Gansu Science and Technology Press

Historical Edition

Gansu Science and Technology Press was established in June 1985. It is a deputy professional publishing house of Gansu People's Publishing House. It is now professionally published by the Reader Publishing Group. .

Organizational Structure

Gansu Science and Technology Press, the president, total editor, editorial room, office, finance department and other departments.

Main business

Gansu Science and Technology Press is based on the publication of the natural science basic knowledge and the introduction of the application technology, and it is necessary to improve the sexual reading; focus on rural science and technology reading, highlight Local characteristics; selectively publish domestic and foreign science and technology monographs and technology tools.


Gansu Science and Technology Press hosted the Science Journal "UFO Exploration" to study unknown flying objects, taking into account astronomical, archaeological, earth history, aerospace, life science , Knowledge in history, strive for the unity of scientific knowledge and scientific fun. "User Disc Exploration" is the world's largest unknown phenomenon exploration magazine, and is also a science magazine that is the only popularity of unknown flight.

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