French colonial empire

synonym French colony generally refers to the French colonial Empire

First Colonial Empire

In the 16th century, with Navohaldae Vilasano and Cartia explored Europe to cross the Atlantic to the Atlantic Ocean After the route, French fishermen began to sail in Newfoundland, which unveiled the prelude of the expansion of French colony. However, Spain monopoly in North America, as well as the internal chaos caused by France in the French Religious War in the 16th century, makes France need to build a colonial empire. France has an early trial of Brazil as a colonial, and in 1555 and 1612 invaded Rio de Janeiro and Shengluo, but due to Portugal and Spain's alert and blocking of France, France has made France in two places and North America Florida aggression failed. .

On July 27, 1605, when France established Royal Harbor in Newzkia, the first colonial empire in France was uncovered. A few years later, French adventurents Sam De Charchlan established Quebec City, and it became a colonial land based on fur traits, called new French (or Canada). Since then, France has extended its forces to the San Lawrence River Valley. With the expansion of the forces, France uses these new territories as trade. However, France has a bigger ambition in local development, and the interest of the development of colonies is not large, so the development of Canada is not as developing in North America, and there is more than 1713 Utrecht and about Aka. Dia's land. But France claims to have expanded in the territory of North America in 1699, far from Louisiana and Mississippi River, North America. In addition, it is more engaged in African slaves in the Americas.

France's colonial expansion is not only carried out in the new mainland, and it is more in other places. For example, 1624 France established the first trading station in West Africa's Senegal Coast. In addition, French East India has also established traders, such as Bangde Nagr, India, etc. in Orga.

British-legal colonial conflict

British and French colonial conflicts (1740 to 1815)

in the mid-18th century, a series of colonial conflicts Between France and the United Kingdom, and finally, the tiles of the French colonial empire. This series of conflicts is from the Austrian throne (1740 - 1748), seven-year war (1756 - 1763), the United States independent war (1775-1783), French Revolution (1789-1802) and Napoleon War (1799-1815) was derived.

Although France inherited the war in the Austrian throne, they were forced to cut in India's colonies and lost most of the new continents in the seven-year war, but it was mediated by the US independent war. Make her to recover some colonies in the Americas. In addition, when the French Revolution in 1789 broke out, Napoleon gradually seized the regime and eventually became the first empire of France. This makes France began to embark on the road of foreign aggression and began to build colonies.

Second Colonial Empire

After the Napoleon War, many French colonies have been classified as all of the British, especially in the north bank of South America, and established in Senegal, West Africa. Trade station. Therefore, France needs to expand the colony again, and thus uncover the programs of the second colonial empire in France.

The establishment of the second colonial empire in France, based on the Alfiga of Algeria in 1830. Although France did an attempt to colonize Mexico in the name of the protection of the country in France Napoleon II, the France was forced to give up the attempt to Mexico, but in the Middle-French War, France can get Vietnam and Cambodia. Southeast Asian colonies in a belt.

Although in the law of law, France's colonies lost a lot of property, but it successfully established another colonial empire. After the Sino-French War, France's colonial rule in Southeast Asia was ensured and established a Hindu. It will begin to expand influence in North Africa, and the Tunisia, Libya has established a forces. In the middle, France has gradually incorporated Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic and the Republic of Central Africa and the Republic of Central Africa and the Republic of Congolese and the Republic of Djibouti. At the same time, France has built a colony in the South Pacific, including New Caledonia, the Islands of Polynesia, and the New Sea Bryi Islands.

This huge colonial empire reaches the peak after the First World War. It receives the territory of the former Osman Turkish Empire, and the Cameroon and Togo owned in Germany, making the empire playback again, and then built a French West Africa in West Africa until the Second World War ended.

Imperial disintegration

During the Second World War, the French colonial empire gradually decomposes, and most of them are occupied by other countries, such as Japan occupied Indian branches, Britain occupied Syria, Lebanon And Madagascar, British and Midea accounts for Morocco and Algeria, Germany seizes Tunisia. But soon, Dai Gaole recovered these colonies.

However, France has encountered a non-colonialization of all parts of the world after the Second World War. All countries have independent, making the French colonial empire quickly disintegrated. For example, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam finally got rid of French rule, establishing a Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Also, in 1962, France's largest colonial Algeria was independent, and today the French national team's black players have many historicals from Algeria immigrants, such as Zida. In addition, there are also many French colonies in Africa, which are affected by the influence of non-colonialization, and these colonies are finally based on the forest of Wan Guo.

Colonial range

The following list shows the scope of the French colonial empire in the past 500 years, which does not include some places that are not directly governed.


North Non: Morocco Algeria Tunisian

West Africa: Bennina Fasot Divi Guinea Mali Mauritanian Nigersenegaro赤

Equator Africa: Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Gabon Congolese Republic

Red Sea: Djibouti Yemen


< P> Middle East: Lebanon Syria Turkey

South Asia: India (Part)

Southeast Asia: Cambodia Laos Vietnam

China: Guangzhou Bay (now Guangdong Zhanjiang City , Shanghai, Tianjin, Hankou, Guangzhou French Union

Indian Ocean: Majorroi Wang India Yangskatar Island

French colonial empire


North America: Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada United States

Caribbean: Anguilla Anjigua and Barbad Dominicon Dominican Grenada Duad Roche Matnick Montserrat Saint Martin Island St. Bartolomum Island Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and Grenadines Saint-Youst (short rule) Santa Christopia and Nivis Trinidad and Tobago US Virgin Islands Tike And Caicos Islands

South America: French Guiana Brazil


Clodon New Caledoni Sublivinal Polynesia Vanuatu


Southern and Antarctic Territories

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Source: French National Bureau of Statistics

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