Gandu Command

Synonym, Gandu, General refers to Gan Bud Commands to make the Division

agency introduction

Ming Dynasty Treasury History refers to Jian Dynasty from Zhu Yuanzhang in Nanjing in 1368, until 1644 Qing soldiers The history of relationship with Tibetan areas during the period before the establishment of the Qing Dynasty.

According to "Ming History · Zhi Sixteenth" record, Ming Dynasty territory "Ming Dynasty" is the first sea, the east is the North Korea, the south package Annan (Vietnam), Northern Danji, things 10,000 or seven hundred or fifty miles, North and South 10,000 nine hundred four thousand miles. Self-ancestors abandoned Daning, migrating Dongsheng, Xuan Zong moved to the monolith, Zongzong abandoned Hami, river set, then Qihai, West to Jiayugu, south to Qiong, Cliff, North to Yun, Shu, Sun, Situ, Nightly Wanli. "The" Spitz "of" Si Z5 "is the history of Song, Yuan, Ming, etc. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the nation of the local indigenous.

The main form of the Ming Dynasty is the main form of the Hongwu years to set up the nature of the nature of the Tibet, and the main collar and other military agencies, the seal of the local monks, and Yongle is mainly the leader of the book. Volume seal regular tribute.

History Background

1368, Zhu Yuanzhang called the emperor in Nanjing, establishing a Ming Dynasty. In 1369, Zhu Yuanzhang sent officials to Tibet, and made all ministers. The script said that Zhu Yuanzhang "gave the teacher, Zhu Pinghai. The subject is to promote the world, the country is Daming, Jianyuan Hongwu.The former Wang Zhi, use Kang Li Wei. Dai Tubei, Bangju, Today, China Not yet smelled, the prestige ". In the same year, Ming Taizu also sent Shaanxi to the officials who announced the political launch of the government to make a second time to go to Tibet, "Order all EFAs, to Beijing."

1370, the Ming Dynasty army attacked, Liuxiang (Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou), and went into the Tubo, the Tubo, such as the Yuan Dynasty, to make the Division, Shuai House (Springs) The rule of the rule of River, Tubo, to make He Lock Nanpu died. Yuan Shun Emperor is ill, and the northwestern Tibetan leader of the Yuan Dynasty was first loyal to the Dynasty. In 1371, Tibet's World Hiscels, West Wujing, Wangban (Yuan Shizu, Dubei, Seventh, Xiping, Wang Aoli, the five hundred grandchildren), and the leader of the Yuan Dynasty, the leader of the Ministry of Tubei, to Nanjing Natsu, expressed its debut. The Ming Dynasty collected the impact of the Yuan Dynasty to granting them, respecting them to the Hezhou Guardian command, and Jingnanwei commanded with respect, and granting his children.

The Ming Dynasty was determined to make the Division, Wei, the administrative system of the Tibetan region, and the charm of the Tibetan leader held the official position of the Division and Wei House. Initially, the Ming Dynasty was a Qi Cai Bab, Sheep Zhuo, Tong Zong, Jiama, etc. The leader of the Yuan Wan Yunfu for Wuzi, or all of the rows or all the way, to the inner Qi Zong, the Zongota of Sang Zhu Zong is called the village official. Later, after learning about the regime of Pashu, the Ming Dynasty began to appoint the main paragrant of Pashu regime to command the officials of the Wuzizhai, and further in the two largest, including the two largest sects of Qi Zong and Renzong. The line is commanded to make the division. The command of the Tibetan region is in the Tibetan area, and all the official positions such as the incident, thousands, and 100 doors are subject to the attack, but the important official position should be approved by the emperor, and have been exchanged or induced.

Ming Dynasty in Tibet Administrative Plan

Make Division

Ude Tibet, Gravan

Ming History to Cause






Xuan Yan makes the Division

Grand Gan, Bo Hanhu, Changhe Western fish Tongning

Revict Division

思, 陇, Gan, Gan Zhong, Duo Chuan, grinding


Sahi, Bamboo, Luisi, don't think about


思, 所 宗, 孛 加, Director Hexi, Month, Mandarin, Eight, Midsse, Nazi, Lun, Fruit, Shari Kazakh, 孛 孛 加, Sari Tilly, Brando, Praise, Leak Dam, Run Guosus

Jiajing, Mongolian invades the Qinghai area, Shi Zi That That Mongolia or West Sea Mongolia. After Wanli, the Ming Dynasty was increasingly relaxed to the frontier control, and the Mongols captured the entire Qinghai grassland, and the Gandu Si was discarded.

Gandu Command

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