Former capitalism


before capitalism: "The so-called former capitalism refers to such a kind of long-term enterprise, informatively using capital and in accordance with capitalism Organizational labor has not yet become the dominant force to determine economic activities. People in each place adapted to an orderless bourgeoisie - capitalist economy, one of the most stubborn psychological obstacles they have toned precisely this Attitude. "

Former capitalism


Founded in the natural economy of the original society, its production is limited to the use value of the producer's own consumption. Between this primitive society and capitalist society, I experienced a long period of human history: this long period of time until the capitalist's dawn is a paragraph, and there is basically included human civilization. Marxism said that these civilizations are social for small-scale commodity production. In this society, commodity production has existently existed, that is, the purpose of production is to exchange in the market, not by producers to consume products directly; but at this stage, the production of goods is not as in capitalist society. So.


In the former capitalist society, what form does this form in? Basic words, the capital is the capital of highly loan capital and business capital or commercial capital. The most obvious feature of the transition from the former capitalist society to the capitalist society is that the capital begins to penetrate into the field of production. The production method of capitalism is the first production method in human history, the first social organization form, which makes capital can not be limited to playing in an uncharged-funded production form, a small-scale commodity production? character of. Since then, the capital takes over the production tool and directly involves the production itself.

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