Philania with

MultiMedia Framework Multimedia Framework; Preset Multimedia Framework

Regulatory Framework Rules; Regulatory Architecture; Regulatory Frame

NET Framework Independent Setup Up; Microsoft; NET Framework; Frame

Service Framework Service Framework; Service Architecture; Service Architecture


Framework Region Architecture; Skeleton Area; Frame Area

framework structure; frame structure; architecture; skeleton structure

test framework test frame; test rack

framework gene architecture gene; bracket gene

< P> Alternative framework, other architectures; different ideas; alternative architecture; alternative program

two-language example sentences: What to do with the kyoto framework.

This has a program on how to handle the Kyoto framework.

this MVC Framework, but how to test it.

, you not only learn the MVC framework, but also learn how to test it.

in the MVC Framework, You Define One View Controller for Each View.

In the MVC framework, you want to define a view controller for each view.

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