Fixed time

In the working hour quota produced by the company, a part is the necessary time loss of 4t (such as stopping work, waiting for materials, looking for tools, etc.), which is called non-quota time, and the other part is the time necessary to complete the work. , Called the quota time. The fixed time is composed of working time, working service time, rest and physiological needs time, preparation and termination time, etc. The calculation formula for the unit time quota can be expressed as T unit = T working time 10 T working service time 10 T rest and physiological time 10 T preparation and termination time The time consumed directly in the manufacture of products or parts is the working hours The main part of the quota can be divided into T5* (the time it takes to directly change the shape, size, relative position, surface state or material properties of the production object) and TlM (all kinds of assistance necessary to realize the process The time consumed by operations, such as loading and unloading workpieces, retracting tools, cutting tools, etc.). Take care of the work place and the time it takes to maintain its normal working condition, such as lubricating the machine tool, cleaning chip picking tools, etc. The time set by the staff for regaining physical strength and satisfying physiological needs. In batch production, it is also necessary to formulate the preparation and completion time, as well as the time consumed by the staff to prepare and complete the work in order to produce a batch of products or parts.

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