Fuzhou Institute of Technology

History history

2002, the Oriental College of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University is an independent college;

2010, the college evaluated the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education; / p>

In 2011, the college passed the judging assessment of the principal unit of the Bachelor degree in Fujian Provincial Department of Education, awarded the right to grant a bachelor's degree;

In June 2019, the Ministry of Education approval, the college transfer For independent private undergraduate colleges, it is officially renamed Fuzhou Institute of Technology.


Department of colleges

As of October 2020, the college has 4 teaching department, 26 undergraduate majors.

Tourism management < / p>

Art Design College

visual conveying design

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The name of the department Fuzhou Institute of Technology

Professional Name

Academic System

Institute of Technology

Computer Science and Technology

Undergraduate undergraduate < / p>

electronic information engineering

network engineering

software engineering < / p>


Business School


International Economics and Trade

Investment / p>

Economic statistics

Industrial and commercial management

Human Resource Management

Logistics management

accounting < / p>

financial management

Environmental Design


Products Design

Advertising Study

Four-year undergraduate

Scenic garden

Urban and Rural Planning

Engineering Management

engineering cost

Grammar College

Business English < / p>


Teachers' Power

In October 2020, the college has more than 500 special-profile teachers, including 40% of the secondary senior titles, more than 200 "double-capped" teachers, have special allowances to enjoy the State Council High-level expert scholars and provincial undergraduate teaching teams such as National Excellent Teachers, Fujian Teachers, Fujian Provincial Excellent Teachers, and Provincial Undergraduate Teaching Teams.

Teaching Construction

As of October 2020, the college has a number of four-provincial-level construction, first-class undergraduate course, 4 provincial service industries, 4, 10 provincial application disciplines.

Provincial construction of first-class professional: computer science and technology, network engineering, accounting, investment in investment

Provincial service industry specialty : English, law, e-commerce, logistics management

provincial application discipline: high engineering mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, electromagnetics, foreign language , Translation study, political economy, Western economics, CAD technology foundation, architectural drawing and knowledge map, construction and decoration construction technology

First-class undergraduate course: macroeconomics, Tax Law, Purchasing Management, Tourism Policy and Regulations

Campus Environment

Fuzhou Industrial and Commercial School planned land 1309 mu, planning total construction area of ​​410,000 square meters, has been built into a campus covering nearly 800 mu The construction area of ​​more than 230,000 square meters. The school is backed by the millennium ancient temple, and the Dashui rut is crossing the school. The campus campus is a row, the moon is full of gardens, and the birds are fragrant. The overall design of campus is reasonable, the function layout is complete, the architectural style is novel, the traditional Han Tang Yunhua is perfect with modern breath, and the mountains are reflected in the mountains. There is now a comprehensive basketball hall of 3,000 seats, 50 meters 8 lane standard indoor swimming pools and other sports fields. 10 Gigabit fiber covers campus, Gigabit fiber enters the building, 100 megabular fiber access desktop, teaching management to achieve visualization and intelligence. A new wisdom campus that has been characterized by the characteristics of modernization and informationization have been built. The school also has a clean collection facility such as a clean collection, leisure, crave, and a casual collection.

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Cooperative exchange

As of October 2020, the college undertakes the "14th Five-Year Plan" plan for Fuzhou City, and established with local collaboration Country Revitalization Research Institute. Steadily carry out the foreign cooperation, establish a friendly and cooperative relationship with Australia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and my country. At the same time, promote the depth integration of education and education, strengthen cooperation with China Bank, China Telecom and other well-known enterprises, and build more than 150 foreign internship training bases with well-known enterprises and institutions in the province.

Academic Research

Research platform

As of 2020: The College has a provincial economic management comprehensive training teaching demonstration center, provincial financial training Teaching Demonstration Center, Provincial Computer Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Provincial Network Information Security Virtual Simulation Experiment Center. There are 1 software development vocational education training base in the campus, 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 virtual simulation teaching center, 1 computer experiment teaching demonstration center.

Academic Resources

As of 2020, there are more than 20,000 square meters of modern libraries in the college, with a total of 83.6 million books; more than 100 volumes, More than 400 newspaper journals were bonded in the year, and there were more than 0.7 million books. There is a computer network teaching center, two-way video teaching classroom, school history hall and various exhibition rooms, 8 collection libraries, electronic classrooms, journal reading rooms, seminars, student self-study rooms, and dense libraries. The library has introduced the full-text database of Wippers Chinese Science and Technology Journal, China Zhitin, the super Star Digital Library (with 250,000 Chinese e-books), and self-built the book CD database and dissertation database. In May 2018, the library has become one of the Fujian Provincial College Digital Libraries (Fulink), and the college teachers and students can obtain the literature of the province's membership school delivery, literature transmission, interlibrary mutual borrowing "One-stop" service such as information resources. In addition, the library has also introduced the Beichuang Melinets II literature information management system, equipped with advanced book monitoring systems to achieve automated, information, and network management requirements.

Research results

As of 20020, the college has more than 20 schools of education cooperation in collaboration and education and provincial major teaching projects; won a number of provincial high schools Educational Teaching Achievement Award Second Prize; Teacher Takes more than 300 provincial and above topics, publishing more than 70 professional textbooks. Youth teachers took more than 180 scientific research projects, including more than 50 provincial and above projects, with more than 180 academic papers, and more than 50 cases have been developed independently, and the students have published more than 100 papers in CN-class publications.

Campus Culture

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The main structure of the school badge is composed of the "business" Reflections on the school's business characteristics.

Spiritual culture

school motto

Chongde real, thickness is new

school song

"Sunrise Oriental"

school spirit

unity and strive, realistic new

is current Leaders


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Zhao Jianxiong

Party Secretary

Yu Xin


Vice President

Wang Zongchi Huang Bin, Lin Liqun


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