Fuzhou University Architecture School

College Introduction

College is more than 400 students; more than 50 employees in the employees, including 16 senior titles, 22 lecturers, most of young teachers have a Ph.D. or master's degree. In June 2010, the qualifications of bachelor's degree in architecture have been given through national architectural professional education.

Building department, urban planning system, construction technology teaching and research room, construction art teaching and research section, etc .; Building History, Habitating Environment Institute, Regional Building Institute, Green Building Five scientific research institutions such as the Institute and Building Technology Institute; colleges have an experimental teaching center (set up construction technology integrated laboratories, urban planning technology laboratories, computer image technology laboratories, building construction technology laboratories, architectural mapping and photography Laboratory, Building Composition Laboratory, Architectural Model Laboratory, Sculpture Laboratory and other eight laboratories, including Fuzhou University Library Building Branch.

Institute of Architecture to 2009, there have been 16th, more than 500 undergraduate graduates allocated to all parts of the country, and many of them have become my country's architectural design, teaching, scientific research fields and technical management function sectors. Backbone strength and advanced technical talents.

Development History

The Institute of Architecture was established on May 18, 2006, predecessor is the construction department of the School of Civil Engineering Engineering, Fuzhou University (in 1989). The College has three undergraduate majors in architecture (five-year), urban planning (five years), and landscape garden (five-year system). In June 2010, the architecture "unconditional adoption" national higher education architecture professional assessment, valid period four years. In 2011, two majors in architecture and urban and rural planning received the right to grant the master's degree in first-level discipline. At present, the college has a total of 504 students; 68 faculty members (57 people who have employed employees), including 56 specialized teachers (44 people). The teacher has 6 people (in the edited 5 people), the two senior titles (in the edited 10 people), the average age of the teacher is 36.9 years old, and there is 8 doctoral degrees in the editorial young teacher, Master's degree 30 people. Top 10 registered architect qualification teachers at the national level (8 in the edited), 3 people with national registration planning teachers. Hire Hongjie, a honorary professor, Liu Shaoyu, Sichuan Guangyan, Shen Zhenjiang, Han Elected, Zhong Yuping, Ouyang, Cao Yuanlong, seven passengers, Qin Youguo, Yin Zhi, Cao Shengping, Huang Hanmin, Wang Yiwei Five Part-time professors.

Professional introduction

The Institute of Architecture has three majors in architecture, urban planning, and landscape gardens. The college implemented the training model of "scientific enrollment, big educational". After students enrolled in the first and second grades, the college education "was held in the same teaching platform, and the foundation related to this discipline was mainly revised. After the third grade, according to major nourish. An applicant is required to have a preliminary art foundation and colorless blindness.


Architecture is a comprehensive discipline of multi-discipline, involving sputum, humanities, art, known as "art disciplines in engineering", "science and engineering" Wenkes in the section. Architecture research objects are buildings and their environments, aimed at summarizing the experience, laws and methods of human architectural activities, and creates a formal environment that is suitable for human life. The learning content in this direction includes buildings, building groups, indoor and outdoor environments, human living environment, building technology and architectural history and theory. Cultivate the comprehensive development of modernization of national modernization, morality, intellectual, and body, "leader", high-grade technical talents who have obtained basic skills training of architects, graduates can engage in architectural design, urban design, landscape design, indoor and outdoor environment design And related to architectural management and architectural teaching, and initially have the ability to study and develop in architectural disciplines.

Fuzhou University Architecture School

Backward course: architectural design, art, Chinese and foreign architectural history, architectural design theory, building structure, building mechanics, building construction, construction equipment, urban planning principle, interior design principle, building physics, computer assist Architectural design and other courses.

Urban Planning Major

Urban Planning Professionally Cultivation Adapting to Socialist Modernization Construction Needs, Germany, Wisdom, Body Development, with Urban Planning Theory and Architectural Design Theory Knowledge, Master City Plan , Urban design and architectural design professional skills, understand high-level talents in urban planning and architectural design related knowledge. Graduates can engage in urban planning, urban design, architectural design, management and research work, and have participating in urban road and transportation planning, municipal engineering planning, environmental ecological planning, regional planning, landscape and recreational system planning and urban and regional social and economic development. The basic capabilities of planning, urban community planning and other work.

Running course: architectural design foundation, architectural design, art, urban design theory and method, Chinese and foreign urban planning history, environmental ecology, urban geography, urban economics, city overall planning, detailed planning, city Roads and transportation such as roads.

Scenic garden specialty

The landscape garden is a comprehensive discipline of multidisciplinary intersection, with architecture, urban planning has a common professional basic platform (1, two-year courses). Through the study of landscape garden planning, ecology, garden plants, garden buildings, garden projects, etc., cultivate all kinds of urban landscape planning, garden architectural design, garden engineering design, garden plant planting design and garden construction Composite garden talents related to relevant knowledge and practical ability. Graduates can engage in landscape tourism resource protection, tourism development planning, scenic spots, scenic spots, and scenic spots in the construction department of the tourist department, the scenic spot, urban planning, architectural design department, urban and rural environmental protection department, colleges and scientific research institutions, etc. Design, urban landscape planning design, teaching and scientific research. This major requires preliminary art foundation and art interest. School for five years.

Backward course: art, painting geometric and shadow perspective, garden design art principle, garden tree, garden flowers, landscape garden design, landscape garden project, planting design, garden architecture, garden green space planning Wait.


functional department: Party head office, administrative office, assistant secretary office, teaching scientific research office, student work office.

Teaching department: Building department, urban planning system, construction technology teaching and research room, construction art teaching and research section.

Research Institutions: Institute of Harvest History, Habitating Environment Institute, Institute of Architecture and Environment, Regional Institute, Green Building Institute, Building Technology Research Institute.

Fuzhou University School of Architecture (5)

Experimental Center: Building Technology Comprehensive Laboratory, Urban Planning Technology Lab, Computer Image Technology Lab, Building Technical Engineering Lab, Architecture and Mapping and Photography Laboratory, Architecture Composition Laboratory, Architectural Model Laboratory, Sculpture Laboratory, Fuzhou University Library Building Branch.

Current Leaders

Eating Party Secretary: Zheng Xiang

Deputy Secretary of the Party General: Chen De Ming

Dean: Chen Xiaohui

Vice President: Luo Tao, Lin Zisen


No. 2 No. 2, Xueyuan Road, Fuzhou University New District

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