First Middle School, Emeishan, Sichuan Province

Synonym Emei No. 1 General refers to the first middle school of Emeishan City, Sichuan Province

Teaching Quality

231 college entrance examination online, the line rate is 58%. The school has been awarded the Quality Award of Leshan City and Emeishan City.

Conditions of running schools

The school covers an area of ​​108 acres. There are 400 m runway sports fields and related sports facilities. There is a reading room that can accommodate nearly 200 people at the same time, the library; there are more than 200 computer-specific classrooms, more than 200 Taiwan microcomputers, the teacher's office has been equipped with a computer, and the school has access to the broadband network; Voice room, multimedia classroom, studio, main control room, etc .; there are more than 70 colorful TV sets, and 16 monitoring systems for 16 TV. The electronic teaching system has been deployed.

Stylistic activities

November 2001 Sichuan TV Station "Sunshine Terrace" column team filmed the "middle school students and idol" topic, showing the principal stage paying attention to students' quality The results of education. School students have repeatedly representing the sports and music competitions of the province and Leshan City, Emeishan City. The school dance team "Yoki Kangding Love", "Red is Red, Green is Green", "Calling Yellow" has received the municipal level and first prize.

Teaching research

Teacher scientific research awareness, has strong scientific research capabilities. The teaching information is wide, and the school is the Chengdu Seventh Middle School Network School, share the teaching resources of Seven Chinese. In the national, provincial and municipal competitions, more than 500 people have won one, two, third prizes, in the recent end-ended physics competition, the second grade of the school has been 22 provincial awards, accounting for 78.6% of Emeishan City, the third grade of the third grade was 14 provincial awards, accounting for 50% of Emeishan. The school undertakes the "Junior Classroom Teaching Element Research" by the School of Junshan City, the second prize of the Sichuan Provincial Government, the Leishan Municipal Government.

Honorary title

The school has been rated as the "first-level school" in Emeishan, "comprehensive management advanced school", "safe and civilized community", "garden unit"; Leshan City " Civilized unit, "health unit", "advanced quality education", "school spirit demonstration school", "advanced morality of moral education", "Implement" "Excellent School" in the School Sports Work Regulations; Sichuan Province "School Strong Demonstration School", " Implement the "National Physical Exercise Standard" Advanced School "," Sichuan Hui Cup "Middle School Student Arts Festival," Sichuan Hui Cup "Middle School Arts Festival, etc. First Prize.

The school has obtained the "Sichuan Provincial School-style", "Sichuan Green School", "Sichuan Green Demonstration School", "Sichuan Province, the Demonstration School Demonstration School", "Leshan City Modern Education Technical Demonstration School "," Leshan Sports Traditional Project Demonstration School "," The Advanced Group of Moral Education in Leshan City "," Lesshan City Current Unit "," Leishan City Art Education Advanced Unit ", Leshan City Implementation" School Sports Work Regulations A series of honorary titles such as "Advanced Collective," Leshan City According to Law School Demonstration School "," Leshan Science and Technology Demonstration School ".

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