certain change from wrist swing to the step step, performers are male, generally perform performances every year, and then flow into the private None time and gender restrictions.


After the liberation, tap dance through amateur and professional dance workers' inheritance and reference, Guangcai Boarding a variety of steps of rhythm sound, greatly developed "Ganzi Tap" The dance and step rotation, the side of the tenth, etc., on this basis, on this, the local and hands-in-shaped blood, the new blood, etc., enriched the performance of the dance, forming a local Featured "Ganzi Tap". "Ganzi tap", whether it is in terms of steps, or the arm is much larger, waving light colorful long sleeves, stepping on changing the dawn, slow rhythm, giving people a relaxed feeling; fast pace When it is the same coordination, it is rough, and people are dazzling. Tap dance performance is not limited, one person, more than 100 people, perform dancers during the performance, but do not admire the waist, the foot and waist need to hang a string ring to add a sound color. Ganzi kicked the joy and cool, the rhythm was very bright, the pedals were rural, clean and neat, its main movement was to stand alternating on the foot and heel. At the same time, the upper limb cooperation moves with generous. Ganzi's tap is accompanied by a accompaniment tap, no accompaniment tap, sound tap, silent tap, she gradually transforms from the monk's dance into the civilian adult tap, and there is a child tap, woman tapping. She is very popular in the county. Whether it is the Spring Festival, Tibetan Year, Yingqiu, or the usual assembly celebration, as long as there is a song and dance performance, there will be a Ganzi tap performance. There have been some people to evaluate this: "If Ireland taps, Tibet is playing on the style, then the ganzi's tap dances its style."


Ganzi tap because of the self-contained part of the folk dance, his dance is full of jumping, lively and cheerful, music also uses traditional Tibetan folk music, It is unforeseen, and it is a very free dance form. In addition, compared to other dances that strike rhythm, Ganzi tapsatt, pay more attention to the complex tips and rhythm, powerful and concise. The development of Ganzi's tap in modern times has a huge leap in modern times, which is widely used in various occasions such as entertainment, large performances, folk songs and dances, and has become a "traditional folk dance" representative of Ganzi County.

Influence in 1964, Ganzi ticked to "Zadler" was invited to Beijing to participate in the national university amateur literary performance, received an excellent program award, 1980, Participate in the national peasant amateur literature and artistic appearance and won the excellent program award. In 1990, he participated in the first prize of the first minority and art festival in the province. In 1993, the first prize of the first Youth Art Festival of the State. In 2000, he participated in the 50th anniversary of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the 3rd Art Festival of Ganzi Prefecture. The crepes of the crepes "Ganziwa" won the first prize, and hundreds of people played a large dance special award. In addition, the Ganzi taps also won a number of rewards issued by state and county.

September 1997, organized the "Snow Lotus Art Troupe", participated in the second primary and second-primary and secondary school student of the state, and the children tap "Snow Spring Song" won the first prize. In December 1997, the "Snow Lotus Art Troupe" participated in the second primary and secondary school students of Sichuan Province, "Fast Cup" art festival in Ganzi Prefecture, and tap "Snow Spring Song" won the first prize. In 1998, I organized children's tap dance "Kangbaba", participated in the performance of the 1998 Spring Festival Art TV Gala in Sichuan TV Station, and broadcast in the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival in 1998.

Ganzi tap dance, has become one of the unique dance genres in the Kangbei area. Ganzi County tap dance performance team once performed on behalf of Ganzi Prefecture to Beijing, Chengdu, Yunnan, Diqing and other places, showing this unique and sigh dance form, fully demonstrating the enthusiasm of the Ganzi's enthusiasm and struggle. Ganzi's tap is one of the indispensable content in the people's cultural life of the people, and every Ganzi is silently, not to inherit itself, and rationally move the ethnicity to modern stage, put the nation's things In the hearts of more modern people, because the art of the nation is the art of the world.


In November 2019, the list of "National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Project Protection Unit" announced, Ganzi County Cultural Center was qualified for "Ganzi Tap" project protection unit.

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