FTTH user terminal box


FTTH User Terminal Box

FTTH User Terminal Box


1. Provide optical cable and equipment Protective connection of wire pigtails

2. Insulate the metal components of the optical cable from the cable end shell, and can easily lead to the ground

3. Provide the placement and remaining end of the optical cable terminal Optical fiber storage space is convenient for installation and operation.

4. The box body with sufficient impact resistance is fixed, which is convenient for installation in different occasions.

5. You can choose to wall-mount or directly Place in the slot and other installation methods

FTTH user terminal box-installation


1. The RJ45 network cable from the optical fiber terminal box is connected to the router WAN

2, the router LAN port is connected to the switch.

3. Connect the computer network cable to the switch.

4. Just set the router's gateway in the TCPIP of a computer (usually this)

5. Log in to the router (fill in in IE) User name and password admin add static IP, subnet mask, DNS

6, save and restart the router

FTTH user terminal box-purpose


Optical fiber terminal box is widely used in local telephone, rural telephone network system, data, image transmission system, CATV cable TV series, used for direct connection and branch connection of indoor optical cable, as a pigtail storage and protection joint It is made of cold-rolled steel plate and electrostatic sprayed plastic. It has a reasonable design structure and beautiful appearance, which can fix the fiber optic cable reinforcing core to the terminal.

In actual work, the terminal box can be used as an indoor joint box, but it is rarely used as a terminal box for different purposes.

1, the transfer box can be divided into an optical cable transfer box and Cable transfer boxes. Their functions are used in the front-end wiring of the user.

2. The connection box generally refers to the optical cable connection box, also called the optical cable connector box. In some places, especially the radio and television system, it is also called the optical connection package. Its function is to protect the optical cable connector from external damage. . The distribution frame is also divided into the optical cable distribution frame and the cable distribution frame, and the function is also the same as the transfer box, but it is used in the operator's computer room.

FTTH User Terminal Box-Function


As the terminal equipment of the optical cable line, the optical fiber terminal box should have 4 basic functions.

①After the fixed function optical cable enters the rack, its outer sheath and reinforcing core shall be mechanically fixed, ground wire protection parts shall be installed, end protection treatment shall be carried out, and the optical fibers shall be grouped and protected.

②After the optical fiber drawn from the functional optical cable is fused with the pigtail cable, the excess optical fiber is coiled and stored, and the fusion splice is protected.

③The deployment function connects the connector attached to the tail cable to the adapter, and realizes the optical connection with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter. Adapters and connectors should be able to be flexibly plugged and unplugged; the optical path can be freely deployed and tested.

④The storage function provides storage for various cross-connected optical cables between racks, so that they can be placed in a regular and orderly manner. There should be an appropriate space and method in the optical fiber terminal box to make the wiring of this part of the optical connection line clear, easy to adjust, and to meet the requirements of the minimum bending radius. With the development of optical fiber networks, the existing functions of optical fiber terminal boxes can no longer meet many new requirements. Some manufacturers add some optical fiber network components such as optical splitters, wavelength division multiplexers and optical switches directly to the optical fiber terminal box.

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