Francis Wright

1767, Myanmar invades Siam's seven-year war postoperative situation, 1782, Thailand Rama killed Zheng Wang's hi, the Bangkok is so long, the British is robbed, and it is required to make Penang in the British Sudan. The exchange condition is that East India provides military protection against the Sudan of Kyrup to fight against Myanmar and Siamun.

Francis Wright

In March 1786, Francis Wright succeeded in forcing the Sudan to agree to rent Penang to the UK East India, from this East India as the British Navy base, Lite became the first Governor. Penang has therefore become the earliest trade of the Far East in Far East. Before Wright opened up Penang, Penang is already the Malacca Strait through the Malacca Trade. It can achieve good quality drinking water. The water source is equivalent to the current area between the current citriase gardens and the quaint quite, and there is already a gathering. Wright encourages Chinese and other immigrants during his tenure to enter Penang, and Penang is increasingly prosperous.

According to historical records, Lite is gathered in Penang Island, only 58 residents. Among them, three of them were Zhang Qi, Qiu Zhaojin and Ma Fuchun took a fishing life in Danjan Road. In 1745, the three Hakka came to Penang in 1745, funerally buried in the rear of Danshan Road Light (Ford "temple (the locals called" Betong Public "), Bilate came to 41 years. In this regard, Dr. Barnha, who has been serviced by the Huabin Circle said: "A Hakkie surnamed Qiu, a surnamed, a surname, a burning charcoal, they are all being opened for overseas Chinese "Barn also quoted the historical material pointed out that Penang can be said to be the first place where Chinese are encouraged immigrants.

In 1791, the Wei province of Penang's opposite shore was also cut to the UK. In 1792, the estimated population was nearly 10,000. Most of the miscellaneous places where the dock is extremely unharitage, many people die. Even Liethe people are also victims, he died on October 21, 1794 due to malaria, and was 54 years old.

In 1826, the colonization integrates Penang, Singapore, and Malacca three ports into the colonial colony.

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